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Profiles BC are not included on Wikitree for lots of very good reasons. Means we exclude real people, but no matter. Been working the myth profiles. Their dates will probably all be removed sometime soon but their profiles will remain. On Jorundsson for example cannot have dates because he is a myth. Is it then not a little absurd to say that Odin cannot have a profile here because his dates are BC?
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Odin cannot have a profile because he wasn't a real human born on Earth.


Understand the policy is to be that we keep them as occuring in popular genealogies. They shouldn't be here, but they are. We do still have Woden, I think. (corrected typo)
The policy I linked is the only one, as far as I know.  Could you post a link to the official exception, so I don't misdirect other people?
That's fair. I did say "is to be" but perhaps that's only in the minds of those working the early Swedish profiles. I don't mind either way, just tidying up a bit.
The exception is in a footnote at the bottom of the page of the link you provided. It isn't a blanket exception, though. If there is another place calling out the exception please post it.

Thanks, Doug!

Ooooops!  I just created a Peter Parker profile.  What was I thinking?  Oh well.  I guess he'll just have to stay there.  devil

That's why there isn't a profile for Mr Spock of Vulcan (Star Trek), but there is one of Leonard Nimoy, who played him in the original TV series.  (I think there is even one for Zachary Quinto, but that of course is Unlisted because he is alive.)

BTW, Herbert, Last year, while working a Sourcerers Challenge, I sourced a marriage for a Mr Harold Potter... laugh

LOL Ros, please tell me the bride's name was Hermione!

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Thanks for that link.  I haven't laughed that hard since I read "Fingerprints of the Gods"...

You want muchly laughing ?



I luv this stuff 

I fear my eyes started haemorrhaging at the credits, and I got a minor brain aneurysm about 2 minutes in, so had to stop watching... :D

I'll stick to 15th century charters, thanks!

But but but, suggestions column has Bill Shatner's version of Chariots. If Capt Kirk says it's so, golly geecheeky

Haha!  Celebrity endorsement is a sure-fire way to establish validity and reliability.  Just look at all of Gwyneth Paltrow's excellent work in microcelluaritisterminalibusquefatalis or whatever it is - it's got to be true...  Not anything to do with a quck buck. Nope.  Nothing.  No sir-eee.  *whistles*
The only celebrity endorsement I trust was Peter Griffin (Family Guy) who assured us that Twinkies would survive nuclear Armageddon.

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