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Got my Ancestry DNA results last week and have now discovered (or in some cases reconnected with) several 3rd or 4th cousins. In each case, there is a documented trail.  

I'm not clear on how to identify and flag the common ancestors using the various pairings of DNA results. For example, my father's 2nd cousin (who is 94!) matches with me. We share a set of ancestors (my great great grandparents, his great grandparents). Can I link his  results with his profile, or does it need to be done from his end (he is not internet-savvy, but has someone helping him)? Can I then indicate in some way that our gg grandparents are likely correct?

I'm sorry if this has been covered before. I did look at previous postings, but still have no clue how this works :(
in Genealogy Help by Monica Edmunds G2G6 Mach 3 (32.1k points)

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These are the Help Pages for when and how to confirm DNA matches for WikiTree:

Help: Confirmed with DNA

Help: DNA Confirmation

You might not have any Ancestry DNA Circles yet as your results are fairly new, but when you do, you can read what to do here:

Category: AncestryDNA Circles

If you get stuck and need more help, be sure to come back here and ask. Link to the profile you need help with. I’m sure someone with more experience than me will jump in to help.

by Erin Klein G2G6 Mach 2 (24.2k points)
selected by Monica Edmunds
Thanks, Erin

... a little coffee deprived today

Dear Abby, I received two answers that could fit the "best" category, why do I need to choose only one, can't I love both?

Indecisive in Toronto
Hahaha, Monica. Well, I will nudge you towards Doug's answer because technically his is most correct. You cannot do the things suggested on the help pages until DNA test results are added to profiles. AND only the profile person can add their own DNA test results because of the new EU privacy law.

I read in the help pages you can "help" add results if you are on the profile trusted list but this is no longer true.

(edit: Changed wording about DNA FAQ page because page is invalid in regards to adding any other person's DNA test.)
Thanks, Erin, I'll ask if his helper can add it. Otherwise I am PM for his profile, so might be able to do it?

And thanks for suggesting Doug's answer. I very much value your kindness.
He needs to be a family member of WikiTree due to the EU privacy law. The help page says you can add the test if you are on the trusted list, but that's not true anymore. (I edited my previous comment to reflect that.) You cannot even add Ancestry test results that you manage for others any more.

Sooo, this is what you need to do:

Go to his profile page > Edit > add his email address in the box. You will be able to add a short note once you save the email address. He just needs to join as a family member. No need to sign the honor code or contribute anything else on WikiTree.

Once he joins as a family member, he becomes the PM for his profile; but you stay on as part of the trusted list.

He then needs to add his DNA test information from the edit page. So Edit > Edit DNA tests here. This link is at the top of the edit page between the tabs and "Edit Data" section. (Kinda hard to find unless you know where to look!)

Hopefully, you know his email address??

(edited to correct wording to reflect WikiTree policy on adding another's DNA test results.)
Thanks for all this help, Erin!

I doubt if he has an email, but I expect the friend helping him does. Anyway, I'll ask them if they want to attempt this.

All the best,


It has gotten a little complicated to do things with DNA on WikiTree. That’s why I haven’t asked cousins found through Ancestry to come here. Most are used to the “click to add” approach of Ancestry anyway.

You can compare test results on WikiTree profiles of your ancestors where others have already added their test results though. Then you can go through the steps for DNA confirmation without the initial hassle of inviting people to WikiTree since they are already here!

Thnaks for the best answer star. smiley

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You can't add his DNA, but you can have him join WikiTree as a Family Member and have you added as a PM. With his permission, you could then add his DNA information or have the person helping him upload it. Once you have the DNA up, you should be able to indicate that the common ancestor is a match.

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (462k points)
edited by Doug McCallum
Thanks, Doug!
I think Doug's answer is null and void as written. (Sorry, Doug.) Even PMs cannot add DNA test results to profiles any more. I cannot add them for my children's profiles where I am the PM. The person has to become a WikiTree family member and upload their own results.

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