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in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (853k points)
closed by Laura Bozzay
Welcome to the Weekend Chat!

Did you see any shooting stars this week?

Did you make any new cousin finds?

Let us know what's going on in your life!
I'm back from my 2 week adventure and now well rested from the adventure. Now have to rest up from resting up.

but folks... I did something the other day I holler against.And I'm SO ASHAMED,,,, I chased some ancestry leaf hints....

First, let me qualify all of this. I have been doing my own genealogy for a very long time and I already know my family members back to my at least my 2nd ggps if not further. And I have been reworking them because my genealogy is scattered between two bedrooms, in several boxes and a storage unit. Actually, except for some of the family stories I've collected over the years, it would be easier to just burn this stuff.

So my cousin Greg has an ancestry account. I have been adding my branch of the family to his, along with my dad's maternal line. I had his parents listed. Looking over something, I saw that "potential parents" for Janie Kelly came up. And it was the right Angie Green and Ely D Kelly. So I put them in and found census and marriage sources to back it up, without using another tree connection. But I did use a tree connection to see the marriage records. Now to find them on my own.

In the process of all of this, I found out the woman I thought was my 2nd ggm for the past 39 years was really a step mother.
I've been hospitalized with pneumonia and have really slowed down on my wikitreeing in a few weeks.

But one fun thing I've accomplished this month is that while working on a family group of unsourced profiles for the Sourcerer's Challenge, I was also able to Connect this family to the Larger Tree.

I feel like Win/Win!!!  and just wanted to share!
Lynette Welcome Back!!   So glad you had a good time.  We missed you!

Chasing a leaf in and of itself is not bad... but relying on it as being correct is where the danger comes in.  It is good that you are working to verify what you found.   It is tempting to find something and in a moment of excitement to forget to check it out.   We see that in many of the problem trees we have on WikiTree.   But, you are seasoned at doing research and I know you will check them out and get things right.  

What exciting things did you do on your adventure?
Kathryn I have had pneumonia and when you can't breathe you often don't even have the energy to sit up and turn on the computer.  So first and foremost I do hope you get well fast.  Get plenty of rest and try to sleep if you can.  I know that can even be hard because of coughing.  

Congratulations on working on the Sourcerers' Challenge and connection folks to the tree to boot!   And doing it while feeling lousy is even more of an accomplishment.   I am still digging out and have missed a few of them this summer but need to get back in since I will be running 3 of them next year again I think.  They are fun and I do love Sourcing.  

Hope you feel better soon!  Glad you were able to drop into the Weekend Chat.
I knew who I should have been looking for. And it was only "potential mother" and "potential father" and it was the right people. My mother, sister and I have worked on this line. And I have a near eidetic memory on the research I have done. but that steel trap memory is now getting a bit rusty. And yes, I know what to look for. And if I can't determine who is supposed to whom, from census and other work, I leave them alone till I can work on it more.  The Kell/e/y line was harder.

Exciting things... I spent the equilivant of a full driving day lost and trying to find my way to a major highway. I facilitated a family reunion in Taylor, AR. Then drove to far east AR to visit my brother who got his days and dates mixed up. Visted my aunt in Texarkana, met my 8 year old grandson I had never seen in Allen, TX. Met a cousin in Lubbock that I have met in email and phone comms with since 1997 or 99. We talked for about 12 hours. Even our phone convos are about 3 hours.  Went to Chaco Canyon ruins and saw a herd of elk does who posed for pics. And stayed in a quaint little motel in Seligman, AZ on Rte 66, painted on the outside with 1940s and 1950s murels.
Hope you will share photos from your trip! Sounds exciting and adventurist. Nobody really likes getting lost but sometimes you find really neat things along the way.
Well, my cousin took some video of the reunion, but I haven't learned how to get them off the camera yet.
To get a video off of the camera you'll need a USB port or an SD card reader. Does the camera have either of those?
Yep!  both. I bought the SD card. And I even have a HDMI cable.
Okay. Plug the camera into the computer or laptop using the usb cable. Is it a mac or a PC?
Remember to check for more great postings on page 2
Success!!!! Now I have to resize them. They are 2mg.

Added... I had to use the SD Adapter
Lynette, Sounds like you had quite the adventure and a fun trip.
Thank you, Laura, for hosting this Weekends Chat!

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A whole tv series to watch this weekend !


If you didn't see it first time around, it's a treat 


Some episodes loaded out of order so check description on downloads. Enjoysmiley

by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (715k points)

Chris Ferraiolo, ask to be added to the trusted list for Ferraiolo-1 Then file an unresponsive profile manager request and get added to the profile as a manager. The profile manager was last active on the 26 December 2012.


I'll see. There's no dates at all for that lady it seems. Both her and her dad are green locked and there's no dates on either of them.
Chris if you google for the father;s name there are a number of them in Florida.  

 Also note the last name is spelled differently than his daughter;s...  

That spelling for the Father I was able to trace back to Ireland???

In LDS they are all over the place.   

It looks like the info came from an Ancestry Tree so you if you have access you may want to see what is there.  Look for clues then verify.
Sounds like a plan. I'll see what I can find.
I can't find Allison Gayle Ferraiolo or her father on Ancestry. Huh....
Hmmm did you see the reference I found in FamilySearch?
I found her and a sister. Sent you docs via email
Laura, I think maybe because the TV show departed too much from the books. It was an alternate universe.

