Mix up on surname Putnam, Tarrant etc

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European Aristo group in charge of this / these profile(s)?

There are a couple of comments on this profile [[Putnam-45]] suggesting an error on this profile from back in 2016.  The att page to her profile refers to data other than in the profile for her.

Elizabeth Tarrant [[Tarrant-76 ]] was wife of Benjamin Putnam [[Putnam-288]].

Elizabeth Putnam m Joshua Bayley - apparently [[Bailey-792]] who has no spouse att at present.
WikiTree profile: Sarah Putnam
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Looks like we have about 4 people mixed up here.  This is what happens when people use married names instead of maiden names.

Apparently one Colonel Perley Putnam did state that Benjamin P married Elizabeth P but this wasn't right.

Samuel is #11 here.

His brother Benjamin is #14.


Their uncle Thomas is #2

The WFT dates can be ignored.  I'm trying to ignore the descent from the brave Norman knight.

(It says the mother of Benjamin's kids was called Hanna and doesn't mention an Elizabeth Tarrant.  Obviously Tarrant is the obvious guess.)

My other question is who now does the sorting out?  If this profile is now under the management of the European Aristo group?

Need someone involved from there to respond and do this work.
Just tagging this; resolution is still needed.

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Several points re: [[Putnam-45]]:

a) A good deal of the confusion around this profile (which is now for _Elizabeth_ Putnam, dau. of Thomas) stems from Eben Putnam's 1891 "History of the Putnam Family", which in its entry for Benjamin Putnam contains at least one evident error, and two questionable/contradictory assertions:

1) Evident error: the statement that Benjamin's children's mother is named in their birth records as "Hannah". According to every transcript I've seen on FamilySearch, she's named as Sara or Sarah.

2) Questionable statement (by Eben Putnam): Benjamin married twice.  This conflicts with...

3) ... EP's note that Col. Perley Putnam had stated that on 25 Aug. 1686, Benjamin had married "Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Putnam", because...

4)... the Col.'s statement necessarily makes _three_ marriages: (1) to Elizabeth Putnam, (2) to Sarah, mother of the children, surname (per NEHGS) probably Tarrant, died 1705 [see b) below], and (3) the known (and dated, 1 July 1706) marriage to Sarah Holton/Holter (various spellings).

If (and only if) the documentation is clear that Elizabeth Putnam, daughter of Thomas, married Joshua Bayley -- I have yet to study this -- then Col. Putnam appears to have been wrong; in which case Eben Putnam is right that there were only two marriages, both to women named Sarah.  But if the Col. was right, there were three.

b) The 1705 death date on [[Putnam-45]] matches that given in the Salem records for the first of the two Sarahs (see http://ma-vitalrecords.org/MA/Essex/Salem/Images/SalemV6_D171.shtml), who, again, is the one named in records as the mother of the children; presumed (per NEHGS -- see Benj's source list) to have been Sarah Tarrant.  This death date is therefore incorrect for Elizabeth (Putnam) Putnam and should be removed.
by Christopher Childs G2G6 Mach 1 (16.9k points)
edited by Christopher Childs
NEHGS, in its report of the marriage of Elizabeth [PUTNAM] to Joshua Bailey (https://www.americanancestors.org/DB1568/i/21174/67/426912963 ; subscription) does not name Elizabeth's parents, but does give her dates as (1659-1727+).  1659 is the correct birth year for Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Ann Putnam.  Eben Putnam's "History" -- despite his dutiful report of Col. Perley Putnam's claim that this Elizabeth married her cousin Benj. Putnam in 1686 -- also identifies Joshua Bayley as the husband of this Elizabeth Putnam.

Eben Putnam points out close ties between Thomas Putnam's family and the Baileys/Bayleys: Joshua was "a brother of Rev. James Bayley, who m[arried]. Mary Carr, sister of Mrs. Ann Putnam".  And on Elizabeth (Putnam) Bayley's death (without offspring), among the inheritors was "Experience, widow of David Bayley" -- David being Elizabeth's nephew.

There is an Elizabeth Putnam, dau. of Nathanyell & Eliza, b. 1662, who is the only other evident candidate as the early spouse of Benjamin alleged by Col. Perley Putnam; she however may be the Elizabeth who marries George Flint "by 1685" (NEHGS), at Salem or Reading.

The evidence seems quite strong that Col. Putnam got it wrong, and that Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas & Ann, did _not_ marry her cousin Benjamin, but instead married Joshua Bailey.
... and in fact [[Putnam-45]] should be merged with [[Putman-798]] (note different spelling of surname), which is the profile for the wife of Joshua Bailey.

Unless there is some evidence that Elizabeth's surname was spelled "Putman" at birth, the merge would be an opportunity to correct the spelling while retaining the lower-numbered profile.

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