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I would like to propose following additions to the useful links section of the [[Project:European_Aristocrats|project page ]]

* Wikipedia article re: British nobility:  [ British nobility]
* Wikipedia article re: Irish nobility:  [ Irish nobility]
* Wikipedia articles re: French royalty and nobility:
**[ Merovingian Dynasty 450-750]
**[ Carolingian Empire 750-888]
**[ Capetian Dynasty 900-1328]
**[ Kingdom of France (Houses Valois & Bourbon) 1328-1789]
**[ French nobility]

*wikipedia articles re: Low countries :
**[ Kingdom of Burgundy]
**[ Duchy of Burgundy]
**[ House of Habsburg]
**[ the Netherlands] and the [ House of orange Nassau]
**Spanish Netherlands - Belgium
***[  Spanish Netherlands]
***[ Austrian Netherlands]
***[ French First Republic]
***[  United kingdom of the Netherlands]
***[ Independant Belgium]  and the [ House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha]

* Wiki article re: Spain royalty:  [ Spanish royalty]
* Wiki article re: Peerage:  [ Peerage].
* Older discussions on the [!forum/wikieuroaristo Google Group]. We use G2G for discussions now, but the archives are still very useful.
in Genealogy Help by Derek Giroulle G2G6 Mach 1 (11.0k points)
edited by Maggie N.

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If I may make a suggestion, perhaps you might want to make a Project Resources space page and put that link on the project page. Either works, but I find members more likely to add to the space page which keeps the leader from having to be the one to add all the resources that are found. It also seems to engage members. You can highlight the favorites if you like and then refer new members to the page for guidance.

Of course, I am sure you know what works best for your project.  I just didn’t know if you had thought of it.  Nae taught me to do that when we put up US Civil War.
by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
selected by Abby Glann
Thanks Paula, that sounds like a great idea.
Thank you for undertaking this, John, it would be very helpful. If you haven't seen them yet, there are examples of other Project Sources pages linked here:
Indeed Paula,
AS I just joined the group I didn't feel that it was "at my paygrade" to make edits directly  to the space page, without putting my suggestions up for discussion first.
I would very much like to help collect and build ( maintain)  a resources page for the royalty and nobility in different countries on the continent as a sub page of Euroaristo project page.
I think that would be for the euroaristo leadership to approve, I would gladly accept the task if it were proposed
We do have a pre-1500 resource page that was created with the MCS and Euroaristo projects in mind.
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Thanks Derek for all of those.

I think the project page does need a bit of an overhaul, and I should have time in about 3 or 4 weeks to look at that and confer with the other EuroAristo leaders.

We can look then at how and what is included as useful links.
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (542k points)

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