Why is the Korean War sticker on this profile floating at the bottom? [closed]

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When looking at the profile in the "Preview" mode the sticker is where it belongs. But it sits at the bottom when closed. What's the problem. The Korean sticker is placed above the Vietnam Sticker in the actual profile. It used to be up there where it belongs, but suddenly it's out of place.
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Because the biography header had been moved below the other stickers. All stickers belong after the biography header. I've moved it above all the stickers, but you may need to check your placement of other items in the biography section.
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
I was told when it was decided that these stickers were necessary, that the military sticker went directly below Biography and that the other military Roll of Honor etc. went directly above the Biography. This has not happened on 70 other POW profiles that I've done in this manner. Why now? In my opinion, the whole military thing is becoming a real pain to work with! Why did it pick only one of the stickers to float at the bottom?  Why suddenly?  That profile has been stable for several years. Supposedly the Roll of Honor   belongs above the bio. Yes? No?  It isn't happening in Bud Day (where incidentally, I have not allowed others to get in and mess with it!)   Day-3903  [https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Day-3903]  Buds is situated in the exact manner that Col. Burer's was--the 2 military stickers are directly below Bio and all the others above.

The Korea sticker was at the bottom because it was the only thing entered below the biography header. How the header & sticker got moved below everything else, I do not know.

No stickers should ever be placed above the biography header. They are meant to enhance the biography, not lead it.

Here is the help page for stickers.

Unless I'm missing some exception for the Military and War Project that I can't locate, only categories, project boxes, and research note boxes are placed above the biography header everything else goes below it. On Day's profile, the Medal of Honor citation and stickers need to be moved below the biography header.
Don't templates go above the Biography Header as well? (not stickers, there is a difference)

A project box is a template, so is a sticker. So, no, not all templates go above the biography, only project boxes, and research note boxes.

But what about things like {{Unsourced}}, and {{Estimated Date}} - they're templates which go above the Biography header, aren't they, and yet they're not project boxes?

Oh, I see - they're Research Note Boxes.

You're right, Ros. I forgot about the research note boxes. Thanks for reminding me. Going to correct my answer.

Still, stickers, links to other pages, images and text definitely do not belong above the biography header.

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