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I admit, I'm still struggling with sources. I have added them to most of my profiles but mostly, they look like this *[link to FS doc] name of doc/info.

Where I have trouble is where the profile is a GEDCOM import. The way they look:

=== Birth ===

: Birth:  

:: User ID:  10E5D0A9-BC7B-4616-81FE-557530E04155

:: Record ID Number:  MH:IF115140

:: Date:  22 OCT 1829

Is very confusing to me. The contents don't show in edit mode other than in the preview pane. In the case of this profile, I've left the biography alone (I didn't do the import), and added sources underneath, in the best order I could. 

This is a third great-uncle not a grandparent but a good illustration of my concerns. Is there a suggested order for sources? Do I have to have a contents section? 

Also, what are the user IDs in the GEDcom, and do they need to be left in?

WikiTree profile: Dan Warren
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Hi, Lisa,

I've removed most of what was on there because it was GEDCOM "junk" that referenced files on the member's personal computer and therefore has no value for WikiTree.

Your sources are fine and the order doesn't really matter. I usually put them in chronologically, but it isn't required.

The Contents section is generated when there are at least four ==Headers== or ===Sub-headers===. It can be hidden by placing _NOTOC_ just above the biography header.
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Thanks Deb,

When I worked on last week's challenge that's exactly what I did, but I got to worrying I was removing someone else's work when I shouldn't. Thanks for easing my mind!

You do have to look it over carefully. Sometimes there are gems of information hidden in the garbage, but GEDCOMs are notorious for spewing useless gobbledygook on a profile. wink

Thank you, thank you, for the _NOTOC_ hint!!
Hah! You're very welcome, Erin.
Nicely done!  Thank you kindly.
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We're here to help.  I understand and yes, it can be very confusing at first.  I'm new to WikiTree, started my family profiles around July 2018.  First of all, your family is your family, if for some reason you end up duplicating a person, it's fine.  These things happen, accidents happen, until you get the feel for it and get into your GROOVE.  I'm not a professional Genealogist, but, I've been studying them.  

In regards to your question: "Is there a suggested order for sources?"  I feel the answer is NO, not at first.  However, once you start sourcing you will have developed a system for yourself that will come second nature.

The above Birth GEDCOM import is confusing to me too.  I would suggest making a "RESEARCH NOTES" under the Biography section,  but, (above "SOURCES") and copy - paste that information there.  Clear an area for you to start fresh and write your biography. 

BE CONSISTENT. Give special attention when writing, "USA" at the end of locations.  Early 16th century wasn't called, "USA." Look at the year. 

Back in the day, the United States of America, wasn't always USA, just United States. Colonial United States started in early 16th century. (

Biography section:  A simple brief story of what you know about this person.  Start with their name:  "____________(name) was born _________(date: Day Month Year), _______________(location) and died _____________(date: Day Month Year), _____________(location).  He/She married _______________(name using [[ I.D. Name-  ]] ) ____________(date: Day Month Year), _____________(location).  He/She was born ____________(date: Day Month Year), ____________(location).  He/She/They  was/were   buried ________________(date: Day Month Year), _______________(location of cemetery).  Note if double memorial marker headstone. 


The above format might not be for everyone, but, it's a start that you can build on.  

By using the same format each time you'll show consistency. 

Please remember BIRTH, DEATH, MARRIAGE.

Thank you for reading this.  Your time and comments are appreciated.


Paula Ann Hawkins-Reinke [[Hawkins-9192]]

P.S.  Save your edits, then go back and check for errors.  Click on a random link in your sources to make sure it takes you where you want, and make sure it's complete.   

Happy WikiTree Day!

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