In the books, Walt is already with Vic. Cady is in Phily and m. to Vic's brother.  All Vic can say is WTF.  And Henry Standing Bear is a BIG guy, bigger then Walt, more like the guy who played Hector. but at least they got it right about Henry never speaking in contractions.  And why is Walk drinking pressed coffee... he's more of a perculator on the stove type or at least an electric perc . 3rd choice for Walt's coffee pot would be a drip, Mr. Coffee style. I don't like those french presses. Coffee doesn't taste done.
Got 'em. Thanks, Eddie and Laura. Seems Gayle here is a kid. Huh....
Collaboration team work is the best!
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1.  It is a good idea to look around WikiTree to see if anything has been changed, added, or removed.  It is not a static site.  So I recommend that once a month you review the options under the various menu icons at the top of most WikiTree Pages.  There are currently 4:

  • My WikiTree (This has options that relate primarily to you and your profile, your watchlist, suggestions, contributions, tree and tools, badges)
  • Add (This is where you can add new people, DNA info, follow tags, and invitations)
  • Find (Just about anything you want to do, adopt orphaned profiles, find surnames, search for people, find categories, e-cards, look at how you connect or are related to other members or profiled people, projects, unsourced profiles, matches, and pending merges)
  • Help (This where you find the Tutorial Intro to WikiTree, help pages, the WikiTree blog and calendar, where to access the G2G forum, our all-important Honor Code, access the Problem with Mentors form, a link to Mentors, the Style Guide, where to find out about how to spread WikiTree Love, and a link to our staff. This also has a link to contact our Adoption Angels. )

Suggestions to get the profiles on your watchlist tightened up are located under My WikiTree. 

  • On some pages the Add menu changes to a menu with your WikiTree ID.  You will find Suggestions there also.  Also links to help you with your profile display and links that relate to your ID. 

2,  Do you have an idea on how to change WikiTree to improve it?  Search G2G to see if someone else had a similar idea and what the community thought about it.  If you have a unique idea, post it to G2G asking the community to discuss its merits. 

3.  Looking for new ways to participate?  Check out the list of projects which has new projects and subprojects being added all the time.  Get involved!  It is the easiest and most fun way to learn!

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (853k points)
Thank you Laura - good tips!  I do that from time to time to see what is different (or what I've forgotten is there lol).
Hi Mindy!  When does your new project show up in the Project list?  How is that going?
And when do we get linguisa?
The Portuguese spicy sausage that comes in a variety of flavors?  

Not sure it is even available where I am....
Don't worry. I know where to get some. *motions to next door neighbor's house*
Thanks for the great tips, Laura as always you provide the best information.
Thanks Dean and Welcome to the Weekend Chat

Hi Laura smiley

The Portugal Project is live now, so should be listed. It is going fabulously! The project pulled together faster than I had thought it would, and we have a great start with members working on our profiles. 

Chris - you would have to come to Kentucky lol. It would be easier to go next door and ask to be invited to dinner.

Yay the Portugal project is live! All we need now is a Japan Project. We need several more to complete the UN security council here on Wikitree.=)
As of Thursday it was not showing on the Project List under the Find Icon... Just looked again and  I still don't see it.  Mindy, you might want to check on how to get it added to the Project list.


I will work on a puzzle for it but need it to be listed in the list as I copy urls and some info from the project pages to promo the projects.  I have the email you sent me a few weeks ago.  Have been waiting for it to appear...
The Security Council is a small UN body.   When I was there, there were 168 member nations.  That was back in the 70s.  

These are the current members of the SC http://www.un.org/en/sc/members/

The General Assembly has currently 192 member nations (it has grown since my time)  http://www.un.org/en/ga/

Membership:  http://www.un.org/en/member-states/index.html

I do not want to start a debate on the merits of the UN.  Suffice it to say there are passionate opinions on both sides about the merits and need for such an organization.  

I have a history with it. That history has given me the gift of friends from all over the world.  And,that history, in all honesty allows me to understand both sides of the argument and understand why both opinions exist.
Hey, I'm just waiting so we all can sing "It's a small world" much to the detriment of Eddie. =)
Cue the elevator music....
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A scavenger hunt puzzle… looking for our luminaries!

This week was a big one to see meteor showers.  So, in the spirit of finding some shooting stars…. Find the profiles of these luminaries!  (It is expected you may have to do some research).   

1. His heliocentric theory argued that the Earth was not the center of the universe and that the sun affected planets.  

2, The face and voice of Cosmos  

3. Had a space telescope named after him. 

4. He calculated the orbit of a comet and had one named after him. 

5. She developed a system to categorize stars according to the temperatures they produce. 

6. Discovered Uranus and infrared radiation

7. Explained Saturn’s rings and he suggested the possibility of life on other planets. 

8. Discovered Neptune.

9. German who formulated laws of planetary motion. 

10. Father of observed astronomy.  Censured by the Pope for saying the earth revolved around the sun.  A man of many talents. 

11. He died recently.  Was confined to a wheelchair.  Theorized black holes produce radiation. 

12. She discovered and calculated the orbit of a comet.  She is the sister of one of the luminaries who discovered Uranus.


There are a few luminaries who have no profiles.  Perhaps someone would like to create them?

  • George Gamow 1904-1968 famous for the Big Bang Theory (no not the sitcom) the theory of the expanding universe. 
  • Clyde Tombaugh 1906-1997 discovered Pluto (the once upon a time planet not the dog) and asteroids.
  • Fritz Zwicky 1898-1974 from supernova to dark matter.  He covered both light and dark in the universe.

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (853k points)
Gamow done, under Gamow-1. Full name: Georgiy Antonovich Gamov. If anyone wants to improve the profile, be my guest!  His son, Igor, has a Wikipedia article.
Thanks Pip!  I am still digging out and did not have the time to do justice to a new unrelated profile.  I did get my suggestions list down to the low 60s so have worked through over half of them that came when I adopted a bunch of profiles.  Been working on those.  Some take hours to untangle, research, and correct.  

Thanks for bringing one of our luminaries back to the light!  I think he was hiding in a black hole!  

I knew some of the Weekend Chat folks would hop on creating a few more notables for our tree!
Clyde Tombaugh is up. Tombaugh-28.
Pip, Nice job on the profile.  

I think this is his family from 1910 Census


1930 Census  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XHBR-JKT

1940 Census adds a wife  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:VYW2-65J

Great job, Pip!

There is a famous paper on nucleosynthesis by Gamow and his student, Ralph Alpher.  Just for laughs, they shared author credit with Hans Bethe.


Excellent! Thanks for this. I’ll add it in!
I read about this when working on his profile, and nearly every article I read had this story in it. Funny as the dickens! I didn’t see the link before. Thanks for the heads up.

