DNA, YDNA, mTDNA, Autosomal. Is there a way to Link two perfect matchs on wikitree?

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My question, and this would help in tech as well.. we should be able to lock in our DNA matches on this site. I see where I can add this persons father as a match but Where can I add this person as a positive match? I mean, My brother has a match with several people on YDNA several people on his YDNA at 1 and 2 GENs  at 67 and 111 markers and that goes back 300 years and comes back so positive matches and they all go through the same ancesters. I realize I can mark all those farthers of fathers as that is what the YDNA tests.. but the site should say, that match from 2017 that goes back to Scotland in the 1600's and comes back to you in 2017 Or not the dates, actually "How do I mark a positive Match for someone at Family Tree DNA YDNA?  I mean maybe on this site say White-(####'s) is a 0GEN match at Family tree DNA for YDNA  with White-(####'s) that would link all of the fathers to and from one another as a match! You usually can't mark people who are here doing their family tree on here or their parents as they are private.. So Yeah, that would be nice and helpful in YDNA paths!  Which is fathers fathers fathers father!  Is there a way to link to matches? Y is just that and realize it is not exact science.. but several matches are all going through the same dad in the 1600's so umm would be nice to show that? some way? If there is a way to mark exact DNA matches, how?
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When you post your DNA results here, they do get associated with your ancestors. To match against the results at another site, you have to get those people to join WikiTree. With Y-DNA, you cannot just mark all the father line as a match. You need someone else who matches  and only to the common ancestor can be considered a match due to the possibility that one of those fathers might not be the father (a risk of DNA testing). This is a methodology called triangulation. I might be misunderstanding your question. In any case, WT doesn't match DNA to anyone that doesn't have a profile on this site. An mtDNA match isn't good for close matches since a LOT of people have the same mtDNA.

I'll also mention that if you have your DNA done, you can't even say your parents match unless someone else has a match (like a sibling or a cousin depending on which type of match.

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (461k points)
We are working on getting all the YDNA matches on this website. Thanks..  funny our trees all end with the same guy in the 1620's.. 2 different sons.. about 4 YDNA matches to one son and 3 different families trees from another son down. Kind of a cool find.. all 7 matching 1 to 2 GENS at Y67  We just hadn't added all the children's children yet to see them in our tree.. So linking up here. Best to let them add all their research up so bringing them in slowly lol..

Got to fill in those childrens! DNA is great! We also have one match who went another direction and though we are having trouble finding his families links.. but they are going to the same areas.. Fill in your cousins and children please! :) It helps!!  Problem, one who has done extensive search books and documents photos etc.. loaded it all to Ancestry gah! I do not like that site! :(  lol not transferable here so easy.. Can you add links on Ancestry to pictures etc. so those who PAYgrrr can see them? lol .

I use Familysearch so my stuff is linking up fine. I got burned about 10 years ago when Ancestry revamped their site and my tree just disappeared.. about 5 years of heavy many many hours of work and docs lost! So yeah I use Roots Magic and familysearch now cause I can link them and not lose them on the WWW. Print, Copy, keep files etc.
THANK YOU, Mary Tyler! You've given me a way to begin again but without having to try so many options (routes) as you have done to "get there."  BRAVA!!  --and: a couple of days later: I hope I've "got it right", that is, understood you correctly.
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For a Y-DNA match see the footnote for https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Prather-967

YSearch no longer exits.  I expect there will be a replacement for YSearch in the near future.  Until then, you can include tester’s kit numbers in your footnote and link to a haplotype table of their public surname DNA project e.g. FTDNA kits 384859 and 325658 found at https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Prater?iframe=yresults

by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (613k points)
edited by Peter Roberts
What a great Idea! We have some matching not in a group as well.. I keep trying to encourage people! Also people if you have DNA and join a group!! They can NOT place with others you are matching if you do not give AVANCED PERMISSIONS to the groups Admins!!! Check your profile, projects and your group and allow access to your group admins! DNA is getting hit hard!
Two comments on Peter's answer, both of which are just opinion, since I have no issue with what Peter said.

