Collaboration Requested to Connect Lewis Stockett to Sir Walter Stockett of the Knight's Templar

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I have been working up a profile on my ancestor, Lewis Stockett. I have found several references that he is a descendant of Sir Walter de Stockett. He is said to have been a Crusader or Knights Templar.

Literally, I have found no proof of any Stocketts in England prior to Lewis Stockett. Are there lists of Crusaders or Knights Templar in England? Could it be possible to verify Sir Walter de Stockett's ownership of land in St Stephen's Parish, Hackington, Kent, Near Canterbury....during the time of King Edward I? How would I go about trying to trace these records?

I sure would appreciate any help by genealogists who have knowledge of the time period. Thank you in advance for taking a look.
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Hi Beth,

Took a few years, but I can fill in some gaps.

Walter de Stockett was knighted in 1348 and sent to Scotland from his home in Stockett (a tiny fortification in the West Midlands, built to protect against Welsh incursions).  I don't believe Walter ever lived in Kent, and figure that the family moved down in the intervening generations.   A lot of the older records haven't been scanned/digitized, so I am hoping to take a trip to track down records connecting the dots.  I'd bet it was Lewis or his immediate ancestors who bought into St Stephen's near Canterbury, and may have been when Lewis married into the local family there.

His shield had the Rampant Lion on the Stump, with the helm and a single rampant lion (the lower half of Lewis's shield, basically).  

I don't know about any Knight Templar connections.

Later, the Stocketts were royalists during the little War of the Roses debacle (hence losing our Kentish and West Midlands and Scottish holding while in Normandy).  That's when the four brothers emigrated to Maryland (buying three passages and taking the youngest as a servant).  They ended up owning a lot of land in Anne Arundel County.

Somewhere, I have a box of genealogy records of the Stocketts that my grandfather put together, including a drawing of the original coat of arms.  I will try to find it.

I also found some online records about Stock (later Stockett, later Stocke, and now non-existent) in the West Midlands.  I'll see if I can find those links (forgot where I put it).


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Thank you Kris!
While I don't have any direct evidence of Templar connections, the two gold bezants on the shield represent two crusades.  These would have been earned by ancestors of Lewis, and descendants of Walter.   I always wondered what, exactly, the three-turreted castle represents...
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I realize now that it may be an impossible task to go that far back in time. However, there is some legend of the Knight Templar in the family.
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