Funny, but a serious real-deal paper.  People still cite it AFAIK, or maybe by now it's such ancient wisdom that it's incorporated in the textbooks.  The Big Bang Theory is remarkably real in its characters.  I went to school with those guys.  cool

Most assuredly! It’s still hanging in there, too.
Thanks Pip I am still fighting through a pre-1500 problem child.  On day 3...  but have some of the time and place WikiTree luminaries now looking at it.  I really think it might be questionable that she ever existed....  will see what they think...  thanks for taking the initiative on Gamow.. who says science isn't fun!
Herb that is hilarious!
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Hippies ! There used to be hippies. An extinct sub-species of homo sapiens



by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (715k points)
Hey another Hippie survives - me!  Although I thought I was too young to be a hippie and was so jealous of my cousin - all my cousins were older as mom was the youngest of ten and married later on - anyhow I became a hippie anyhow and in ninety two I sat in a Redwood tree for three days as part of a 54 day non violent protest in Mendocino County to save a patch of Redwoods - fun times
I actually did help put on the very first Earth Day event in Chardon, Ohio on the very first Earth Day and I also survived the Kent State shooting while a student of Kent State University in May of 1970.
Awesome Dale - glad you survived Kent State but real sorry it happened - see Hippies are NOT extinct!
That's right Navarro, We just altered our outward appearance to blend in a bit more so that we can survive and change the system gradually from within. That's called evolution.
For those of you too young to remember on April 22 1970 there were programs across the country promoting environmental awareness. Most of those involved in the actual work on the local level were collage students. At the time I was a Kent State student on the audio video team for that school and I am not sure who was the main organizer for Chardon, where I grew up but I was part of the group of students who set up the program during the day in Chardon and again in the evening at West Geauga High School in Chester Township Ohio. And at the time I was a long hair that drove a 1958 VW and rode a motorcycle. That's why I tell people I was green before it was popular to be green. As an aside one of the members of out AV team is now a Grammy winning Audio Engineer but he still lives on a farm in Geauga County not far from me.
Yep, most of the hippies are now the establishment.
In the 70s my family considered me a hippie...... I think mainly because of the way I dressed.  As a poor college student,  it was pretty convenient to not have to buy many clothes ...... when I graduated I didn't have ANY dresses for job interviews..... things began to change.
Oh Peggy that made me laugh... I mean the fashions of the time were quite radical at that time.   I mean going from the stereotype of housewives wearing pearls, dresses, heel and doing housework like that and women wearing jeans (with holes in them often times) cut offs, and very relaxed overall fashion is quite a difference.   

I was surprised no one remarked on the photo of my husband and I from our dating years in the early 70s that I posted above. I can't believe we dressed like that!  And Ron's hair is a hoot!


Laura I didn't see the photo.   I can just imagine.

The Christmas of 1972,   I flew to visit my parents living in Virginia.  (They paid for the ticket from Kansas University.).....  That was back when you deplaned on the runway.   My mother had tears in her eyes as I walked across the runway,   not from the joy of seeing me,  but because I was wearing a huge second hand bear skin coat. (The bear  had probably eaten his last meal circa 1930.) Actual bear skin, none of that fake stuff for me. This was before PETA, so I had no fear.  On campus is was the top of fashion  (even a stewardess complimented my coat......I think,  or was I missing the sarcasm?)

Mom still mentions that coat every 5 years or so.  I assure you she's wrong about it being mottled.


It is in this thread but now among the posts under the previous answers.  

Like so many other things, how we think about things evolve... or devolve depending on your point of view.  

Yes in the 70s fur was a big thing for a while.
+24 votes

Hi Laura and thanks for hosting!

Greetings, fellow Treefolk!

I looked for shooting stars, but saw not a one.  sad  Orion is now up before the sun, bearing a message of changes to come.

After a hard week crusading on G2G, I return to paper critters.

Design and tutorial by Jo Nakashima.



by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (776k points)
I think that’s the coolest one yet, Herbert! Kudos!! (Not happy about Orion showing up. I know what that means!)
Thanks, Pip!  There's a note on the YT video, saying this model appeared in Gotham, S3E1.  I never watched the show, so I couldn't say.
AWWWWWW  so cute. That is such a cute penguin!!!!!

Thanks, Robynne!  I am all about the Awwww.  cool

Herb the only place I saw them was online!  


Penguin wearing his tuxedo!  Great!
Thanks, Laura!
Out of curiosity, I watched the relevant episode of Gotham, just to catch the origami penguin.  He appears at about 17:20.  The show had one redeeming feature:  Sean 'You are scarin' my lads' Pertwee, who never disappoints.
I just love the penguin Herbert! how adorable
Thanks, Mindy!
+23 votes

Today is....


National I LOVE My Feet Day! is observed annually on August 17. This is a day to appreciate how valuable our feet are, to practice good foot care and pamper our feet.

Our feet are our primary mode of transportation. They quietly and faithfully help us stand, swim, run, walk, play sports, jog, skip and dance. They take us to school and work. Our feet withstand all the things we do in our everyday lives and accomplish things our hands cannot.

Taking care of our feet is important for preventing long-term problems. Years of wear and tear can be hard on them, as can disease, bad circulation, improperly trimmed toenails and poorly fitting shoes.

Practicing good foot care is easy. Elevating your feet when you sit is a relaxing way to help reduce swelling. Stretching, walking or having a gentle foot massage aids circulation. A warm foot bath is also helpful. Make sure your feet are dry before putting on shoes. Wearing shoes when outside provides your feet better protection.

75% of the adult population has a foot problem and improper shoe choices account for the majority of those problems. Wearing properly fitted shoes with good arch support, getting foot massages and regular pedicures can reduce foot problems. If you have persistent foot pain, consulting a podiatrist can help. For more Good Foot Care Tips and information on I LOVE My Feet Day! click on one of these links:


For more Good Foot Care Tips and information on I LOVE My Feet Day! click on http://www.ilovemyfeetdays.com/

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
But Dorothy all the Thrift Stores I visited today said it was National Thrift Store Day.

