He doesn't have a named wife in Ynglinga Saga.

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Yngvar Eysteinsson is protected. He has no wife named in Ynglinga Saga. Here he has a wife with a male name. I suspect Gautrek, the wife, was intended to be Gauthild who married Ingjald not Ingvar (Yngvar). It would help to detach Gautrek and merge her with Gauthild. There's no content to lose. Yngvar also has a duplicate, [[Eysteinsson-219|Yngvar Eysteinsson]]. The dates are way off but there is only one Yngvar in Ynglinga Saga. Can't see there's anything to lose. Sort the offspring out afterwards. Comments?
WikiTree profile: Ingvar Eysteinsson
in Genealogy Help by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (293k points)
It's just a mystery why all these sketchy medieval profiles are PPP. It really gets in the way of cleaning them up. I can't fathom why anyone would think this was so complete and perfect that they had to keep people from "messing it up."
It had PPP to prevent him from being connected to any wrong parents without contacting the project.

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It seems to me that if the only basis for a profile is the Ynglinga saga, then one ought to stick only with information that can be documented from the Ynglinga saga.

We still have too many profiles born of the assumption that if there was an Yngvar Eyesteinsson, then there must have been a Mrs. Yngvar Eyesteinsson, and so you end up with female profiles with male names, no supporting information, and only a "Mrs." in the title frame as a clue to what is going on.  

There was another G2G discussion on what to do with these profiles which will most likely never be filled out with real information.  While deleting profiles is against Wikitree policy, I think mention was made of a special process the Leaders have for doing just that in select cases.  Perhaps a Leader could chime in at this point?
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (389k points)
Haven't got round to that yet but there is a lot of it. Just round them all up, detach them, call them all first name Mrs and remove date, put them in a category and think about it. They keep turning up in a search at the moment which makes this even more time consuming than it should be.
Well, I'm a Leader but not pre-1500. As I understand it we basically need the approval of the Team for deleting profiles.

On the other hand, I agree completely that wives with male names created because "there must have been a wife" should not be here. But perhaps the more recommended way is to merge them away.

If this profile had been "Mrs. Yngvar Eyesteinsson" I believe the proper target would have been the husband. It's not like these are flesh-and-blood people, it's just objects in a database, so I don't think it would be wrong to change the gender first, in such cases. Not quite applicable here, though.
Suggested that once but PM said it wasn't good practice and she wouldn't do it

It's probably not good practice in general - but in cases like the hypothetical Mrs. Yngvar Eyesteinsson" and her "sisters" I do think it would be good practice.

I would like to hear from Jack and Maggie about it, though.

I do not have all that much respect for PMs that resist every effort so sort out ridiculous messes - but that in its turn makes it very difficult to approach them politely...

If it were only up to me, I would say go right ahead and merge away any mythological Mrs if there is no source at all or the only source is an Ancestry tree. Contact me if you have any that you need help with and I will see what I can do.

I have had a go on some of the mythological profiles before but there is so much else to do that they don't really have priority. When I stumble upon them often enough to be irritated I usually do a spurt of clean-up among some of them. I really dislike the way they represent WikiTree in a bad way, that's why I've been working on them now and then.
Great, Maggie!

I appreciate it very much if you can help C. get some merges through.
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Useful discussion but doesn't help. Propose merging Gautrek with Gauthild then detach from Yngvar. (Do it the other way round and he/she could get lost). Also get two Yngvars merged. Any objections?
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (293k points)
No objections.

However, I can not do the merge, it says someone else is in process of merging the two Yngvar.
You've got to remove the merge and re-propose it for it to work when it is stuck like that. I will complete it in a moment if Maggie is not available.

Do you mean we merge Gautrek into this Gauthild, C? She has another duplicate already... and guess what...

The two Yngvar are now merged.

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