Help. Think there's a technical issue but can't imagine what

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I've checked this 3 times. Please click on husband, Adils. Bad merges can create all sorts of problems but this one has me stumped. Have to go back to check it again.
WikiTree profile: Yrsa Helgesdotter
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That is just bizarre. It makes me wonder if there is a glitch with the radio button to prevent spouses from displaying on each other's profiles.
You might want to move this question to WikiTreeTech and add "bugs" as a tag.

Added as answer instead.

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Was husband previously Yngvar Eysteinsson?  

March 16, 2018:  Eysteinsson-219  was merged into Eysteinsson-216 

A previous bio may be found here:

Now the husband is only connected to Gautrek Gautdottir [Gautdottir-5] Born 0592 in Upsala, Sweden

and Yrsa [Helgasdotter-1] Born about  in Denmark no longer appears as his wife

Does this summarize the question that you have?  It appears to be a glitch in the system to me, too.  Maybe add the WikiTree TECH tag and MERGE tags to your original post?

by Janne Gorman G2G6 Mach 3 (34.1k points)
She never was Yngvar's wife in the Sagas and I think I would have noticed if she had been before. Not absolutely certain of that.
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Seen this before.  You might be able to reproduce it like this

A and B are duplicates.  They are both married to Y, but with conflicting details.

A is merged into B, but the marriage records aren't merged, because of the conflicting details.

Now, A has gone away.  B still has the marriage to Y, with the same details as before.

Y now has 2 marriages, to A and B, with different details.  But if you click on the link to A, you get redirected to B.

You can now sort out the details, put the correct info on the Y-B marriage and remove the Y-A marriage (at the Y end).

(You can also exploit this feature if the same couple marry twice, though you only see both marriages at one end)

But if you remove the Y-B marriage, you're left with a Y-A marriage that redirects to B, but no way back from B to Y.

Dunno if conflicting marriage details are still handled the same way in the new system.
by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (572k points)
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What I can see is that someone merged Ottarsson-17 into Ottarsson-5 in 2011. 

Ottarsson-5 was merged into Eysteinsson-219 in 2014.

Today when I merged the two Eyesteinssons today this error seems to have been created.

by Maggie Andersson G2G6 Pilot (139k points)
Yrsa also has a duplicate, Helgasdottir-6, and the LNAB for both is wrong. Helga is a feminine name, her LNAB should be Helgesdotter since Helge is the masculine version of the name. Suggest a change of LNAB before merging them
Haven't tried merging Yrsas yet, there are three, currently with duplicate ancestors.
I have to run some errands, might check in on the progress tonight.

Yes, Ottarsson-17 has been merged away
but Helgasdotter-1 still has Ottarsson-17 as husband

This must be another instance of the confusing bug where a "ghost" of a merged-away profile shows up on a related profile, spouse or parent.

Extra confusing because of the many merges - but I think the right thing to do is to disconnect Ottarsson-17 from Helgasdotter-1

That should be OK, since ADILS Athils Great Ottarsson does not exist in that form any longer.

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This happens a lot with merges.

The database record holds onto to the old (pre-merge) ID, yet when you click on it, it properly redirects to the new (post-merge) ID.

To fix. Simply disconnect, and reconnect.
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
I think that in this case they should not even be reconnected.
Whether or not the connection should exist, is an entirely different subject. I have no suggestion for that.

To correct a "ghost" connection, it must be disconnected and reconnected.
Well, it's really the disconnection (of the problematic connection) that fixes it. I helped somebody just the other day.

To say it must be reconnected just muddles the issue.
it only muddles the issue if they don't want the connection in the first place :)

most of them time, they do want it.

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