The One Place Studies Project is back!! [closed]

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Are you thinking of making a One Place Study? Not sure how to get started? Check out the new One Place Studies Project page here.

Make your Free Space Project Page with a title that reflects the place name and add One Place Study, (example: This Town, This County One Place Study) and save it.

Post an Answer on this post and include the URL of your page and please make sure it is open for editing.

We will then add the categories to nest your page in the correct places and add the project box. The rest is up to you :)

If you are unsure what else to add to your page, we can lend a hand with ideas, just ask. Remember, your Free Space Page is the front door to your One Place Study. Once opened you are walking in your ancestors shoes!

We have an OPS Sticker which you can use on the person profiles in your study, but if the profile is not managed by you please remove it if asked by the PM.

Every Study lodged in the project puts another pin in WikiTree's Genealogy Map. Soon the village you started with has overlapped into the next town and then the city beyond. Gradually a country is born.

Please remember our smallest study is a hamlet. If you are only interested in a particular street, please make that into a personal Free Space Page.

If you are interested in being part of making WikiTree's Genealogy Map, and making a OPS, come and join us. Everyone is welcome :)

You will be awarded your badge when your OPS is nested in the project :)

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Comment copied from other post OPS post...

Question for Ros or Wendy...Needing some clarification please.

For those of us with free-space pages for counties under the US History > State projects, do these need to be merged into a page that includes One Place Study in the name or are they not going to be part of the OPS project?
It says size matters. I was thinking of starting small, with a Township (Guilford in Winnebago County, Illinois). Or is a County better?
A township is definately better than a county Joelle. Start small and grow it :)

A One Place Study is a labour of love, it can span from 1911 back as far as records can take you. (1911 is used to save making potentially unlisted profiles).  Each completed township adds another "pin" on the map and will eventually build to connect into the County.

If you need help getting set up, I am here to help :)

Im doing two studies on places here in Sweden.

My ancestor founded the little village Grundnäs, AC, Sweden. So I will study it.

I will also study the village  Lappträsk, BD, Sweden and see who lived there and how the village was to live in. Many of my fathers ancestors lived there.
I can't seem to find a more recent post for this topic, so please forgive me if there is one.  

I also cannot find, in the description of a one place study, if it is possible to make a study for an Ecclesiastical Parish, as opposed to a Civil Parish, or a Townland.  Reason being -  the Ecclesiastical Parish encompasses two separate Townlands and the families therein are linked by marriages back and forth.  Currently, other than the category for the civil parish (which covers more than just the two Townlands) there seems to be no way to link all the families.

Would a One Place Study be appropriate for this?

Is it possible to do a OPS for an Ecclesiastical Parish, rather than a civil entity?
Here is the project page.  Might be an idea to contact the Project's Leader.
I've been reading that, and the Project FAQ page, hence my posting here.

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I started a one place study for Gasconade County, Missouri, United States.  My ancestors lived there since the early 1800s.  

Everyone is welcome to add information and profiles!,_Missouri_One_Place_Study&errcode=new_profile
by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (388k points)
Fantastic thanks Michelle, we will nest the page for you :)

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Really pleased to see the One Place Studies project is back!

Thanks to Wendy Sullivan for stepping forward to become the new Leader.

Happy to contribute to the new project in any way that I can.
by Martin White G2G6 Pilot (148k points)
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Wendy, so glad you are a leader for ONS. I have to revamp my ONS on here.
by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Maggie if you need help sorting things out, give us a shout and we will see what we can do to help you :)

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Thanks for stepping up for this project Wendy!
by E Childs G2G6 Pilot (117k points)
My pleaseure E :)

+11 votes

I've set the privacy level to open for the moment. Once you are done can you let me know as I'd then like to put it back to trusted list only because of problems I've had in the past.

