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Desperately searching for information on my grandmother Valentina Alexseevna  Getsch. Married Walter Konola Sr in Russia around 1931. He was there on work visa and left in1932. She gave birth to my father, Walter junior in June 1932. They both came to US in 1933 to be reunited with Walter Konola Sr. However, after a bitter divorce in 1937 they separated. Walter senior took my father from Valentina, moved to a different state and changed thier last names so she could never find her son. Changed last name to Buranen. My father is 86 and searched his entire life for his mother. Last year we connected with Valentina’s US family. She remarried and had 2 other children. Sadly she passed away in 2009 at age 96. We learned she searched for her son until the day she died. But she didn’t talk much about her life in Russia. We are trying to find out about her family to fill in the missing gaps of my father’s family history. We hope to fulfill his dream of knowing about his mother before he passes away. Her Russian last name sounds like Getsch but we aren’t certain of spelling. She was born in June 1913. On passenger manifest her father is listed as Aleksej Getch. She had one sister who died around age 18 to 20 of pneumonia.
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Thank you for helping. Walter Senior’s mother is Anna Haanpa. Anna is Walter junior’s grandmother. She owned a farm and bakery in New Hampshire. They also owned a house in the Catskills Mountain. When Valentina came to the US with Walter Junior, she was Anna not allowed to live on the farm. Only her son Walter (Anna’s grandson) was allowed to live on the farm. We are told that Anna did not like Valentina. We don’t know why. Anna Haanpa’s family is Finish. They came to the US years earlier, first in California where Walter Senior was born in 1912. Then moved to New Hampshire. Walter Senior’s father, Aukusti traveled to Alaska as a gold miner. He died there so Anna became a widow. After Valentina and Walter Senior divorced, Anna would not let Valentina see her son much. Walter Senior let Anna have him. What was heart breaking for my father, Walter Junior is that when his father, Walter Senior, took him from New Hampshire to Maryland, he abandoned him at a boarding house. Years later as an adult, would he ever see his father, Walter Senior again. It’s on those few occasions that Walter Senior told him more about his mother Valentina. As you can imagine, he longed to see his mother. We didn’t find out about Valentina Getsch until two years ago. We assumed she died or returned to Russia. We are told that as Valentina aged, she suffered dementia and that she called out for her son Walter all of the day. My father is glad to know she loved him and looked for him. We are trying to fulfill his wish of finding out more about his mother since he was denied being with her his entire life.

Sulo Orni

 in the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 No Image
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Name: Sulo Orni
Gender: Male
Spouse: Valentina Getch
Child: Nina Orni Tchaplygen

Sulo A. Orni

 in the U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current

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Name: Sulo A. Orni
Birth Date: 1912
Death Date: 2 Mar 1978
Death Place: Tompkins County, New York, United States of America
Cemetery: Grove Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Trumansburg, Tompkins County, New York, United States of America
Has Bio?: N
Thank you for working so hard on this. Mostly interested in finding information on Valentina Getch family. She was born in Russia in 1913. But we don't have many details on her family history. We are trying to provide this information to our father Walter, so that he knows more about his Mother, Valentina. But we can't not find any information about her family, other than what was told to us which isn't much.Russian genealogy says Getch is not a Russian surname.

This is the only Orni I can find in New York born in 1913.

Wilpas Orni

 in the U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current

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Name: Wilpas Orni
Birth Date: 1913
Death Date: 20 Feb 1980
Death Place: Tompkins County, New York, United States of America
Cemetery: Grove Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Trumansburg, Tompkins County, New York, United States of America
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It has been difficult to find data on Valentina, therefore we are trying to find data on anyone surrounding Valentina to hopefully get more clues as to her life and how she lived it. This might give us insight on her location, which might help us determine the real spelling of her last name at birth which might help us find her parents. Sometimes it's the only way to find an ancestor.
Thank you. I realize it's been difficult and appreciate everything everyone is doing to help. We've experienced the same difficulty. Sometimes makes us want to give up but for our Dad's sake, trying every avenue possible to find anything about her life in Russia.  We found the marriage certificate for Sulo Orni and Valentina. On the actual source document her name is handwritten in the marriage books as Gaige, but think that is phonetic spelling. Also found her citizen papers. She became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1965 while living in New York. Any other details you think would be helpful, let me know. Thank you again for the help
What would be helpful is to find Walter Jr.'s birth certificate. Do you think they used Waldemar or Walter for a first name is Russia. I see that the passenger manifest lists Walter but that is an Americanization (is that a word?) of Waldemar. Perhaps someone knows how to get Russian birth certificates?
Unfortunately not able to find Walter Junior birth certificate, since he was born in Russia in 1932. Made it difficult for him to get a passport. And even harder to join Air National Guard, but with passenger manifest able to show he was born in Russia. Walter is his given name at birth, after his father, Walter Senior. Sometime in early 1940 is when Walter Senior changed his name to Waldemar Buranen and then changed my Dad’s name to Walter Buranen. We’ve had no luck getting a birth certificate for Walter junior or Valentina. Not able to even get Walter Senior and Valentina’s marriage certificate. Like running into a brick wall.
Now you know where name Buranen came from !!!!

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Michigan Marriage record,  Benjamin Nord married Irene Koski, Irene, Father

(hard too read) Kust Koski, mother Anna Hanpaa , Anna on Canada border

crossing is Aurora, On Border crossing ,going too Houghty Michigan.Along

with a Hilma, Hilma identified as male 1 year old.

Appreciate your help. This is the Anna that is related to Walter Konola

Anna Maria Juhontytär Konola (born Haanpää), 1877 - 1941

Anna Maria Juhontytär Konola (born Haanpää) was born 1877, to Juho Johaninpoika Haanpaa and Maria Elisabeth Haanpaa.
Juho was born circa 1844, in Kalajoki, Finland.
Maria was born on January 18 1844, in Haapavesi, Oulu, Finland.
Anna had 12 siblings: Mikko Jaakko Ehto Juhonpoika HaanpääJohan Viive Juhonpoika Haanpää and 10 other siblings.
Anna passed away 1941, at age 63 In New Hampshire
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1910 Census  find on Find My Past, Isaac Buranen father  born Oct 1868

in Finland,Wife Annie Born April 1876 in Finland,Daughter Lempi born August

1897 in Michigan,Daughter Ventila,born May 1901 in Michigan,Son Richard

born Sept 1905 in California,son Waldmar born July 1901 in California.
Thank you for finding this. very interesting connection. Anna Konola had Walter (senior), and two daughters Lempi and Wendla. Lempie married and her last name became Neimi. Lempi had two children, Ilona Neimi and Richard Neimi. Through AncestryDNA, we found Ilona’s daughter who Ilona was forced to give her up for adoption by her mother Lempi because the father ran off. Ilona was my father’s childhood playmate and she babysat him when he was a little boy in New Hampshire. We found Ilona is still alive, now 92 years old and lives in California. My father and Ilona have reconnected and are able to share many childhood memories. Ilona remembers that her mother Anna Konola was very mean to Valentina, not allowing her to be on the farm in New Hampshire. She had to live with a nearby Polish family.

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