My G Grandfather William Henry arrived in New Zealand on the ship Halcione in 1872

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Welcome, Bruce. Was your great grandfather William Henry, or William Henry Loader? My gf grandparents came to NZ on the 1875 sailing of the Halcione to New Plymouth.

Sorry, his name was William Henry Loader and from the record I saw I think they landed in either Auckland or Napier and settled in Woodville

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Welcome to Wikitree.

I too was also born and raised in NZ, although I now live in Canada.

Pretty much all of my ancestors arrived in NZ by ship at various times between 1848 and 1905.

Is there anything specific reason why you are telling us about your ancestors arrival in NZ?

If you want to know if he is already on wikitree, you will also need to tell us when and where he was born and whom he married, in order for us to differentiate amongst the many other profiles for William Henry already on wikitree.

A date of death for him would also be useful as well. We can use that to find his official record of death in the NZ government BDM historical records.That will be a very useful source.

I would also suggest that you add yourself, your parents and your grandparents to your tree. Right now you have no tree at all.

If you have any questions about genealogy in NZ please feel free to email me.

Please be aware that using Wikitree does have a steep learning curve, but once you get past that, then you will see and learn many wonderful things!!
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Actually it occurrs to me that if William came out to NZ in 1872, and didnt get married until 1889 - that is 17 years later - which means he probably came out with his family as a child.

So therefore, Danyon may be descended from one of William's brothers. I need to find the passenger list for that voyage...
It's not too hard when you have an iPad beside you with Ancestry open! My eyes are starting to dry out though! I've noticed the odd anomaly so I'll revisit them at some stage
I just noticed the link you sent - I'm afraid I've been spoiled by as they access those sorts of databases. What I like about Wikitree is exactly the communication that we're having right now - something that doesn't seem so easy on
Just so you know, I do not have any acces to Ancestry (cannot afford it) So I use Family search and the DIA BDM Records.

I found the passenger list for William - he travelled to NZ in 1872 at age 6 - with his widowed mother Anna, and his siblings - Elizabeth aged 9 and Frederick aged 2 - and yes the passenger lists says they disembarked at Napier.

In the 1871 census The family were living in Kensington, London, and there were 4 children. The mother Anne was from Wiltshire and was already widowed. The children were Elizabeth aged 8, William Henry aged 6, Adolphus aged 3 amd frederick George aged 1. Adolphus died in 1871 (After the census) at age 3, which is probably what prompted Anna to emigrate and find a better life.
It's 1230 AM on Saturday morning for me - in Canada. We are 16 to 18 hours behind NZ depending on the time of the year.

 I need to get to bed.

Ciao for now.
I'm impressed with the speed of your investigations!

I agree with your ideas of Anna moving as there were a lot of people doing that. A bit of a shock when they got here I imagine - they were true pioneers.

William became a Saddler learning his trade off the man that Anna eventually married - James Sterry

I thought it may have been late there!

You're probably aware of this gem

Bruce, please take care creating new profiles. Wikitree has only one profile per person. Also, we value adding sources that others can check and that show connections rather than just general comments like "Family literature" and "Personal Recollection". If you find anomalies, it is easier to fix them at entry, rather than thinking you'll go back and fix them later. It's hard to remember where they were.
Bruce, in view of what Fiona explained, (which is Wikitree policy), I have added sources to William Henry's profile so that I could remove the Unsourced Profile Template.

I have also added all his children as well.

And yes I am aware of the Papers Past website. I use it quite often.
Well I solved that mystery. Not the Danyon Loader connection - not yet!!  LOL

BUT I did find out some new things...

Anna Maria came out to NZ as a widow with her 3 children - all aged under 10.

BUT did you also know she had a step-son named Daniel Loader? He was aged 14 and he was listed on the Single men's page.

Elias had previously been married - to a Sarah Harding whom he married in 1849 - hence the baptism in 1949 when he was born in 1824. He had to be baptised into the CoE  to get married in that church.

Elias's parents were listed on the christening record as Henry Loader and Elizabeth.

Young Daniel got married in NZ and he had a HUGE family - and I'm thinking that most of the Loaders in NZ are descended from this young man, Daniel.

Let me find some more census records just to support my sources and then I can add them.

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