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I am not sure if anyone knows about this but I am happy to announce another web site for doing research and it is FREE. 

They just announced that they have significantly increased the ancestral records by over roughly one billion new records. That means an extra billion chances for you to find your ancestor. 
   In total, you can now search over 5 billion genealogy records for free. That makes the Genealogy Search Engine the largest free ancestral search source on the internet. 

The site is called  and put this in and start researching. You click on the Genealogy Search Engine, or the Family Tree Search Engine and put in the name of the person, date of birth, and or state of where you need to go. And hopefully some records should come up. I have used this site for a very long time and I have gotten lots of records from this and I have copied a lot from this site.  But it also has the list for the top 100 search engines and it will tell you if it is free or a paid site.  If anyone needs help with this site just let me know and I will help you.  I do hope that you will try this site cause it has help me a whole lot.  Thanks Nancy

in Genealogy Help by Nancy Turney G2G6 Mach 3 (32.2k points)
Thank you Nancy. I tried accessing but get a "forbidden" page. Maybe because I'm in Europe?
The reason you oould not access it is that is the url was wrong. It is genealogyintime, not genealogyintimemagazine. I tried it a few years ago, but gave up. I find it easier to search on the actual sites that hold the records rather than going through another level of search engine. Perhaps they have now made their search engine more functional.
Thank you Lynda
Thank You Lynda;  I am just now logging on. I have   not   been feeling good so I slept more than I should but  I do tend to stay up at night to work a Post and lose all track of time.  

Can I get some help on the question by Viviana Martinez?  I don't understand Spanish but when I translate it to English I still don't know what she wants.  I do wish she would tell us if they came to America and where bouts did they settle. But if they didn't, did they stay in Argentina? or Spain? Its really hard to find someone and especially hard if you find a Mario Luis Martinez but with the wrong date. So Please if anyone can understand Spanish ask  her in Spanish if they ever came to America and if so where? Please let me know and I will try to help, Nancy
My understanding was that this is a question about Argentina and Spain. I see nothing in her question to indicate that they ever went to the US. The best we can hope for is that Viviana runs my response through Google Translate and understands that she needs to start her own question so that it can be appropriately tagged and the right people can answer it.

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Hola. Me gustaría tener información de los padres de mi  abuelo Mario Luis Martines. Nacido el 6/ septiembre de 1916 en santa rosa la plata . falleció en mar del plata el  1/08 no se bien el año pero puede ser 1993 a 1997.  Su numero de documento creo que es 1.131.634. Se caso en la ciudad de la plata en 1938 con Claudiver Esther Duva. Tuvo 3 hijos. Mario francisco Martinez. Nacido el 15/03/1939. Juan Carlos Martinez nacido en 28/06/1940. Y Luis Ángel Martinez nacido el 26/06/1943, todos nacidos en la ciudad de la plata provincia de buenos aires. De sus padres solo se que la mamá se llama Jesusa Ángulo nacida en España y el padre Francisco Martinez nacido en España. Es todo gracias por su alluda.
by Viviana Martinez G2G1 (2.0k points)

Translation  by google: 

Hi. I would like information from the parents of my grandfather Mario Luis Martines. Born on 6 / September 1916 in santa rosa la plata. He died in Mar del Plata on 1/08, the year is not good but it can be from 1993 to 1997. His document number is 1,131,634. He married in the city of silver in 1938 with Claudiver Esther Duva. He had 3 children. Mario Francisco Martinez. Born on 03/15/1939. Juan Carlos Martinez born on 06/28/1940. And Luis Ángel Martinez born on 06/26/1943, all born in the city of the silver province of Buenos Aires. From her parents I only know that her mother is called Jesusa Angulo born in Spain and Father Francisco Martinez born in Spain. 

It's all thanks for your help.  Viviana Martinez (Guest member)

Can you tell me if your grandfather came to America? Where bouts did they live if they came to America? Texas, California, or Florida?   It would help me if I knew where to look. You mention Spain, Argentina, but I am thinking they came to America sometime maybe in the 1950's or maybe it was the 1960's. I don't know but I still need to know if they came and where did they live?   Thanks, Nancy
Viviana, You might get more people reading your question and able to help if you start your own question about it. At the moment it may get overlooked as you have added it as a response to someone else's post.
Mis bisabuelos vinieron de España solteros en 1883 mas o radicaron en santa rosa la pampa casaron en Argentina y allí nació mi Abuelo Mario Luis Martinez nacio el 6/07/1916.
Hola la información que tengo es que mis bisabuelos vinieron de España en 1886 más o menos. Y se radicaron en santa rosa la pampa Argentina. Su hijo Luis Mario Martinez nació el 6/07/1916. En Argentina.
Viviana, please start a question of your own about this so we can get you the help you are asking for. It is not likely to be seen when it is under another post.
Lynda I think that this Viviana Martinez is not understanding our English; Do we have someone who can translate our English to Spanish or maybe change our English to Spanish so that she can understand that she needs to start a new post so that more people can help?.  Thanks
This person is still a WikiTree guest and hasn't finished the procedure to become a member either.

Llegué aquí dado que Lynda Crackett publicó que necesitaba alguien de Argentina que entendiera español para explicarte lo que te estaba diciendo en inglés pero entendía que no terminabas de comprenderle y como no podía hacerse entender pidió ayuda.
Lo que te plantean es que lo que conviene y posiblemente lo que corresponde es que vos generes una pregunta propia, a diferencia de lo que hiciste que fue exponer tu inquietud en una pregunta de alguien más.
Por otro lado buscaste el nacimiento en FamilySearch . com ? Las defunciones y casamiento si son en Buenos Aires provincia se pueden pedir por web al gobierno de la provincia. El tramite es on line, se puede pagar con tarjeta de crédito y no es caro.

Lynda, Nancy,
Did it ;) Good idea ask for help with spanish language.

Chau! Bye! Au revoir! :P

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