Or it's easier I can add Wendy to the trusted list.

by Living Hutchings G2G2 (2.3k points)
Hi Steve, please leave it open for now, it will be done asap and I will let you know when to change it back :)

Thanks for including your study in the project :)


Sturminster Newton categorised.  smiley

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I think I'm confused. Is this something different than the One Place Studies that was already going on? My One Place Study is already part of the Connecticut Place Studies and has been since shortly after I joined WikiTree 2 years ago.
by T Counce G2G6 Mach 6 (69.0k points)
The One Place Studies Project that was 'already going on' was retired and made dormant a few months ago.  Wendy Sullivan and I have rejuvenated it and rebooted it.
So what do I need to do?
Take a look around the new pages:

Check your One Place Study to see if it conforms:
Does it have "One Place Study" in the name? (No)
Does it have [[Category:One Place Studies]] on it? (No)
Do you have the One Place Studies badge on your profile? (Yes)
Do you have your OPS sticker on any of your profiles? (because you can)
Does it matter if "One Place Study" is before the name of the location or should it be after?
Should be after.
Added the category, added One Place Study after the name. As to the stickers, I had it in all of them, but that discussion about how many stickers went by way of limiting and I changed a lot of them (but not all) to the category instead. I'll leave it in the ones they are in unless they created a problem at which point I will delete it and switch it to the category.
Hi T,

Stickers can be used on all your OPS person profiles. The limit is the number of stickers on ONE profile. There should be no more than Five stickers on ONE profile.

You may have 1500+ people in your Study, and all can have the sticker :)

Ok, thank you...I thought it was lowered from 5 to 2, so I was trying to make sure other projects had room.

So is the Stoingington, New London, Connecticut, One Place Study now "nested"? (Still don't understand what that means exactly)

Think of Russian nesting dolls - you know, the ones that sit inside each other, smaller and smaller?


That's what nesting categories is like.  The biggest is the 'top level', the smallest is the individual Place Study.  Your Study is nested just fine.

Ok, thank you Ros heart

Love the nesting mamuskas concept, Ros!
The link on my home page top tab seems to take me in circles. I think it is still hooked up to the old project.

I have to search my emails to get to new one. Can this be cleaned up so we can go to right place? Or maybe I am confused.

Are you talking about this one?

Orange County, Florida One Place Study
Click on 'Florida Place Studies' at the top, and it takes you to that
Click on 'United States Place Studies' at the top, and it takes you to that
Click on 'Regional Place Studies' at the top, and it takes you to that (place studies sorted by country)
Click on 'One Place Studies' at the top, and it takes you to the category page where studies are sorted alphabetically

In the first paragraph, it says "This category is managed by the One Place Studies Project..." This is a link to the OPS Project Page.

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I am actually working on a few place studies, but let's start out with the one documented on wikitree: Crosby, Texas.

The page is open so you can work your magic.

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (693k points)
Actually, there is already a Crosby County, Texas One Place Study, headed by Mary Richardson:
set up in May 2016.

Perhaps you would like to contact Mary and decide between you who is going to run the Study.
This is not for Crosby County, Texas. This is for Crosby (a census designated place) in Harris County, Texas.
Right, I see, sorry.  I think it would be a good idea to include the words 'Harris County' in the title so as to avoid confusion in the future.

I have categorised your page and linked it to Texas Place Studies as well.
Not a problem, thanks for the setup Ros!
Mary set up all the counties in Texas. So it should be tagged with OPS.

Yes, it has been. smiley

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I have started a One Place Study for Pope County, MN through the US History Project, and it was suggested that I also post for this project as well.

The page that has been created is

My interest in Pope County, MN started with my paternal great-grandparents who came from Sweden, and after a few years in Michigan, settled in Pope County along with other people from their native area in Sweden. My other paternal great-grandparents also lived in Pope County. More recently, I inherited my mother-in-law's research, and have found that a segment of my husband's extended family also settled in Pope County. 

Since I am already researching so many different aspects of Pope County, I would like to share some of the information that I collect. 

I am currently working my through a source called Illustrated Album of Biography of Pope and Stevens Counties Minnesota (1888).


by Living Berg G2G1 (1.8k points)
Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but ....

