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I was working down a side branch of my family when I ran into the most tragic family I have ever seen.   Two infants died at birth, which isn't unusual, but then the mother and two siblings died in the flu epidemic in 1918,  a daughter and the father followed within three years with tuberculosis, and the last surviving son lived to 75 in an insane asylum.

It made me cry.
in The Tree House by Wendy Fromme G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)

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Sometimes research definitely gets you right in the feels. My worst is probably this family. They lost 8 children under the age of 5. I just can't even imagine -- how does one even go on after such loss. (father) (mother)
by NJ Penny G2G6 Pilot (146k points)
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That's really sad.  Stories like that are very personal to me, as my great grandmother, Jos├ęphine (Mathieu) Labrecque, lost 12 of her 15 children during childhood.  Her mother-in-law, Matilda Aubin, sadly suffered a similar fate.  I honestly have no idea how they found the strength to carry on, but I stand in awe of them every time I look at that part of my family tree.

Oh my goodness -- 12 of 15 crying that's so sad. Stories like that remind me that no matter what I'm going through I come from very strong people that have dealt with far worse. I'm right there in awe with you.

It does get personal. The people I was talking about in my comment were my 2x great grandparents Antoine Legault and Lucie Cadran.  She lost many children at a young age. Many survived. I think one was hit by a car while they were shopping. (One of the first cars obviously)

She had her last child in 1901 and shortly after that Antoine passed away.

This kinda proves what grandparents tell their grandkids "My mother was a survivor" or "My father was a survivor".People tend to get stronger when tragedy strikes.

That's so sad Chris. sad My parents each had a sibling that died at birth -- they are both brought up in conversation from time to time and flowers are always placed at their graves. I happen to have the baby ring that was intended for my mother's sister that was stillborn, as I was the first grandchild on that side. We also have a few pictures of her, one of which I have her on WikiTree profile:  Just the anguish in my grandfather's face -- heartbreaking. My dad's mother had one stillborn and three adult children that passed well before their time during her lifetime. No matter how short the life all have an impact.

So sad. But, you made a great profile.
Awww thanks ;)
You're welcome! =D
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Kinda puts everything into perspective doesn't it? Wow.

I get a little choked up seeing some obits for kids, too. =(
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (590k points)

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