Right you are...  so many to choose from, let your feet do the walking lol!!

National Thrift Shop Day August 17


Are you ready for a fun day of some great bargain shopping?  Then today is the day because each year on August 17th, National Thrift Shop Day is observed across the United States.

A thrift shop (also known as a thrift store, charity shop, hospice shop or resale shop) is a retail establishment typically run by a charitable organization to raise money to be used in accord with the organization’s stated charitable purpose.

Thrift shops are a type of social enterprise that typically sell used goods that are donated by members of the public and are often staffed by volunteers.  Donation of the items being sold allows for a lower cost to the buyers.

Saving money is on the minds of everyone these days and shopping at thrift stores is becoming more and more popular.  Clothing, furniture and household goods are great finds among the other hidden treasures within the walls of thrift shops across the country.  To some, shopping at a thrift store isn’t even about the price (that’s just a bonus!) but instead, it’s about the adventure of finding vintage and antique items.


On National Thrift Shop Day, watch for specials at the Thrift Shops in your area.  Use #NationalThriftShopDay to post on social media.

So you use your feet to go shop!  You two are so funny!

Thank you Dorothy. I always look forward to what you will come up with smiley

+17 votes

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps! 

On the genealogy front this week I've been doing a few things. First up, I  finished adding my 2nd great uncle Rocco's children and grandchildren to my main tree. I need a score card for the one. So, I e-mailed a cousin on that side and she helped me sort it out. She even filled me in on some of the shared matches. Since Rocco had 11 children and 20 grandchildren, I had a lot of people to add. I moved on from that and to his brother, Pasquale. I need to ask my dad if Rosina had any children. Once this is complete I should have all the children and grandchildren of the Carrabis kids who came to America. I found some of the people matched the DNA matches I have. My list has grown a LOT.  I have seven matches who came from Rocco and I think one from Pasquale.

By the end of it, Marie (my match) says to me that we should all come over for dinner. Yeah. That'd be cool. 

I've been posting a lot in the DNA group headed by Blaine Bettinger. Dude seems like a big deal. I posted a couple times. He put up this interesting poll where you put your 100th match on Ancestry's cM count in. I thought that was cool. Spinning off of that, I made a thread about how to best message someone about being a match. Some people gave me some creative answers. I might make a similar thread here. We'll see.

Other than that I posted my 400th comic and worked on the next story arc. I also checked this site to see if we had a profile for Aretha Franklin. We do. GOOD! Cuz if you didn't....*shakes fist*

I think that should be the profile of the week next week. Come on. Make it happen!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (802k points)
Aretha is not connected - yet. At least, not the last time I looked...

Like Chris Said, Lets Make This Happen!!!!

You’re having too much fun, Chris. smiley Could you bottle up some of your stamina for me?

Here. Liquid stamina: http://www.oregonchai.com/


And yea. Connect Aretha!
Yes, we need Eddie to work his magic!
+19 votes
I’ll start. It’s been a great week, genealogically speaking. I created a couple of Notables and, with the help of several great folks, made some super progress on families in Cornwall. Feels like a breakthrough is on the horizon. Woohoo!!! My compadre in this research is Beth S., and she has done some great work on these lines to date. I’m so proud of her, because it makes me proud of my lineage. I think I’m going to have to get a Cornwall flag to go with my Scottish one. I fly my heritage!

No rain for five days mean loads of catching up on yard work. Got the whole three acres mowed and finished staining the new front deck. An evil beaver has attacked a few of our trees, so fencing put up around the ones closest to the creek. Fun, fun!

Questions that came to me this week:

1) Why does grass grow faster the more desperate you are to mow it?

2) Why is it that we have to research for years, only to find that the document proving something has been sitting there tapping its foot waiting for discovery?

3) Why have I had to struggle to meet my FitBit step goal since April past? (Oh, yeah. I joined WikiTree!)

4) Why didn’t all my ancestors keep detailed diaries? (And passes them down to me!)

Thanks, Laura, for hosting the Weekend Chat! We appreciate you!!

Hope everyone has super weekend!
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Forwarding this one to my project manager (the missus).
I'm mowing my 3 acres today. We've had enough rain recently that the grass and weeds have grown. Mostly I mow it to eventually get the weeds under control. Now that the farm upwind from us is growing a real crop rather than hay, I'll get less weed seed blowing in.
Same problem. Hay uphill from us and the usual wind direction brings it to us. Yeah, mainly weed control.
This week has been more rainy here in a SW suburb of St Louis, Missouri.  We have had several days of rain.  I am sure one day this weekend my husband will be doing his weekly yard work.  I am still going through boxes of paper and stuff from closing our company.  The important stuff has been transferred to the new owner.  If I find something I think will be useful to her I let her know but most of this is trash... stuff like notes to ourselves that became things we just know now... things like handwritten inventory counts that were input to the spreadsheet.  Things like call so and so and the call happened long ago..  mainly trash...  no idea why that stuff did not get thrown out before... probably had to clean up fast for something and never got back to it as it was in the go through this stuff later file meaning it never got gone through!  These are my "weeds".
We caught most of the rain in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee! Hopefully we will get cooler temps after this.
Hi Pip,

I wish I could say the same thing about no rain.

Your questions are great! Mom has three acres to mow, and I hear you! Never ending problem. I know these are all rhetorical questions, but thank you for the smiles they brought about. (And I agree on #4 - for many ancestors!!)
+18 votes
Celebrate the Queen of Soul with this clip from Blues Brothers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY66elCQkYk

RIP Aretha Franklin.
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (802k points)
I think I read where it was the only movie she ever did.
Yeah. Sad thing is that most of the cast is gone except for Dan Ackroyd.
thanks Chris - one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies!  Such a wonderful singer
She will be greatly missed. She had such a very unique voice.

These are the top 10 best moments of Aretha's life!!!!
Navarro and Dean, welcome to the Weekend Chat.  She certainly was an amazing talent.
+15 votes
Not much has happened genealogy wise. The first cousin who was sceptical about my mothers new place in the family, has finally come around and is a little more enthusiastic about welcoming the newcomer and her daughters to the family. We have not yet had any chat, but being in his 70's he is not on skype!!.

