Please help translate this German-language burial register entry

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Can someone please help translate this German-language burial register entry?  

I might be reading it wrong, because I am confused that the register is for burials in 1790, but it looks like perhaps Barbara Fridburg/Frëyburger was born in 1792?

in Genealogy Help by Jana Shea G2G6 Mach 3 (31.3k points)
I'm unable to zoom in on the image to which you linked. Is the original record which you cropped to create your linked image available at an online site to which you could provide the link?

If you are a member of Ancestry you can find the record there as well and can zoom in a bit more. The copy I have does not get any bigger.

The link to the record on Ancestry is here and the entry for Barbara is 2nd from the top.

I was able to zoom in on the Ancestry record. Definitely looks like 1792 birth year on 1790 burial page. The surrounding burial pages have 1790 at the top so if there's a typo it's likely the 1792 date.
Thanks, Rick!  Are you able to translate the rest? I am trying to figure out if this is the burial entry for Barbara (nee Nellinger) widow of Jacob Frëybruger/Fridberg.

Between my limited knowledge of the German language and my inability to make out the handwriting, I'm probably not going to be much help with the details of this one. The index for the record indicates Barbara's parents were Jacob Knöllinger and Anna Freÿburger (tho I don't see Anna's surname called out in the actual record). It also indicates that Barbara's spouse was Jacob Freÿburger. Since that name appears to be listed after "1)", it's possible that he was her first husband, and that there is a 2nd husband (Franz?) listed after "2)". Also not sure what the phrase of 14 years near the end of the entry indicates. Possibly the length of time of the 2nd marriage or length of time since 2nd husband passed away?

But all that's just speculation on my part. Hopefully someone with better knowledge of the language will chime in to help read/translate.

I noticed that earlier, I had accidentally replied with an "answer" vs my intent to add another "comment" (sorry, still a newb here!). But I was able to convert that "answer" to a "comment". Hopefully the question will show up as unanswered again which may draw more attention.
Thanks again, Rick!

You're having the same difficulties I am.

I, too, see something that indicates her parents (which appear to match up with records I have) and husband. I cannot figure out what name is indicated after 2) ...nor what the 14 years is in reference to.

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I could not decipher everthing, here my best guess:

"begraben 1790"

Nov 24: Barbara, geb. 1792 in Eslingen?, Elt. Jacob Knöllinger ?? Anna, ver?? (probably verheiratet?) 1) mit Jacob Freyburger, davon 1 Kind am leben 2) mit Dietrich?? Frieß/Fue??, der seit 14 Jahren todt


"buried 1790"

24th Nov: Barbara, born 1792 in Eslingen?; parents Jacob Knöllinger and Anna, married 1) with Jacob Freybuger, 1 child still alive 2) with Dietrich? Frieß? who died 14 years ago

by Manuela Thiele G2G6 (9.1k points)
So born 1792 had to be a typo. I would guess either 1692 (any reason to believe she lived to 97/98?) or 17x2.  Probably not 1762, 1772, or 1782; the woman had two husbands and the 2nd had died 14 years earlier - she had to have been over 30 at least, right?

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