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Can someone who is pre-1500 certified go in and correct the Hawkins line leading to HAWKINS, OSBERT (1393-1425)?  A profile manager listed him two times, once as ANDREW HAWKINS and JOAN DENASH parents [THEY ARE ALSO LISTED TWICE]  and is duplicated and needs to be edited ASAP.  I'm still awaiting for my pre-1500 cert. but, until then this needs to be addressed and fixed. 

The best to view this is to start with JOHN HAWKINS and wife JOAN AMADOS (Amados is misspelled) please look at mothers and fathers of those and notice there are 2 ANDREW HAWKINS and 2 JOAN DENASH.  Which leads off to 2 OSBERT HAWKINS.  

The confusion of WILLIAM AMADOS and wife, MARGARET HAWKINS may be why this line is messed up.  It's fine just needs to be fixed so I can continue.  As I said above, I can't fix because I'm not pre-1500 certified.

Admins, if you want, I can correct this and document with my sources.


Paula Ann Hawkins Reinkesmiley

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Where did my comment go?

I checked BEST ANSWER and all of a sudden my comment disappeared.

Please, please someone look over my managed profiles and determine if I'm pre-1500 cert. ready?  

Perhaps, there is a 20 delay in updating.  I hope it turns up soon.  Thanks to those who helped me understand my questions asked.  You guys and gals are the BEST!


Paula Ann

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I read your question as meaning that there appear to be duplicate profiles. I may be being very very stupid - at my senescent age that is probably excusable - but I can find only one profile for Osbert Hawkins, one for Andrew Hawkins and one for Joan Denash. I do not think there are duplicate profiles.

It looks to me as if what has happened is that family relationships may have been muddled, and need to be disentangled. It appears to me that the same Andrew Hawkins and Joan Denash have been shown as both parents of John and parents of Margaret Hawkins, who herself is shown as mother of John’s wife Joan Amados. In other words, unless I have misinterpreted, Wikitree currently shows John Hawkins marrying his niece. I do not know what the facts are, but is it as simple as removing either John or Margaret as a child of Andrew H and Joan Denash? Or, if they were both children of them, removing the marriage relationship of Margaret H and William Amados and detaching Margaret from being mother of Joan Amados?

I am pre-1500 certified but would not myself want to go charging in and try to amend things unless I was very sure of good sources. And in any event I would want to contact the profile manager first. Have you sent him a private message with sources to justify what you believe to be the right position? You need to allow time for a response if you do so.

On the spelling of the surname Amados, if there is a correction to be made, I think it normally has to be done by the profile manager or someone on the trusted list. What I usually do as a holding operation where a surname is misspelt on a profile managed by someone else is

1. Add the correct spelling in the other last name field - you need to be pre-1500 certified to do this for these Amados profiles

2. Put a polite comment on the profile with an explanation of why the surname spelling is wrong, with sources

3. Send a courteous private message to the profile manager

Many of us make typing mistakes from time to time, and weary or ageing eyes can easily misread small print in sources. If you are sending the profile manager a private message about the family relationships, you could also mention the Amados surname spelling - again giving him your sources.

But bear in mind that at this date it was common for someone’s surname to be spelt in more than one way in different documents (occasionally there are different spellings in the same document) - and some of the spellings can sometimes be surprising to us today.

by Michael Cayley G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
selected by Paula Reinke

Nice job explaining.  You covered just about everything I needed to know.  I have sent a private message to profile manager(s) and awaiting for their response.  I wasn't sure if I explained myself correctly the first time, but you seemed to have understood and nailed it.  Thanks for your reply.  

~Paula Ann
BTW, I think Amydas or Amadas are more usual spellings e.g.
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There's a massive problem in this tree. Osbert de Hawking lived in the time of Henry II. This is some nonsense somebody copied off of some tree on ancestry. A couple of Hawkins genealogies mention Osbert and Andrew Hawkins, but nobody claims that they're father and son. The most definite pronouncement I've seen is that later Hawkins descended from Andrew. There's no actual generation-by-generation tree. Someone on Ancestry just pasted them together and invented some dates to make it sound good.
by Living Buckner G2G6 Mach 5 (52.3k points)
edited by Living Buckner

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