Could GEDCOM match add an option to ignore a record?

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In GEDCOM match could an option be added to ignore a persons record.  I beleive that "match" and "reject" are currently the only two options.  The option to ignore would be helplful so that if you know your record has bad data and you don't want to attempt a match, you can have it ignored and not imported.  In my case this would be particularly helpful for living persons and for persons with "UNKOWN" in their name (which is resulting in a lot of suggested matches).  

Jim Vincent
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Hi Jim, me again.

Sort of two questions in one. First of all, all imports of data in GEDCOMpare are done on an individual name by name basis through either the Add button, when there are no Suggested Matches, or through the Edit Button when you have matched names.  If you don't hit the Add or Edit Buttons, they won't be imported into WikiTree.  GEDCOMpare does not automatically import data.  You must initiate the import.

Also, in the first column where the ID number is, you can click on the box to let GEDCOMpare know you don't want to import that name into WikiTree.  However, this does not cause GEDCOMpare to ignore any Suggested Matches for that name. You must still clear the Suggested Matches.  Since you don't plan on adding that name, just mark all Suggested Matches as Rejected, check the box in the first column to mark it completed and move on.  And if you Hide Completed Rows, you don't have to see them as well.

I do like the idea of an Ignore marker for those where you don't plan on adding the name to WikiTree, you don't have to go through the Suggested Matches.  You asked this question under the WikiTree Help Category and should have really been under the Tech Category, though your tags of GEDCOMPARE and IMPROVEMENT are spot on.  You may want to close this question and re-post it under the WikiTree Tech Category to insure those who need to look at it see it.
by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (195k points)
I  have to agree with Jim here. If you don't intend to add the profile, there is no good reason to waste time checking boxes to reject matches. If there is an option not to import, then checking that box should eliminate it from the compare process.
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Everyone who has used Gedcompare wishes for a way to avoid reviewing some of those annoying suggested matches, but it's clear that the programming in GEDCOMpare is complicated enough as is, so the major new IGNORE  feature you wish for isn't going to be added.

The checkbox at the left of each row in the Gedcom report is there to help us track our progress. It can be used to mark people who've been imported and people we've decided to ignore. It doesn't control the suggested matches, but it serves the purpose of helping us track our decisions. Some members mistakenly defeat the purpose of that box because they check that box to indicate that they've finished reviewing suggested matches, or maybe they think that checking the box will automatically import the person. Fortunately, that checkbox is a toggle -- click it again to uncheck it.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
A feature much like the proposed "IGNORE" is at on the list of improvements that aren't going to be implemented.

Ellen - it appears you are a very distinguished WikiTree Volunteer, so I hesitate to disagee.  But I believe the improvement I suggested IS NOT a major programming change.  It involves designating one bit or byte in the incoming gedcom record to "do not import" and then adding an "if" statment to the Gedcom import prgram telling it to "process this record" or "ignore" it and then proceed as usual.  It would also involve a lsachange to the input screen to show the field . (Preferably next to the ID). Am I missing something? Is there someone reason the gedcom import program can't be changed? Is there a reason a flag can't be set?

The suggestion you referenced was primarily about the date so I don't know if the suggestion about importing was discarded as part of that suggestion, or considered separately. So I hope my suggestion will be considered again, and accepted or rejected based on its merits. (I can't tell if your statement was an opinion, or an acutal rejection.)

(I am an old man and my typing skills have ldeterioated significantly and I haven't found a spell checker for these comments - so please forgive any typos.)



I'm afraid it's not that simple, Jim.

When we "upload" a gedcom file, WikiTree's software parses the data and then runs a comparison with the existing tree to find suggested matches. That's the last automatic data processing (other than tracking what we do in the file) that occurs for the gedcom, unless we hit the refresh button at the bottom of the screen, in which case the software looks for additional suggested matches. Reprogramming this to tell the software to ignore certain records, then re-do the suggested-match process without the ignored records, would be far from a trivial exercise.

If, after uploading a gedcom, you decide that there is a bunch of profiles that you want to ignore (maybe you discovered that a branch of your family is already in WikiTree), your best option is to create a new Gedcom that omits those people and upload that trimmed-down gedcom -- before you go through the process of reviewing suggested matches in Gedcompare.

And nothing actually gets "imported" to WikiTree from Gedcompare until we go through the process of individually adding or editing profiles. If we want some profiles to be ignored in importation, it's up to us to ignore them.

thanks for being patient with me, and thanks for the explanation.

I thank you, too.  After setting up a nice little gedcom and matching all the parents, I'm ready to neatly add children and---someone married a Johnson! That draws suggestions like bees to honey.  I HATE to to reject them all because the profiles are private, no way to evaluate--maybe one of them is the right Johnson.  Just want to do the best thing and not issue a bunch of mindless reject tags that might deter a thoughtful merge in the future. If redoing the gedcom is how it's done, then ok. Just needed to know.
Remember that imports are no longer done automatically, but require us to make a decision on each individual profile.  The decision you make  about  a suggested match isn't final. If you aren't sure about possible matches to a group of private profiles in Wikitree, I suggest that you mark them as MATCHes so you can move forward with your Gedcom, then -- while you are processing the rest of your Gedcom -- contact the profile managers to see if you can find out who their Jonnsons are.
Ah!  Thank you!

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