Creating a profile for a person who already exists often adds an unwanted person as a profile manager

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Additional info on the question.  I have had great difficulty getting added to the Trusted List for some of my direct ancestors but I have noticed a person  with limited knowledge created several new profiles and now after they have been merged that person with limited knowledge is now listed as a profile manager.
by John Richburg G2G1 (2.0k points)
I try to watch my family members to check for undocumented info and errors.  I often propose merges but can't merge them because I am not a Profile Manager.  yet I saw a person create several family duplicates with very little info and/or errors and that person is now a Profile Manager for some of my family members and I am not.

If someone repeatedly creates duplicates and unsourced or inaccurate profiles, he or she might need a gentle reminder of the rules and the Honor Code.  Or Mentor intervention.  See Problems with Members.

I don't think it was intentional BUT  now you have a person with limited info and often info that is in error that is a Profile Manager and controlling that profile.
Understood.  Still, intentional or not, if someone needs help improving profiles but rejects or ignores valid offers, we have a process for that.  Isn't that what your question is about?
If it is an open profile, a PM doesn't control anything.

"but can't merge them because I am not a Profile Manager"

You just have to be on the Trusted List to approve a merger. If you propose a merger, you can also do the merger yourself if you wait 30 days and no one rejects it.

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I think you are referring to when a duplicate gets merged with the older profile that the profile manager(s) of that profile will be present as well as those from the newer profile. That is as it should be. Are you referring to something else?

If someone is creating profiles just to get on the trusted list of a different profile, then there is a problem.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (556k points)
Yep, Doug. As Eddie said, "Bad, bad, bad."
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1. You don't need to be on  the trusted list of an open profile to make corrections ,  add family members, etc. But, if you make major changes, talk to the PM first. If you don't get a timely response, bring the problem to g2g and discuss what changes you think should be made.

2. Deliberately creating dupes is illegal.

3. Profile managers don't own the profiles. Their purpose is to facilitate merges when necessary.

4. The best way to protect your family lines is to source the profiles with documents. Citations under the sources label such as "Aunt Prudence's scrapbook - bad, bad, bad. That's why editing feuds flourish
by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (715k points)
I like the way Eddie always shines through...bad bad bad. Aunt Prudence knew EVERTHING!!

Smooches, Miss Natalie. heart

Aunt Prudence didn't know everything, personal knowledge is the clear winner. I'm still cleaning up some of those on my ancestors from the 1700 early 1800 timeframe that others created.

1 - I think that is a bit too general. There are situations where it is OK to make even major changes to a profile without first consulting a PM - eg if the profile is an old gedcom import with no or poor sources, which hasn't been worked on. Just make sure you know you stuff and provide solid, reliable sources.

2 - Hmmm. What section of the penal code is that in? We don't want duplicates on wikitree, but if the duplicate has been merged out of existence then the problem has been cured.  

3 - Agreed. I don't even see them much in facilitating merges. Being on the Trusted List is important to get notification of changes, but beyond that, meh.

4 - Absolutely agree. Best way to protect your data is to provide good reliable, accessible sources and explain in a narrative bio how they support your data. Won't stop everyone from making unsupported changes, but probably stops most and makes it easy to explain to the person who made the unsupported change why their change should not have been made.
Chase, please don't hang my bestest boyfriend on WikiTree for his editorial license with the word "illegal" when it is, in actual fact, technically only immoral .... in that it is a violation of the honor code to deliberately add duplicates, for whatever reason.

Granted, merging them out of existence cures the problem of duplicates, but the work load would be oh-so-much lighter if the duplicates had not been created in the first place.

hearthearthi my darling Gaile

He that deliberately creates dupes gets summoned to the principal's office and it goes on your permanet record.
I know a nun with some extra rulers!
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"Unwanted person" as PM. John, this is a global tree and "we collaborate" so I really don't think any PM should be called an unwanted person.smiley

If you have communicated with the PM and received either no response or a response that wasn't satisfactory, then we have a process: It works if you use the process, but it does take some time. 

by Natalie Trott G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)

Well said, Natalie!  We can't always choose who manages our relatives' profiles, just as we can't choose our relatives.  smiley

But, with some relatives, you wish you could!! laugh

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I think you should expect to be welcome on the Trusted List for any of your direct ancestors out at least to your great grandparents and indeed of any of your relatives you have known and loved. Have you tried asking? Beyond great grandparents the profiles should be open for editing by anybody, timewise. Personally I'm only too willing to yield the floor to anyone with a closer connection than I have. After that it's all about collaboration (with anyone who turns up).
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (346k points)

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