When I volunteered to work on a One Place Study for Pope County, it was through the U.S. History Project. Someone else created the space page and it was called Pope County, Minnesota. There was already a category called Pope County, Minnesota. (Took me a little bit to figure out the difference between a space page and a category page.)

It was suggested that I also post in the forum for One Place Study Project, since that had just re-started. At that point, someone changed the name of the space page to Pope County, Minnesota One Place Study. While it makes it less confusing as far as distinguishing between the space page and the category page at a glance, that is where the problems with the sticker began.

I am not very proficient with the technicalities of WikiTree. To be honest I like the idea of WikiTree much better than I like the reality of using WikiTree, but I committed to figuring it out so that I can share the information I have about this place.

So please be gentle with me while this gets straightened out. At this point, I am going to wait until someone more knowledgeable about the technicalities of WikiTree gives some direction.

Things are being sorted out right now, Cheri, so we should soon be back with an answer for you.  It's just a matter of different timezones! (where people are sleeping when the others are awake LOL)
If you really have to change the URL of a Space page, you first create a new page with the right URL.

Then, if you run MergeSpace, it will copy over the content, then redirect the old URL to the new one.

Alternatively, you can just copy the content over manually, then wipe the old page and leave it, without creating a redirection.

But the URL of a Space page doesn't matter much, so there's not much need to do any of this.

When it does matter is if you need the URL for a different page, or might need it in the future.  In that case, you defeat the object if you go the MergeSpace route, because you redirect the URL instead of releasing it for re-use.
The sticker adds a category when used on a person-profile, but not on a space page (where it has now replaced the project box).

To make it work right you have to use the particular category name that the study currently has, which might not match the pattern of the example.

Currently, this works on a person-profile

{{One Place Study|place=Pope County, Minnesota|category=Pope County, Minnesota}}

But on a space page you can put category=Anything You Like, because it'll be ignored.  Or you can leave it out.

1. Cheri, you did absolutely nothing wrong. You had a US History page created for you, which follows different naming conventions. I think in the end, you decide if you want it to be a US History project first (and OPS second), or the other way around. If you want it to be history first, we can put some language on the space page that you're also working with the OPS folks, and to what to do if people want to have their profiles in a Pope County OPS category. Group efforts like WikiTree benefit from guidelines, and sometimes that takes a lot of coordination.

2. Not all stickers generate categories, but the OPS sticker does--that's exactly what the |category=OPSname argument does. Try adding it to a profile and watch it put the profile in a category. This is a good thing, though--otherwise there's no way to gather profiles that are part of that OPS, other than manually listing them on the Space page (which would be painful).

3. I think we all get the difference between and advantages of merging and copying. Another option is to create the OPS page and leave Cheri's space page alone. I think that's Cheri's decision in the end. If she wants to be an OPS first (or as well), we merge or copy the page, or add clarifying language and the exact version of the sticker code to use. If not, then Ros can decide if she wants a separate OPS page. If that were to happen, I'll volunteer to handle the OPS side if Ros doesn't hate me yet lol.

4. I remembered while reading y'all's comments that the category is red because there's no text on it (other than the profile listing that generated it). It has nothing to do with the category's status in the OPS. I could put "these folks lived in Pope County" at the top, and the name would cease to be red. I won't do that unless Ros/Wendy want that to happen.

I still maintain that the category glows red if you haven't yet set up the category page.  That's the way I set up categories. Type it, it goes red, click on it, type (for instance) [[Category:One Place Studies]] in the box which appears, and then it goes green because you have created the category page.

I agree, Ros, though we stated it slightly different ways. Whether or not it's been properly nested, typing & saving makes it a created page. When what you type is actually properly nesting it, you kill two birds with one stone (which is why you do it that way).

Unlike my example, where typing something superfluous makes it go green, but doesn't actually nest it ;)
A MediaWiki page (any type) consists of content and history.

Until you type something into it and save it, it has no content and no history, so it doesn't exist.

