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First of all the question has nothing to do with automatic setting of Unlisted to Profiles.

I received a message the other day from a member who made an addition to an existing Profile I manage and asked did I set the Privacy Level to Private with Public Bio and Family Tree after this change to keep him out of the Profile.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  So I replied I had not done so and reset it back to Open so he could complete his additions.

Then I made a change to a Profile and their husband went from Open to Private???  Also it seems that many new Profiles I create go to the Private setting.  Even those with dates of birth and death. And I have to change to Open as I set all of my Profiles to when that option is available. But this is not happening to all and I haven't figured out a pattern yet.

So my question is: What's Up Doc?  Was a change or improvement made to the system the other day regarding automatic setting of Privacy Level settings?

I'm not supplying a WikiTree Profile ID as changing Privacy settings does not seem to be recorded as a change and therefore fruitless to give an ID.
in WikiTree Tech by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (222k points)
recategorized by Eowyn Walker

OK another one that was Open and then automatically rest to Private after a change was made.  A member made a change yesterday through a GEDCOMpare import to  Marion Young Kroemer    It had to be Open for such an addition to be made, yet it magically turned to a Private setting after his addition??     

It seems as if there is a possibility of living children, profiles are set to private when they are updated. IMHO
I'm sort of leaning in that direction myself Tom.  The children I have added to an unlisted mother (Born 1919 - no death date) seem to be the problem Profiles when added, but not all of them.  Which begs the question:

Why does having an Unlisted relative have any bearing on that Profile?  Also, existing Profiles are being changed.  That is what I have a big  problem with. I really don't want folks being upset with me when they add an Unlisted Profile to an Existing Profile and they are then locked out of the existing Profile by WikiTree's auto-reset of Privacy Level, not by me.
I switched the category to Tech so Jamie will see this question. It's likely more a tech issue than policy.  Thanks!
Thanks Eowyn.  As soon as I posted the question I thought I should have at least put a TECH tag on it.  I tried to add it afterwards, but it didn't take.

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At the very least, it'd be helpful to see a warning about the related profiles that'll be made private by the edit (preferably BEFORE saving, so that I can look at those profiles and see whether that'd be justified or whether I'd be locked from editing them).
by Sharon Casteel G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
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It is a result of being over cautious about privacy. It is a reasonable thing to do as it takes the whole family group into consideration. It isn't a new thing that has happened. It does reflect that Wikitree is responsive to things that can have privacy issues. 

Yes it can be annoying when you are working on a profile for the privacy to change without realising it. Best thing to do is for the person making the edits to contact the profile manager and state they did a change on x profile which resulted in a change in privacy in y profile. Baring that as the profile to be opened by stating what happened. 

by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (480k points)

Sorry Darren, I don't buy it about protecting the family group.  It is the Privacy Level of the individual Profile that determines if data is to be shown or not and not the level of a linked family member.  The Privacy Level of a Family Member has no bearing on this so the Privacy Level of a linked Family Profile should not automatically change when an Unlisted Profile is connected as a reflection of that Unlisted Profile.

I have already made my decision on what the Privacy Level of an existing Profile is, as is my prerogative as the Profile Manager, and it is not up to WikiTree to reset that level in a vicarious manner.  An exception being those cases where a Public or Private Profile is set to Open by WikiTree to be within the rules where Profiles of people born over 150 years ago or who died over 100 years ago must be Open.

I set all of my Profiles to Open where that is an option so that others who may have data I do not have free reign to make changes or additions as they see fit and are proper.  After all, this is a system built on a policy of collaboration.  Closing Profiles by making editing harder demeans that policy.  Especially where the person who was locked out after they made the edit thinks I'm a jerk for locking them out when I had nothing to do with it!!!!  I am quite capable of being a jerk without anyone's help.  LOL

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