Did anyone know about RootsFinder's AWESOME features for DNA - that are easy to use with GEDmatch AND WikiTree?!

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I was randomly strolling through some Chrome extensions, and found one for RootsFinder (I didn't even know it was a thing) and decided to check it out. I saw they had a DNA feature that was only free this month, so thought I'd try it too. Once I did, I'm in LOVE! It is super amazing! It's like DNA Painter mixed with Genome Mate Pro mixed with every other awesome DNA organization/matching tool there is!!! So super excited to learn how to use it. Oh and the most important part - it has integrations for both GEDmatch and WikiTree! heart

You can find out more on their announcement of this feature.

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Lynda, I haven't been able to find anything that seems to be a networking tool. Would you please you explain where to find it, or show a screenshot?
Have just added 4 generations onto rootsfinder which promises to be a great tool for genealogists and I noted that thankfully one can delete wrong hints that do not apply. Will gladly pay if continues to improve.
Janetee, After you have set up a tree for an individual go to the DNA option which is still experimental. It was free when Rootsfinder first launched, but is now part of the Pro package. You upload three sets of DNA data from gedmatch: One-to-Many, Matching Segments, Triangulation. You can then begin to assign matches to common ancestors and can see a network diagram of how your matches relate to each other.
Ah gotcha. I was thinking networking as in contacting people. Yes I saw that part ;)
I cannot find out how to progress from getting a network diagram for the one root person in the uploaded tree, to getting associated network diagrams for the other connected DNA profiles in the uploaded tree. The site help does not help here. Any thoughts?
Matt, Go through the import functions for the kit you are interested in. Once you have all of the data imported click on the kit number, then choose the network diagram icon from the dropdown list.
fyi, if you use Facebook, we have a community support group there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/205093263417577/
Lynda, I don't see ANYTHING like that.
You see it when you add another kit Janetee.

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Question/Comment for Dallan Quass,

it would help if you identify yourself as President of RootsFinder when you answer/comment in this thread ;-)

As it seems that you & your team are Mormons plus I see lot's of references to FamilySearch.org, in what way is your company affiliated with the LDS church? After all you worked there as their CTO (https://www.rootsfinder.com/blog/media/).
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Sorry - yes, I'm the developer of RootsFinder. I'm also the developer of WeRelate.org and GenGophers.com. I served as the CTO of FamilySearch from roughly 2002-2004 and yes I'm a Mormon.

RootsFinder has a partnership with FamilySearch so users can copy data back and forth between their RootsFinder trees and the FamilySearch Family Tree if they want. Users choose what data they want to copy. I'd be interested in ideas for similarly copying data back and forth to WikiTree.

In addition, people who create a tree on RootsFinder can elect to have a copy of their tree stored in FamilySearch Genealogies, where it is publicly visible but not publicly editable. This enables them to receive free hints to FamilySearch records (like Ancestry hints but to FamilySearch, not Ancestry). RootsFinder also has hinting partnerships with FindMyPast, AmericanAncestors, NewspaperArchive, RootsPoint, WeRelate, and WikiTree, so users can elect to receive hints for those sites as well, though some of these sites require paid subscriptions to see the hint results.
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It won’t be free after this month?
by Theresa Myers G2G6 Mach 1 (13.7k points)
No, it says after August it’s included in the cost of a premium account. You can have a free account, you just can’t have that feature. I’m working feverishly while it’s free ‍♀️
Obviously they are wanting to get you 'hooked' so you invest the money to be able to use it.  I signed up for the free account, and they've given me 30 days of the 'pro plan', so you've got until the end of the month to get a free 30 day trial.  Not a bad deal after that, though, at $35/year . . .
They clearly state that they want to allow people to use it while it's in beta, and then invest in it so the tool can be improved over time. It's an amazing tool so I have no problem investing in it if I'm able. $35/year is indeed a steal. I prefer to use Ancestry and WikiTree for my genealogy, BUT I could be tempted to duplicate my work for this tool LOL. Especially if it gets even better over time.
It hasn't been officially announced yet, but the free period will be extended two more months until the end of October. There are two additional functions that need to be added before the DNA comes out of beta: importing matches from other sites in addition to GEDmatch: Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andMe, and FTDNA (which should be finished in a few days) and better integration between DNA matches and trees.

By the way, I'd love to hear people's ideas on how to integrate with WikiTree.

I'm sure you already know how excited I am about this early announcement, based on my email to you with those exact suggestions wink If y'all integrate with WikiTree, I just might have to break up with Ancestry... I'll be thinking of ideas!

I read your email right after replying here. I'm happy to know we're on the right track :-)

Yep, you sure are! smiley

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What am I missing?  I don't see a link to join their site . . .  

Never mind.  Tried opening a new window and located it.  Looks like you have to upload a tree first.  Thanks for sharing this site!
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Glad I could help! I’m still learning, but I think this feature is pretty darn awesome!!!

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