Is there a ship arrival list for Maryland 1652?

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Trying to track origins of a William Turner (not yet on WikiTree) whose Maryland headright grant application of 7 Jun 1654/55 (Patents Series of the Maryland Land Office, Liber 3, (transcript of old Dibbers A&B, Page 323, FHL #103,064) states his arrival was June 1652. With him was an indentured servant/apprentice Hubert Petty (a 7th gg).

Trying to trace their origins, believed to be Hampshire, England but this is undocumented.

Have not been able to find record of any ships arriving Maryland 1652.

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Have you tried looking at Quaker Records?  The 1650's were a time of persecution of Quakers in Virginia.  There were large numbers of Quakers in Virginia and many boats dropped people off on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and the area now called the northern neck which is where Lancaster County is. Maryland passed the Religious Tolerance Act in 1649 to encourage more people to come to Maryland and many Quakers did that even though they were dropped in These remote Virginia areas where the Quaker communities were. By 1660, most Quakers had left for Maryland but the timing of your inquiry smells like Quaker influence.
by Gurney Thompson G2G6 Pilot (283k points)
People moved from Virginia to Maryland at this time for land which was already scarce in the settled areas of Virginia.  Maryland wanted to attract more settlers, so they made generous offers of land to anyone who would move there, with additional grants for any additional persons brought by the first one.  You might look for your man in the Jamestown area, too.
The family is definitively Quaker a couple of generations later. I have read nearly all early Virginia Quaker records destroyed by fire 1759 I think with the exception of one early births/marriage/deaths register.

But Hubert Petty (later Patty) seemed to do the opposite...first records appear in Maryland and then he moved to Lancaster, Virginia by 1665 where there are property records and also where he died 1687 (Will is in Virginia records). The profile currently has him born in VA and with the title Captain but both are known false (part of the conflation of the Petty and Pettus families that doesn't appear to have ever been corrected on the profile when other parts were).

Thanks to both suggestions, Gurney and Kathryn. The headright grant in MD may not mean he arrived there.
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I am an early Maryland researcher, too. My ancestors arrived about 1671. Still looking for that ship. To trace their origins.

Have you looked for ships arriving in Baltimore, MD? Sounds like you're well familiar with the Maryland State Archives.

There is a possibility that the ship stopped or had to stop in the Barbados. Or it was a little off course and landed in VA or DE. I share your frustration and will post anything worthwhile.
by Victoria English G2G6 Mach 4 (47.0k points)
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. The English port of Whitehaven, in northwest England, had extensive trade dealings with Virginia and Maryland during the colonial period.

by Anne X G2G6 Mach 2 (29.3k points)
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I might have found a clue in "The King's Passengers to Maryland and Virginia," by Peter Wilson Coldham. In th Introduction, "...Virginia was recommended in 1606 as a most suitable place to send idle vagrants, an idea supported by Governor Dale of Virginia. (...) The young Virginia Company in 1620 was even encouraged to round up 100 children from the streets of London ... packing them off to Virginia." It was used by Parlement as a "regular and systematic method of emptying English gaols." in 1650 900 Scottish rebels were sent to Virginia, 300 the following year.

Coldham recommends The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage. It contains an alphabetical list of felons known to have been sentenced to transportation between 1614 and 1775.

by Victoria English G2G6 Mach 4 (47.0k points)
Thanks, Victoria...especially for keeping track of this for a year! I'm not familiar with that particular Coldham compilation. Would someone who had a headright grant and an indentured servant been on a ship of deportees? I suppose any available space not used by the deportees would have been sold for passage. Again, thanks for the lead which may also help with another deportee arrival supposedly in 1635 but no record of him at all once the ship landed (which has led to speculation that fellow did not survive the voyage).

There's no Hubert Petty/Patty in either The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage or More Emigrants in Bondage.

The earliest listed Patty/Petty/Pettit arrivals are in the 1710s and 20s.

Heather, thank you. If you have that reference at hand, is this fellow listed:

That John Stanton is in one of Coldham's other books as being on The George which was a ship of deportees. But, no record of him in the colonies after the 1635 arrival. If he is in this other Coldham book, curious if it might offer additional information.
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I found this in google books, Title:Publication of the Navy Records Society,Volume 50,Page 15. It Lists the ship Elizabeth from Flushinge. at the bottom Names William Turner. It is a 1652 Dutch ship. below is the link. I'm not sure it will work.

by Teresa Davis G2G6 Mach 4 (47.3k points)
Thanks, Teresa. The link did not work but I found the book also at Hathi:

Are the four signatories, including William Turner, in fact the judges pronouncing the seizure and forfeiture of the ships goods legal? That's how I read this but need someone familiar with such documents this period to confirm or suggest why the name is attached.

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