I am hoping that he will be able to persuade 2 of his other first cousins to do a DNA test to eliminate which brother is NOT my mothers father. But that may be months down the road yet.....

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet on the genealogy front for me.

I'm not getting into any notables while the DNA quest is on going, plus I do have other RL things happening as well - things that hopefully will be coming to an end soon.

It has been a very long, very hot (and if I can say this) rather "sh*tty summer!!!

Family chat set to start in 4 hours.

by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Hahaha! You said “sh*tty.” And yes, Robynne, this has been a long, hot summer... accompanied by lots of rain here.

Robynne working with adoptees I hear this all the time.  You contact someone and they just can't believe it because it does not fit in with what they "know".  It takes time for the reality to set in and some just fight it tooth and nail.  For some people, the truth is what they believe, and has no resemblance to reality.  I have never understand how people can shut out hard evidence of reality because they don't like it.  But we see it all the time in genealogy.
We're about to start a similar process.  My mom appears to have several first cousins who (so far as we know) have no idea she exists.  Glad to hear that at least some people are accepting of new facts.
Good luck Lisa to you and your Mom and Welcome to the Weekend Chat
I agree, this summer so far has been sooo hot, that I don't even want to go out to eat!!! Glad I stocked up on food.
You can always order in... did anyone say pizza?
Some VERY GOOD NEWS this weekend!!

Well the second cousin (the one I was in contact with first) called my mother and they chatted on the phone for an hour. Mum says she seems to be a very nice lady.

Plans were tentatively made to visit and actually meet in September. This will hopefully allow the (used to be sceptical)  first cousin to also travel and visit as well. And perhaps a Skype chat can happen during this time as well. So things are looking GOOD!!!
That is great!  Every time you can get relatives together you increase the odds of learning something new.
+16 votes
I have been very lazy lately. I haven't felt like working on WikiTree for the last couple of weeks, not even to reduce my watchlist. I did set a couple of profiles free and even add a couple to the tree but I just don't feel it right now. Health wise I am doing fine right now but still worried about a much younger cousin who got the bad news that she has lung cancer, she never smoked. The sad thing is she just lost her mother to cancer within the last year and her father is not doing well either.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
That's rough, Dale!  Sorry to hear it.  Stay strong.

I haven't done much all month on wikitree. Working on my novel in my free time. Destroying the human race is so satisfying devil

Dale, as much as you’ve accomplished, don’t you think it’s OK to be a little lazy once in a while?
I have been doing research on a picture I picked up today. It is of Pere Marquete locomotive 1212, a 4 8 4 Steam locomotive. My picture is larger than the biggest one I can find online, that one is an 8 x 10, and goes for $8. I spent $4 for mine.
Sorry, I made a mistake, the locomotive was a 2-8-4 class N "Berkshire" built by the Lima Locomotive Works and was placed on the roster in 1937 till 1954. A sister locomotive the 1225 was the engine used for the model for the movie "The Polar Express"
Dale, you have been on such a fast track you deserve some well earned rest.   Sometimes working on our genealogies is too much like work.  When it gets to be an obligation or a job more than a fun past time it is time to take a break.  There are days I don't even want to turn on my computer!  

You may feel differently next week.  Do something fun even if that is being a couch potato!
Laura My big plans for next week are to frame the above mentioned picture,  then hang it, get an oil change for my car, and do some grocery shopping.
My maternal Grandfather was a RR Purchasing Agent.  His Dad was a Porter, His Dad was a Surveyor for the RRs.  So I come from 3 generations of RR folk.  MOPAC, KATY, and Union Pacific.  Trains are still fun but those old style steam locomotives are downright wonderful.
Laura, I have ridden behind many steam engines. Someday I might mention some of them here on the chat. I even helped lay rail for one very small railroad.

Dale you, and any other train enthusiast might find this of interest


According to the article, Today, there is still one steam locomotive operating on a Class I railroad in the U.S., the  Union Pacific 844.  

There are a number in operation as tourist attractions, this list by state indicates where any are still running but these are on tourist destination tracks.  http://www.steamlocomotive.com/lists/

Daddy worked on the railroad as a conductor - I wish I knew more about it - don't know much at all but he taught all us girls to sing

I been working on the Railroad....
Where? and When?
+15 votes
This has been a mixed week. Genealogically, a couple of merges have finally opened up some siblings of my ancestors that were being kept private so now I can add sources to these dozen or so profiles. I took a break from my WWI project to work on my mom's side.

Weather-wise, we got about an inch of rain this week. That's a lot. Unfortunately, it came mostly in one 1/2 hour period that also included a lot of hail and very high wind (more than 30mph). Didn't help the garden any but it should mostly recover. Some of the squash and melons may not.

We tried to see them (meteor shower) but when we got to where city lights wouldn't be a problem, the clouds rolled in. Down lower we would normally be able to see them but the smoke is as bad as having clouds for visibility.

Its lunch time then back to mowing.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (556k points)
edited by Doug McCallum
Enjoy your mowing Doug! Out here on the left coast its all out dry-season. If your lawn is green then someone's been watering it, and the smoke in the atmosphere is too thick to see meteors, or the horizon. This time of year, I don't even have to weed the gravel.

This weekend I should be out getting some exercise, but hey.  The air's not so fresh, and I just found a bunch of newly digitized Nova Scotia newspapers that go back as far as 1769 ... so I think I'm going sourcing!
I took a nap after lunch rather than mow.

Which NS Newspapers?! That far back and some of mine might be there. I can barely see the foothills and they are less than 10 miles (16 kilometers) away.

This time of year we get what is referred to as monsoon season. Wet weather from comes up over Arizona and hits Colorado some. The native prairie grasses and especially the weeds will grow with very little water. The weeds are the worst since they grow much faster. Up until this year we would get the back 2 acres watered from overflow flood irrigation from the farm next door. This year they switched crops and put in 80 acres (about 32 hectares) of drip irrigation so are conserving water and we don't get any runoff.

Back to mowing for a while.