1. I've seen the footnote style (as opposed to a ===DNA=== section) used for DNA matches--part of me likes it, since that's the purpose of DNA testing: to support a genealogical proposition. On the other hand, in a profile with many footnotes, it can get lost if you're looking for it, which is why I prefer using the DNA section as opposed to a footnote. But hey, there's always CTRL-F  ;)

2. On YSearch and FTDNA's decision to shut it down before the new Euro privacy law went into effect, I have heard some folks say there's not much driver for a 3rd party database (like GEDMatch) since FTDNA seems to be doing most of the yDNA testing these days. While this may be the case in the US, I'm not sure if that's true globally, though.

Hi, Eric. Been away from WikiTree for almost two weeks, so pardon the belated reply.

You're right: FTDNA is the 800-pound gorilla of yDNA and mtDNA testing, and that was one reason given for why they put no new money or effort into Ysearch or MitoSearch after around 2013 or so. Well over 90% of the data came from their own customers. They left the two sites alive, though unsupported, as a convenience to the genealogy community because there was a small fraction of results there that had come from out-of-business companies like Sorenson, or from Ancestry's first run at DNA testing when they offered Y-STRs through FTDNA's lab, and from companies that produce minimal output like Oxford Ancestors.

But the landscape is always changing and companies like YSEQ, as an example, are gaining some ground. (Genetic genealogy trivia time: FTDNA bought-out the assets in 2006 of a company called DNA-Fingerprint owned by Astrid and Thomas Krahn. The Krahn's moved to Houston and helped lead the design and building of FTDNA's Genomics Research Center. The Krahns subsequently moved back to Germany and in November 2013 opened YSEQ, which now offers yDNA testing panels, a la carte SNP testing, and even full-genome sequencing.)

I think there's still a need for the niche that Ysearch or MitoSearch served, and others do as well. Watch this year for developments coming from the direction of the folks who bring us DNAGedcom. Diane, Karin, Rob and company have registered the domain name "genetic.family" (it's live right now, but simply redirects you to DNAGedcom) under which they plan to expand their offerings. One of which is to be a combo database of both yDNA and mtDNA information. That domain name (which I won't specify yet because I don't know if it's been made public) was registered three months ago and Rob made mention of the new service in a presentation he gave a couple of months back. I believe the initial target was a September beta test, but I don't think they'll make that...at least not a public beta. But I have my fingers crossed that we'll see something before the end of the year!

Wow! Very nice! I would like to see more international pushes, a lot of US people getting their Y are not finding that link across the pond to Germany, Scotland, Ireland or Spain etc.. It would really help with those walls a barriers and wall they keep running up against maybe. Oh we're Scottish not Welsh! Google said our name was Welsh! lol Never thought to look in Scotland when their DNA comes back with several from Scotland etc..  Just saying there is a long way to go in that for sure and glad to see it being done! Next, with new laws. Only DNA decendants can sign into this site or another with their DNA. Not those managing the DNA. I know a lot of people who test Great Grandma or Great Grandpa so they can get that older DNA result! :) They aren't going to sign in probably lol missing out on some matches for sure.. like hundreds of dollars down the drain? hmm Should be able to come up with a letter of some sort.. I know I had to get my brother to join and I was oh so not sure he would but he did and he is 65.. A lot of old folks!

It's worth pointing out that the GDPR does not apply to the personal data of deceased persons. Separate nations, and therefore websites/databases in those nations, may address things differently.

That doesn't directly help with the issue of our more non-techie relatives, but the way I see it is this: I have my mother's permission to work with her DNA info. As long as she's alive, I can always get that permission in writing in whatever legal format someone needs. And when she's no longer with us, her data loses most of that protection anyway (in the US). Note that this is my personal justification, not necessarily a legal defense.

Edit to add: I'm not talking about circumventing website practices that impose additional membership restrictions, like WikiTree does. Save your energy and don't bother posting the "people like you will destroy WikiTree" message ;)

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