That's when a Wikilink appears in red.

If you type something in and save it, and then wipe it and leave the page empty, it doesn't appear in red.  You just get a normal green link to a  page with no text.  That's because the page has a history now, so it still exists, without content.

Red link = this page has not been created yet.

So, if you're stickering a person-profile for a One Place Study, then obviously (unless you're just testing) you'd expect the category page to have been created.

So a red link means the OPS is using a category with a different name from the one you've given.
Hello all!

Since WikiTree is a collaborative effort, I have been trying to get some aspects of this figured out, without much success.

Is there a glossary somewhere that defines the different terms that keep popping up?

Is there an overview of how this all is supposed to work together? The structure and the purpose of different types of pages?

One of the things that is confusing to me is that there needs to be several different types of pages for the same thing. A Pope County, Minnesota category page, a Pope County, Minnesota OPS page, a Pope County, Minnesota US History page. I thought the beauty of a wiki was that one page could exist in several categories, instead of needing a separate page for each topic.

This is quite likely just confusion on my part because I don't understand how this is supposed to work. I use ConnectedText, a personal wiki, for my own research and thought that all wikis had the same concept behind them. I just need to figure out what the differences are and how WikiTree actually works, so that I can become productive with it.

Thank you for all of your help and input.



Here is a Help page on glossaries:

As for understanding how the OPS and US History are working together - you're not supposed to understand yet! We (the leadership) are still in the final few days of working it all out.smiley

Basically - a One Place Study freespace page is like the 'front door' of your One Place Study, where you put things like photos, links, texts etc.  The category page is a list of all the profiles contained within the One Place Study.  That's all it is - an index. smiley

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Hi Wendy,

During its absence I started a OPS for Hemblington, Norfolk, England where my paternal grandfather's family originated. The URL is:


by Gary Bayes G2G1 (1.6k points)

Yes, everything looks fine. smiley

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Please create Category:

by DrO Olmstead G2G6 (8.2k points)
Wouldn't this be more appropriate for the Cemeterists Project?

or maybe the Florida Cemeteries Project?
It seemed to appear when I was in One Place. Maybe it took me somewhere else. It is in Orange County, FL, USA.

Thanks for the reply
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Ok, I've been busy for a few weeks and spent 2 weeks out of town and mainly computerless and cell phoneless.. No access.  So!! I head up/coordinator the Arkansas Project for US History. I think I have nearly all the spacepages I have done for AR counties and other incidences tagged with OPS. I do like the new image for it. AND I also do census indexing.

Does each county need its own OPS ... such as Union County, AR OPS? Or is it blanketed under Arkansas?
by Lynette Jester G2G6 Mach 7 (79.8k points)
Each county needs its own OPS - but only if someone steps up to lead it.  An OPS should not be created 'just so it's there'.
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I have a one place study for Monroe Twp, Licking County, Ohio. with about 300 people marked.  It's a bit ugly since it has all the 22 different countys with a Monroe Township in Ohio listed on the first page. There's also a separate world-wide OPS page listed on the top of the first page.  I don't know if there is anyone else who has marked their profiles which have Monroe, Licking, Ohio, USA but you're certainly free and encouraged to do so.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (423k points)
LOL, when in college I did some data entry for a survey for the Ohio Township Association. There's a Monroe, Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin Township in almost every dang county in Ohio!
+9 votes

I am at long last starting my OPS for South Leigh, Oxfordshire

I am so happy to see the project back again!

by Ruth Gavin G2G Crew (470 points)
Ruth - all categorised.  Wendy will be along soon to award you the OPS badge.  Welcome to the One Place Studies Project!
+9 votes
I have started a one place study for Otisco, Onondaga County, New York.
by Sher Sheggrud G2G1 (1.4k points)
+9 votes

Earlier Ros wasn't too keen on the idea of this being a OPS. But it seems valid to me. How about it?
by anonymous G2G6 Pilot (265k points)
Sorry Martin, I'm still not in favour of it (and neither was the previous leader of the project, Jamie).  Take a look at the FAQ page below.  You will see that the OPS Project only covers larger places, not 64 cottages in a town.  Now, if they were a village all by themselves...

