Where to start fixing "Protected" profile of Richard Webb (died 1676, Stamford, Connecticut) ?

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Does anyone know whether Richard Webb was married to a Margery Moyer.  It certainly wasn't 1628 in New Haven as his profile now shows.  I've already removed their supposed son John Webb (b. 1692, long after they were dead).   Some other children listed are probably not theirs.  And was their son Joseph born on 30 March 1646 or 30 March 1654 (those profiles presumably should be merged).  


P.S.  Should the parents listed for Richard be disconnected.  As the biography states: it was thought that Richard Webb was the son of Richard Webb and Grace Wilson. This was proven false in the article "Richard Webb of Stamford" in The American Genealogist, June 1949.   

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I've reviewed the article: The American Genealogist vol. 25 (1949): 194-197. Richard Webb of Stamford, by Harrison E. Webb.

and disconnected his disproved parents.

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From the article:

His will names his wife Margery.

He married Margery, the widow of Robert Bassett, "three or four years" after moving to New Haven (c1649 so married c1652-1653).
That's very interesting.  The profile for Robert Bassett of New Haven ( https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Bassett-1162 ) indicates that he left Connecticut in 1654 and settled on Long Island.  Since Robert's mother was named Margery, I just wonder if he named an older daughter Margery Bassett (perhaps born about 1634) who married Richard Webb.  It couldn't be Robert's widow because he didn't die until about 1670 (and his wife was named Mary), but it could be a daughter.
I checked the article again - it does say he married the widow of Robert Bassett.  I can only assume this is an error and should be the widow of John Bassett (mother of Robert).  The article does not give primary sources for these facts outside of the fact that Richard Webb named his wife Margery in his will.
Unfortunately, the profile of John Bassett's widow (Margery) says that she died in 1654. And if she had Robert about 1614, she would have been close to 60 years old anyway (too old to have a family with Richard Webb).  My hunch therefore is that Margery would either be an eldest daughter of Robert, or perhaps a younger sister of Robert.

Nothing seems to really fit for her being the widow of any Bassett.

This is Torrey's list of sources:  WEBB, Richard (1611-1676) & Margery [MOYER?]; by 1636; Stratford, CT/Stamford, CT {TAG 25:195; Winthrop-Babcock 541; Fairfield Prob. 76; Miner Anc. 178; Lyon 3:310; NYGBR 26:192; Stamford Hist. 65, 166}

Winthrop-Babcock: Frost, Josephine C., Ancestors of Henry Rogers Winthrop and His Wife Alice Woodward Babcock ([New York?], 1927).  Gives wife as Margery Unknown.  Contains theories discounted by TAG article.

Fairfield Prob.: Mead, Spencer, “Abstract of Probate Records at Fairfield,” typescript, 2 vols. (n.p., 1929, 1934)  http://tinyurl.com/ydbubqxg

NYGBR: The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vols. 1+ (New York: New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1870+)  Checked - no useful information

Miner Anc.: Selleck, Lillian Lounsberry, One Branch of the Miner Family: With Extensive Notes on the Wood, Lounsberry, Rogers, and Fifty Other Allied Families of Conn., and Long Island (New Haven: Donald Lines Jacobus, 1928) Checked - no additional information.  Names wife simply as Margery.

Lyon: Lyons, Albert Brown, et al., Lyon Memorial—Mass. Families (Detroit: W. Graham Printing, 1905+) Names wife as ______ Moyer.  Frankly, appears inconsistent and unreliable.  Contains the theories discounted by the TAG article.

Stamford Hist.: Huntington, Rev. E. B., History of Stamford, Conn.: From Its Settlement in 1641, to the Present Time, Including Darien, Which Was One of Its Parishes until 1820 (Stamford: privately printed, 1868)  http://tinyurl.com/y6vjavaw  

Basically after going through all of Torrey's sources, I think the wife should be Margery Unknown.

I agree that Margery Unknown would be best.  In any case, there seems to be evidence of a close connection between Richard Webb and Robert Bassett.  Since Robert Bassett had problems with colonial authorities and moved to Long Island in 1654, the following incident seems to be in reference to Robert Bassett and Richard Webb:  "In 1654 a Bassett who was considered an outlaw was supposed to have left some writings at Richard Webbs that the colony considered treasonous."

I suppose this comes from some kind of court record, but the only source I have so far for this is:  


NOTE:  if clicking on this link leads to an error message, you can click on the same link on Richard's profile page (in Sources).

The question is: should there be a new profile made for Margery (Unknown) Webb?  Or should the Margery Moyer profile be modified?
I think we should modify the Moyer profile since we have no idea who she is supposed to be.
I've sent a message to the profile manager for Margery, asking if he would consider changing her last name at birth to Unknown.  

I've made a lot of progress on the profiles of their children, and removing those who are not their children.              

 I still don't know what to do with the oldest three shown as being born at Braintree.  They certainly don't belong in this family, but I can't find any Webbs in Braintree in the 1630s (or anywhere in Massachusetts) who might be their parents.         

 Also, I am wondering about the youngest child Jonathan, because he didn't die young, but no mention of a son Jonathan by Richard (although Jonathan would have been just a baby when Richard died).  


Margery's profile has been changed to Margery Unknown.

I have also changed her birthyear to about 1633, which would make her about 19 years old when married, and 42 years old when she had son Jonathan. The first three children currently listed for her, born in Braintree in the 1630's will be removed once their true parents are found.

I am not sure what to do with the son Richard Webb supposedly born 1638 in Braintree, Mass. ( https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Webb-2726 ).  I found a profile for a Richard Webb (b. 1632, Braintree, Mass.) (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Webb-1430) supposedly son of Christopher Webb of Braintree, but there is no evidence that Christopher had a son named Richard.  

I doubt that either of these two Richard Webbs existed.  But what should be done with them.  Should they be merged?
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Regarding the possibility that wife Margery could perhaps be a sister or daughter of Robert Basset, I found the following which refers to Richard Webb's wife (or was it Basset's wife??) having confessed to the court that certain offensive writings of Robert Basset had been at the Webb residence  ( pages 60-61 of this Source:  https://archive.org/stream/recordscolonyor01congoog/recordscolonyor01congoog_djvu.txt )

The last yeare, when a marriner, one Thomas Adams, (as hee 
called himselfe,) though in apparell and cariage hee acted a 
part as if hee had bine the king of Scotts, or some greate 
prince, (though not willing to be knowne,) and by some was 
called King Tom,) and ynder such a fancy or conceipt came to 
Stamford, Robert Basset intertained him at his house, became 
his cheife associate while he was there, gaue him gunns at 
parting, and being examined concerning him, affirmed he had 
ground to satisfy himselfe that he is the Eang, &c., but was not 
willing (as he said) to speake anything to his prejudice. 

But beside all these things, there are sundrie passages in y« 
wrightings not yet come to hand, w^h so farr as the court haue 
information allread; they see to be verey offensive and deserve 
consideration, and therefore seeing they have bine conveyed 
oat of his house to Richard Webbs, as his wife hath confessed 
to the court, and that after she heard the constable was to 
search for them, the court cannot issue his matters at this time, 
and the marshall was ordered to put him in prison, and irons 
vpon him for his better securitie; but vpon his desire, consid- 
ering the coldness of the season, and the prison house where 
is no fire, that they might avoyde crueltie, the coiirt left it to 
J" gouemo', magistrals and deputies of y' generall court at 
Nevhaven, to order his imprisomn*, whether in y" prison or in 
y< jnarshalls house, as they should see cause in refferrence to 
his health. 
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