Is the Magna Carta project changing its profile subheader?

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In monitoring the PGM activity feed, I noticed the addition of "Hereditary / Lineage Societies" at the bottom (see profile below); in the (recent) past, the Magna Carta project used a different header for gateway ancestors.  Has this changed?

PGM folks just need to know what to expect. Thanks.
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That change appears to have been made yesterday by someone who is not a member of the Magna Carta project. He's been a member for quite a while but doesn't have many contributions.

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That particular heading was not added by any member of the Magna Carta Project and is not used by the project.  The Gateway Ancestor template has changed (12/2017) and is added to project reviewed /approved profiles.  An example can be seen here Nathaniel Littleton

by David Douglass G2G6 Pilot (118k points)
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So then the MC project would not object to PGM reverting the edits of this profile?

Says here they wanted the Queen to join

Ooh.  I think this also answers a question I asked elsewhere.  This template is the one that should be used.  There's another, larger MC template floating around out there.
The MC Project has no objection to the section "Hereditary / Lineage Societies'  being removed, changed or edited.  This is not a section that the project adds to any of the profiles under it's project management.  This section is not disallowed by MC project guidelines but there may be reasons within Wikitree standards and style policy or guidelines that would affect the addition of such content.

In regards to the MC Gateway Ancestor template currently in use. The older, larger Magna Carta Gateway Ancester template is being replaced with the newer version as those profiles/lines are being re-reviewed. This is a process that may take some time so some older profiles may still temporarily display the older template.

Just as a note, when the contributor of the "Hereditary / Lineage Societies " was referring to a gateway ancestor it appears that they were using the term in the broader sense.  The term "Gateway Ancestor" is used by the MC Project as a label for an early American colonial immigrant that has direct lineage (Project reviewed and approved) to one or more MC surety barons.  In the broader definition the term "gateway ancestor" is also used to refer to an immigrant that has direct "royal" or "noble" lineage and this I believe is the way it is used in that particular section of the profile.  

Thanks, david, for the clarification. Unless you tell us otherwise, PGM will leave it to the MC project to do the updating of the old templates to the new.

I'm very hesitant to introduce / support / retain informal use of the term "gateway ancestor" outside of its use by the MC project.

It seems like that term should only be used by the MC project for profiles that it has determined to actually BE gateway ancestors according to project criteria.

Otherwise, we're sending very confusing messages to viewers.

I have done many Heritage Society applications. They are scrutinized quite thoroughly. Too, these groups sit on the proven lineages that are somewhere (each one does their own thing, it looks like) and ought to be brought to the digital world so that people can find them.

Then, someone could easily see what has been verified. Some groups have published these like has D.A.R. and The Colonial Dames (both of the U.S.). But, for the gateway issue, many who are Magna Carta might not be Plantagenet or such. Generally, for the royal link the latest one is used.

Perhaps, Mr. Richardson ought to be prevailed upon to let us digitize his trees. But, that would influence book sales.

Myself, I want to see a database where the 1st four generations from the applicant are done once. Sheesh, now, it's duplicated every time.

Note for myself: Gateway AncestorsMC Trails

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