Imagine if someone comes along and wants to do a "Tiverton One Place Study".  We'd have to call it "Tiverton-except-for-Martin-Allen's-64-cottages One Place Study".  

The only way it would work is if someone did a Tiverton One Place Study and you linked your freespace page about the 64 cottages to it.

OK, just thought I'd float it again. In a sense it is looking for a home. it is nothing to do with my own tree, just a subject I found interesting and it gives WT a large number of profiles.

BTW It's Tavistock, not Tiverton. smiley

But it does say a hamlet.  This place had 400+ people in 1851.  That's bigger than most hamlets, many townships, and some parishes.  It's bigger than some cities in America.

South Pool had about 100 households and 550 people.

Most people will bite off more than they can chew.  Most US counties are too big.
Yes, it does say 'a hamlet'.  But not 'part of a town'! that's where the problem arises.

Even though I put Tiverton when it should be Tavistock, the example still stands.
I think a Tavistock study would be way beyond any sensible bounds ofr a OPS. But I really can't see the problem in having a part of it already done for anyone who wanted to take it on.
On the contrary, Tavistock would be perfectly acceptable for a One Place Study.  And your 64 cottages would be an excellent LINK for the OPS leader.  But it couldn't be a One Place Study of its own.

Tavistock, 7,000 people in 1851, that's 30,000 over 4 generations.  Those sorts of numbers can't be handled on WikiTree.

Tavistock already has an Online Parish Clerk who has the PRs and censuses.  A bit irrelevant now because they're on FindMyPast anyway.  But it would take forever just to read and assimilate all the material listed here

Let's be clear, I'm not worried about Westbridge Cottages, but I think this is an interesting discussion.

Current Tavistock OPC is out of action.

I've just been looking at the Register of OPS for Devon. They are all small small villages. How would anyone cope with a place that today is nearer 12000?
Running an OPS on WikiTree isn't like being an OPC.  An OPC pretty much has to be an expert on 'their place' from the word go. When you run an OPS on WT, you are studying a place from scratch. For an OPS on WT, you can limit it - say, to the 19th century only, or whatever you want. (But you do have to be a smidgin broader than 64 cottages!) An OPC has to cover all periods of time. And the Register (now Directory) is an external, third-party site.

Really, an OPS on WT can be whatever you want it to be.  You can look at all the farmers in 'your place', and then change your focus and look at its entry in the Domesday Book.  Tavistock is not the largest (one of, but not The largest). You use your judgment; will you be able to cope?  Most OPSs start because the WikiTreer has an interest in the town i.e. ancestors there.
It does seem unnecessarily restrictive. There are excellent one place studies on a single street or even one building. The OP society suggests that the size of population involved is an important practical consideration. A local history group near me is working on the population of one very  small town, of about 150 houses, at one point in history. (when obliterated by  the local Lord and Capabilty Brown ).There are over a dozen people working on it.

One study,  I've never got around to putting on here is from a parish which had  only 21 cottages for most of the 19th c. and was probably not much larger in the 16th With such a small place , it is  possible to try to include everyone but even at this size it can be very time consuming . (and eventually questions arise which extend the study and make it interesting rather than just a collection of data. in 'my village'  patterns  of migration and later emigration became an important focus.It only remained small because some family  members moved elsewhere.)

My other study which I started to do on wiki-tree is not  a 'legal' study.  Dorchester is a town with three interlinked parishes plus a 4th in its suburb Fordington. Its not a large town but far too large to study in any depth over time. Besides, I' m interested in the people of the 17th century an important time in its history.  I didn't want to call it Dorchester One place Study, its not that.

Is a solution to nest smaller units of study within the larger?

 i.e.   Within the , Tavistock one place studies  (presumably  further nested within Devon place studies)   any number of smaller studies  categorised  by time period or location within it. Would it really matter if some people came within the auspices of more than one study?