Sixteen of them!  One is French and a couple Gaelic. I'm starting in Liverpool. Here's the link: https://novascotia.ca/archives/newspapers/default.asp

The Nova Scotia Chronicle and Weekly Advertiser

The Royal American Gazette

The Port-Roseway Gazetteer and The Shelburne Advertiser

The Nova-Scotia Packet and General Advertiser

Acadian Recorder

Liverpool Transcript

The Bee

The Atlantic Advocate

An Solus Iùil (Guiding Light)

Fear na Céilidh (The Visitor)

Mosgladh (The Awakening)

Teachdaire nan Gàidheal (The Messenger of the Gaels)

The Tiny Tattler

Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse

The Clarion

The 4th Estate

@page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } a:link { so-language: zxx }
Hi Doug in some of the answers above I posted a link to a video of the meteor showers and I know the rain gets tiring.  

But hey, sounds like you are making some headway with some reluctant relatives and that is great!

Laurie, hope you are a safe distance from those fires.  That is downright scarey.  Saw the fire tornado that killed that brave fire fighter.  Please stay safe!
Laurie, Thanks for the list (and the other post) of the newspapers. While the English ones will be easiest to read, I can mostly get by in French. The Gaelic not so much. I studied it a bit. Enough to know sentence structure and how words/spelling changes (mutations) so can look things up and struggle through it if I find names. My Robertson ancestor was a Gaelic speaker.

Laura, thanks for the link to the video.
+16 votes
Hi from East Texas! Finally settling in to our new home, we have electricity, and enough water, ha! We have a storage tank, and think we finally just hit water on our hand-dug (auger) well! The kids are loving our little forest. Haven't had so much time for wikitree, but hope to soon. Really appreciate this community, it has made these past few months of moving around less stressful. Always great to hear how everyone is doing.
by Elaine Martzen G2G6 Pilot (186k points)
Ain’t it, though! This is one of WikiTree’s best features, an open discussion to see what everyone’s up to. Make G2G more personal getting to know folks behind all the research and assistance and tech help.

Our move was easy, EW. It was all the unpacking that about killed us!
EW and Pip I still have boxes I have moved twice now and not unpacked!  They have sentimental things I want to keep but have no place to display.  Just knowing I have them is enough for now.  Things like stuff my sons in their 30s and 40s colored as little ones.   One of these days when my grandchildren are a bit older I will open up the box (we will make it into a treasure hunt!) and uncover the past of their parents!  There are drawings, tissue flowers, egg carton flowers, scout crafts... just stuff that means something to me from when the men were youngsters.  

Glad the Weekend Chat has been a way to keep in touch if from the sidelines for a while.  Glad you posted today!

We’ve given most of he kids stuff to them, but kept some for ourselves. Just couldn’t give them up. Other thing we want to give them, hey can’t take until they get larger houses! Oitpr garage is our storage unit for them. Ugh, it’s crowded in there.

I force pd myself to open every box this last move just to see what was in there. We don’t have enough room, either, for all our stuff. Lots of momentos from all our years together. I can’t imaging 42 years worth surprise, but 28 is enough right now. laugh

My husband get excited about cleaning out the basement.  Of course we disagree about what is trash and what is treasure.  So we have our own personal treasure spaces and no one can call those things trash...  stops a lot of disagreements...
Chuckle, chuckle. I just hide mine in the office. And some of her’s, too, that she might get rid of.
Ha, I pretty much dumped everything out and put in in cabinets, will organize, uh, soon! And some things are still in hiding at my parents and in-laws :)
My way of cleaning up quickly is to take a laundry basket (emtpy) and walk through the house.  Anything that is somewhere it does not belong goes into the laundry basket.  If I have time to sort through it and put things where they belong... great!  If not and people are coming over  put the basket in the trunk of my car.  Then when everyone is gone, out comes the basket and I sort through and put things away.  That has worked for me for a number of years.
There are some really nice places in East Texas. One favorite is Big Thicket  where I went camping with friends a number of times when I was in grad school. Once was to help with a butterfly count.

This past Spring, I made a major cleaning effort in the basement. After 20 years of it being the place everything just got piled up, it needed major work. Still some to go but tons of stuff got tossed. There were a few boxes from a move in 82 that had never been opened. Anyway, the downside of having a large, unfinished basement is that there is too much room to just dump stuff.

Uh, Doug, if you’re cleaning out hat basement, have you got some room for.....laugh

+17 votes

Meet Eowyn, named after our own WikiTree forest elf.  She is a Stoney End double strung walnut lap harp.  She has 22 strings on each side (44 total) tuned from F below middle C to high F.  I just got her this week.  

by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (658k points)

Ok, now we’re dying for the YouTube video of you playing!! Hop to! laugh

She'll get a million hits. Easy.
I love harp music!  Had a harpist play at our wedding (going on 42 years Sept 4).Yes please post a video of you playing!  Hey maybe we can pick a weekend and have a Weekend Chat talent show... who is in?

Talent show is a fun idea.  I guess we would have to get the real Eowyn to help us set it up.  laugh

I think we just need something like a meeting connection.  Maybe some of our tech savvy members can offer some ideas of how to do that!  Then when we have a fleshed out idea we can get Eowyn's feedback.
Here's how we could do it.

1. Have someone tape some kind of talent or thing.

2. Post the clip on dropbox.

3. Give editor the link.

4. Person edits it together.

5. Person then puts it on the official Wikitree channel. If there is one.

So I can create a dropbox file.  I do those al the time.  

Categories: (not carved in granite... just thought starters and they can have subcategories too)

1.  Puttin on the Ritz (Singing and Dancing)

2.  Author Author (writing and blogging)

3.  The Old and New Masters (artists using physical media like paper, canvas, paint, chalk, and sculpture)

4.  Compose Yourself (music compositions and arrangements)

5.  Say Cheese!  (photography)

6.  Educate me!  ( How to and demos)

7.  Have a ball  (Sports / Athletic )

8.  Laughting and Crying (comedy and short skits)

9.  Food Glorious Food (yep, cooking and recipes)

10.  Monster Bash (Halloween costume)

11.  Special Friends (working with animals)

12.  Crafty People!  ( crafts, things you make yourself)

We could do one a month or pick a time in the future and have a weekend of fun!

