Not question: Info to Share in Regards to Hard to Find 1860 US Census Records not on Ancestry

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I needed a key to a biography to back up a statement I made in it, so went on a hunt for 1860 US Census Records. I knew it was on Ancestry (which is why I made the statement in the Bio) but couldn't find it on Family Search either...It took some serious hunting to find it, and found every 1860 US Record...though then it still takes some hunting and figuring out how they are divided up. So if you can't find an 1860 US Census record try looking here:

Keep in mind that even though the roll number appears on each record in there for each state, the county you are looking for may not be in the first record for that state that you are looking for. It took me 3 or 4 different ones before I finally found Perry County, Pennsylvania. It takes some patience and perseverance, but they are there.

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great link and advice - thank you T

Thank you Ellen Smith for the extra tags! yes

I was so excited at the find I couldn't think of what else to tag laugh

going to have to go back on the weekend, you have to have time to mess around for quite a while!

That's why I said "It takes some patience and perseverance". I get desperate sometimes, and will go page by page on FamilySearch and Ancestry looking for something on someone else. For me this isn't any different that doing that...but at least for Pennsylvania, in my case each record was for only one county.

Just came across this post.

In regard to reel numbers, when I clicked on the Georgia census shown on the results page from your link, there was a list of Counties with the reel number associated with them when you scroll down the page. Go back to the results page to find the correct reel number for your state. Hopefully that will make it easier to find the reel needed.

Caveat: I did not check others to see if they were the same.

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Thank you for the information and link!
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C'est Bon Magnifique TH'xs .. T Counce !
by Gerald Baraboo G2G6 Pilot (957k points)
Yeah, what Jerry wrote.  Wink, wink.

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