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I have spent days dealing with error codes 132, 133 and adding "not living" to the profiles where it is not posssible to either add an estimated death date or add a birth date. Having corrected some 200+ Profiles I find that the number of suggestions have increased , not decreased. In addition many of the status boxes are still shown on the suggestion pagesdespite me having corrected the status. HO do  I ensure that these corrected status profiles get removed from the lists of errors?

It is most frustrating that after  a solid week of correcting and adding I still have the suggestions showing on my error lists
in The Tree House by Robin Wood G2G6 Mach 1 (11.4k points)
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Won't they disappear the next time the list is run at the beginning of the week?

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Hi Robin,

Thank you so much for working on those Suggestions! I know it can be tedious, frustrating work at times.

One way that you can remove the suggestion is to click on 'Status' and then mark it as corrected, with a comment. The other way is to wait - when that particular suggestion is reviewed again, any corrected profiles will be removed from that list. They do not disappear from the list automatically, so one of those methods will need to be followed.

Sometimes the list gets bigger as AleŇ° runs a different set of reports than last time. He is not creating suggestions on your list, he is just adding suggestions that were already there (they just weren't on your previous list)
by Mindy Silva G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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thanks for the suggestions. I have already tried both these options and even after the weekly clear out many are still there. I have done a few more to see what happens this Monday after the next clear out. I hope that I can begin to make some inroads into the 1,650 "suggestions" on my profiles having treated nearly 300 so far but the numbers do notgo down or at lease they did for  ashort while and now back up.

It could be new suggestions have been added but I am having difficulty finding any new ones amongst the lists. I did get it down to 1450  a short while ago.

Thanks again

Still Holidays are coming up so will have to give it a miss for two weeks.
Robin, I encourage you to keep up your spirits on this.  I started out with so many suggestions, worked it down and then it went up by HUNDREDS when a new suggestion was added!  Bit by bit I've worked them down again so now I only have a few now.  It was helpful to me to work on one generation at a time so I could see progress.

Thank you for Best Answer Pip!

I took a look at your Suggestion list Robin. You've done an impressive amount of work on it! One thing that stood out was the 511 Unique names (spelling). Choosing a status for this one is tricky. If you Comment that the name is correct, it doesn't remove the suggestion. If you mark Not Corrected and comment name is correct (which makes sense) it also does not remove the suggestion. If you mark Corrected and comment the name is correct, it removes the suggestion only until the next time a 511 report is run. Then it pops back up on the list as the name is unique. The only way to clear this is to select False Error (hide forever) and comment that Name spelling is correct. This will ensure that suggestion doesn't return to your list. 

I fixed most of those and a few of the gedcom cleanups for you (I love to help those that also help themself!) and you are now down to 1590 Suggestions (from 1638). I agree with Cindy - keep your spirits up and know that the list will eventually be whittled away to a small one. If you have any questions at all regarding Suggestion statuses, feel free to pm me!

For the people that you have no birth or death date for, try looking at the children. If the child married in 1760 you can guess that the child was born before 1740, the mother was married before 1740, and the mother was born before 1720. I know this can be a ways from the true birth, but I would rather see it up to 20 years off, than have someone come across the profile and add a 1910 marriage, not realizing the person died in the 1700's. Then, you can go into your Suggestion list and mark that as Corrected, added estimated date.

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Hi Robin,

I had a quick look at the Blinkmore family and the main problem is that the profiles have no dates (birth, marriage, death) and no place names.

For Thomas Blinkmore [[Blinkhorne-2]] the words not living were added to the biography section of  his profile on 13 July 2018, however this does not change  Suggestion 132 No Dates - No Dates on relatives - Open - Status Died

Also there is  Suggestion 803 - Almost Empty profile

I have added the missing Sources <references/> tags  and a very basic bio from the info available & unsourced category and  updated the status for Suggestion 803,

Please add a COUNTRY and some approximate dates so that we can at least have a chance to find some sources etc for these profiles and hopefully remove them from further Suggestions (data error) Reports.

Thanks, Diane

Update to this answer: I have found the christening record for Anthony's daughter, Ursula Blinkmore, and added this to her profile and a bio, will do some more work on this line when I get a chance later today.

Hope this is some help to you



by Diane Darcy G2G6 Mach 3 (30.5k points)
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Thanks to all for the answers, guess I will just haveto carry on with tackling the suggestions. The matter of adding dates to the profiles is understood but where there are no dates on the relatives of the profile person for at least a generation means that any estimate can be highly misleading and at best an uninspired guess. But I hear what people say.

Thanks all for your help and encouragement

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