Rules:  All entries must conform to the Weekend Chat Guidelines which can be found here:  

Rules / Guidelines / Procedures

As always, be nice. WikiTree is all about being polite and kind. Because our site is free and open and as genealogy is about families, in order to keep the chat fun for people of all ages, we need to remember our postings to the chat are open to the public. :-) So please no politics, crude language, or more adult type topics. Say something positive and above all have fun.

Please "flag" any inappropriate content. It will be reviewed, evaluated, and dealt with promptly.

Post as many answers on different topics as you wish, it's ok!

+17 votes

First weekend off work since I can remember laughlaughlaugh it’s was defo before Christmas and I’m hoping to read this feed for the first time in ages, participate in the sourcing sprint, and do a bit on my own tree too!!!!

Soooooo now I need suggestions for what to do with the husband to keep him out of the way..... unfortunately he’s also off for the weekend...cheeky

by Lizzie Griffiths G2G6 Pilot (132k points)
Mowing the hay, I mean lawns, like the rest of us that aren't being burned up?
Honey do jars are great for that.  Or give him tickets to a sporting event.  

Does he have a hobby he likes? Gift him with a new tool or something that supports the hobby.  Mine is holding a book while sleeping on the couch... thumb holding his place, glasses on but he is in dreamland!
+16 votes

Thank you for hosting Laura!

I am 'Member of the Week' so it's been fun getting messages on my profile about how many steps away someone is! 

Doing a little of 'this and that' on WikiTree this week. No real break throughs on my research, but tomorrow is another day. I have so much fun collaborating that I don't even notice most times smiley

Pizza is here so I'm out for now. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

by Mindy Silva G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Congrats on getting "Member of the Week"! I liked your interview! I kind of wish I added more to my own last names research segment. But, it's fine. I already kinda know where everything is and where everyone belongs. France. Italy. Seriously. Look up Ferraiolo in Italy on the Italian surname database. It's like "Smith" over there: Tedesco, too.

Glad you had a great week. Enjoy your pizza! Mangia!
Quite a few of our Weekend Chat regulars have been Member of the Week. We have a lot of luminaries on here!   

In case any of our Weekend Chat folks missed it, here is Mindy!


Mindy we are 34 degrees:   https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Connection&action=connect&person1Name=Silva-1055&person2Name=Pennie-22   

Great job on your interview!

Thanks Chris, it has been fun! lol re your name - if you didn't know 'Silva' literally translates to 'Smith.' I quit getting excited a loooong time ago when I saw the surname in records.

Oh, I know Laura. I really look forward to reading what others have to say about their journey! Thanks for adding the link as well - Friday night is 'pizza and movie' night at home and the pizza got here quicker than I thought it would. And another thanks, I had fun with the interview. The best part has still been seeing others post how many steps away they are.


It's been raining again in Kentucky. Seems like that is all it has done all summer. We were supposed to get three+ inches of rain over the past several days. Not only did they underestimate the storm, they didn't say we would get almost that much in an hour yesterday morn. For some reason the rain came down different than usual and we wound up with an inch of water inside the house in the back rooms. The front is protected from flooding, but it has never piled up like that in the back. Today will be spent washing towels and blankets that we rolled up against those back walls or used to mop up the water. Genealogy will have to wait another day...
Mindy sorry you are taking on water. That is no fun!  Yes lots of clean up after water seepage.  Glad it was not sewage.
+11 votes
In our travels today we passed 4 of the machine shops I used to work in. 2 of them are now out of business but the big shock of today was that the shop I retired from in 2013 is trying to hire someone for the same job I used to have. I know that if I went in to apply they would hire me back, My foreman and the owner tried to talk me into staying when I retired, but NOPE, I am done with that grind.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)

Pun intended?  laugh

I missed any pun because I was a CNC machinist on lathe and mills.
+13 votes
Well I finally got 3 shelves of my pantry  cleaned out and organized so we can actually find what we are looking for...  now I have the top 2 shelves to do. This item has been on my to do list for months.  My husband stood there and laughed.  He said well now we have an organized mess!   What can I say, there are a lot of odd shaped packages...

I also got puzzles created going into Sept and even did one for Halloween in advance.  My goal is to get all the puzzles done through the end of the year by the end of this month.  Wish me luck!  I have been scrambling to get them done each week for the past month as we used all the ones I had created prior to business sale time crunch.  

We also started cleaning out the basement from all the stuff I had stored there like vendor catalogs that are expired, boxes of paperwork.  I am sorting through stuff to just keep what I need for any IRS audits that might happen. Hopefully none.  We typically do not claim everything we could.  

Also shredding receipts and financial records that are more than 7 years old for our personal stuff and for our parents returns since all that came here.  

Had a pre-birthday dinner with presents for my oldest Granddaughter as we are doing an event Saturday evening and did not want the presents to be in the way.  So we did that Wednesday night.  Can't believe she is in Kindergarten already! Since it takes two hands to count her age I told se was "more than a handful."  She said "You got that right!"  and I burst out laughing! Out of the mouths of those little people you never know what you are going to hear!

I also read through and over 800 emails I had moved into a look at these when I have time kind of folder. Was able to delete most of them!

Did reconnect with a long lost distant cousin on my husband's Dad's side.  Always good to do that!  I still need to start getting his family into WikiTree. I am still entering mine!   I need to show him how to do it!  

Had another success in matching up an adoptee with both sides of her family now.  She is thrilled and has a bigger family than she ever imagined.  I seem to keep in touch with a lot of the adoptees I have worked with.  That is a good thing!  Such wonderful people!  My life has been greatly enriched by getting to know these folks and their stories.  

I adopted a bunch of profiles and inherited almost 200 suggestions as a result.  I have whittled that down into the 60s now so I am making some headway.  A lot of these are taking hours to research and yes we have some common names like Kerr (thousands of those out there), Henderson (lots and lots of those out there) and Weber...  So my goal is to try and do 10 profiles a week.  Sometimes I can and sometimes it takes longer...  