(Note edited whilst Ros was replying, sorry)
The solution has already been decided upon. :)

Have one One Place Study for the larger place, then LINK freespace pages to it that deal with smaller places i.e. streets.  They are not One Place Studies of their own, and are only category-nested within the Whatever One Place Study.

Not sure what 'extraneous data' you were thinking of. :) All we would do is add the categories to nest it into the OPS category tree, then leave you alone.
Nesting is a delusion.  The system is flat.  It doesn't support containers in any usable way.
I've just browsed England Place Studies - there is nowhere anything like the size of Tavistock.

There is also a family study in Wendron in Cornwall, which doesn't seem to fit the requirements.

Anyway, I've no intention of starting a Tavistock Place Study, since to me that is far too big. If anyone does so, let me know and I'll attach Westbridge.

The motto of the One Place Studies Project seems to be:

Please be patient as we make these editorial changes.

More One Place Studies will appear in the England Place Studies as I go around categorising them to do so.  

Fair enough. :-)
+9 votes
Not sure how to weave it in, but I've been concentrating quite a bit on Fairfield County in Connecticut. I uploaded thousands of cemetery pictures, making profiles as necessary, and connecting almost all of them. I'm just getting started on slavery in Fairfield County. (I've already got more slaveowners categorized there than any county in Virginia has. Double!)

But reading this, it looks like One Place Studies are limited to a specific town? In the time periods I'm looking at, town names and boundaries changed quite a bit, so I'd have trouble pinning much of the material down to a specific town.

I guess I'm looking for a little more clarification?
by Living Winter G2G6 Mach 7 (75.4k points)
The link I gave Martin says it all:

In the UK, you would be looking at a city, a town, village, or hamlet.  A county would be too big, because it contains too many of these.  In the US, especially in rural areas, a county is acceptable - if you're feeling brave! A state would be too big for the same reason a UK county would be too big.  You need to use your own judgment.  There has even been a member trying to cover Germany in its entirety!
Since I usually think of Danbury and "suburb of New York City" (I'm sure Fairfield people love that) when I think of that county, I looked it up in Wikipedia. While it historically may have been small enough to tackle, it's now about 25% of the population of Connecticut with a bit over 900,000 people (2010 census). That's pretty big.

I'm certainly not saying "too big for a OPS", more like "have fun with that." ;-)
Elizabeth, you have and are still doing the work, why not create a Free Space Page for each town that your work covers/overlaps which would then classify as One Place Studies and they would then build into a full county?

It won't make any more work than adding the FSP's and the category to the person profiles that you are already creating or have created. :)
+10 votes
I'm not sure if this qualifies, but I included church records, photos and tombstones for Bethlehem Baptist Church in Dittmer, Missouri.
by Morgan Morgan G2G Crew (500 points)
Morgan, I took a look at your blogspot. You have a lot of information on there about people that lived and died in Dittmer. That is a fantastic start for a  Dittmer, Jefferson County, Missouri One Place Study.

If you choose to do one, and need help setting things up, give Ros or myself a shout and we will help you :)
+9 votes

I've started an OPS for Monroe County, Illinois. My wife's family has lived there for several generations.

The URL is:

by Ron Johnson G2G6 Mach 3 (37.0k points)
Hi Ron

Could I ask you to give us the URL of your freespace page, please?
+9 votes
Hi there!

I am doing in-depth research on a few towns/cities in Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley. Should I make an umbrella one-place study page called Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania and then make a "sub" one-place study for a certain town, such as Dunmore, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, or Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania?

Also, I take it I would use the name of the place/county TODAY in the study title?
by Alison M G2G4 (4.3k points)
Hi Alison, did you receive an answer to your question?
Azure Rae
+9 votes

Should be open for your nesting process - I will fill out the detail in due course.


by Jason Cottrell G2G6 Mach 2 (24.2k points)

Nested! smiley

Thanks Ros.

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