I have also been trying to eat through food packages that have been here for a while before they go bad.  Have no idea why we have some of these things... must have been either an impulse buy, a mistake or a gift.  

Allergies.  I had another test done.  Still not showing what seems to set me off as an allergy.   I don't get it.   Anyone who is around me can tell you when it rains I stuff up and sneeze and cough for days.  That I react quickly and not well to things like blue cheese, beer and wine.  What do all those have in common?  Mold... yet the blood tests say I am not allergic to mold...  but news flash they said I am allergic at a low level to almost every spice... now you may remember that I owned a spice company?!?!   Go figure!  

Oh and I managed to clear off about 20 saved TV shows or movies... more to still do...  

So far this week has been a good one in that we have had no medical emergencies with any of our senior members, junior members or anyone in-between!
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (853k points)
Laura, how do you keep up?? Do you ever take a break?
I basically live on 4 hours of sleep... 6 when I am really tired.  Been like that since a child.  I do yoga and get very deep sleep when I do sleep.  So I guess I have more hours available to do things in my day.
This lady is a super "busy bee", never know how she accomplishes everything she sets out to do. Way to go Laura!!
Good luck with the puzzles Laura! They are always great. Goodness, that sounds like a lot of clean up post-sale of the business. I hope that it is cleansing and not difficult! Re grandchildren, I just made that comment yesterday to one of my daughters. Her oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow. It seems like yesterday I was holding him in my arms. Thank you again for all that you do for adoptees! That is such an important task!
Mindy it is truly a labor of love.  And I love it that many of those I have helped continue to keep in touch and share any new connections they are now making with both their adoptive and bio families.  

I am working on 11 active cases plus one to be added.  Some are kind of on hold waiting for people to respond.   

Some have stalled out as we need others to test who either have not tested, refused to test, or can't find anyone who has tested for that line who is close enough to be relevant.  

Some we are waiting for people to get back from vacations, business trips, etc.
+11 votes
It has been a cousin week. The annual family camp out was last weekend. There weren’t as many of us as usual because of the torrential rain; we had about 32 for the picnic. Rain is expected; it has probably rained all but 4 or 5 gatherings in the past 35 years. This year was a treat since we found a half first cousin working on genealogy. She didn’t know of any family on her father’s side, and she came to visit. She had also heard the story that our grandfather was mad and kicked the barn and broke his foot.

The rest of the week has been spent visiting with various cousins, and stopping at 3 different local historical societies. We also visited 3 different cemeteries. A few of the stones I had wanted to see were nowhere to be found any more, but I did get an age at death for one ancestor. I got a couple facts, and enough details to confirm some families are not the ones I’m looking for. All 8 families for my paternal gg grandparents settled within a 20 mile radius between 1806 and 1817. Records in Central NY are pretty sparse in that timeframe. So I haven’t cracked the brick wall for Eunice Salsbury, but did get to ride around the countryside, take a picture of one gg grandfather’s farm, and eat lots of fresh sweet corn.

Wishing everyone a good weekend.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (622k points)
Sounds like despite the rain you had a productive and fun time!
Records in Central New York are just sparse, even more recently. I keep looking for more in Franklin County.
Sometimes I find things by coming at genealogy a bit sidewise.  

Look for what did exist and survive.  Newspapers?  Businesses?  Tax Records?  Voting records?  Leases and Real Estate Sales.  

If you can find even a hint you can sometimes get enough info to piece more together.
Early New York is difficult. There is a great collection of newspapers at fultonhistory.com if you are fortunate enough to have ancestors who didn’t predate the start of the newspapers. Occasionally you can find a hint in published local histories, if your ancestors were among the first settlers or were prominent in the community.

A fellow WikiTreer sent me a map for one of the cemeteries I visited. I was extremely disappointed to realize that some of the ancestors I wanted to find were probably under the large pile of dirt plowed up at the end of the old section.

It appears my next sideways step is to find a Salsbury family in the 1810 census with Nathaniel b 1794 and Eunice b 1800 (and others who match Nathaniel in the 1820 census) anywhere between Rensselaer county, where Eunice was born and Camillus where they lived in 1820. Or maybe try to find all land transactions in the same lot for the ancestor they lived next door to in 1820. Nathaniel was a circuit preacher in the Methodist Church, and there is no local church to find records. I found a lot for him, as he became a presiding elder, but nothing about his siblings or parents. I can eliminate a number of Salsbury families based on their ages, locations, wills, and revolutionary war pensions.
Kay which country?
Laura- United States, New York, mostly Onondaga and Cayuga counties but also possibly along the Mohawk Trail all the way east to Albany then into Vermont. The Mohawk trail was an Indian route along the Mohawk River. As settlers got further west they followed the Seneca turnpike. This was prior to digging the Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo ny, although they lived along it
Ok got it. So some of what you may be dealing with is the person is travelling over a long period of time so you might see if there are any historical societies along the way that have things like old hotel registers.

Some areas were better about preserving their records than others.  

Sometimes people died while travelling and are buried in a place you would not think to look.  So scouring cemetery records in a geographical area rather than a specific place.  

Veteran pension rolls are also good resources when other records seem to have vanished.  And for the area you are looking in, don't overlook they may have gone into Canada for a while and then back to the US.  I have seen that too.
Yes, Laura. Sometimes they are quite a ways from where you expect them. One of my great grandmothers died in Connecticut when all the other records were either Vermont, Blackstone or Northbridge, Massachusetts.  I'm now trying to find any mill records that might exist.
+12 votes
Happy Weekend to All!

I hope everyone had a great week. I spent most of my week improving unsourced profiles.

While doing that, I ran across this profile:


I think we should give this guy some love for saving the world.
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
I always wondered what happened to him.  It looks like he was promoted and did well in the Soviet Navy.  Glad they saw the wisdom in his actions.
Removed a redundant "During the Cuban missile crisis" two sentences in a row.
Thanks Chris
Nicely done, Doug!
No problem! =D

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