Would you like to join the William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers project? [closed]

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The William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers covers the earliest Pennsylvania settlers who arrived before 28 October 1701.  If you have any ancestors who arrived or were born in Pennsylvania before this date, or who were passengers on one of the William Penn Fleet ships, you may want to join.  We are also looking for project volunteers who can help add resources, help to categorize profiles, for other items.

To join, and get the badge, post an answer (not a comment) to this thread.

Also, you can add the sticker to your ancestor's profile - see the project page at: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:William_Penn_and_Early_Pennsylvania_Settlers.

You should add the tag "Penn" to your followed tags to be apprised of any updates.  Be sure to tag any G2G posts about this project or project profiles with the tag Penn.

We are working to update the project page, parameters, and to expand the project.  You can read more about some of these efforts here: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/633257/changing-scope-william-early-pennsylvania-settlers-project

thank you and we hope to see you there!
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Curious as to why the ship "Canterbury" is not on the "List of Ships" carrying Penn and his followers to America.  There is a category for it on WikiTree,  Category: Canterbury (1699) "https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Canterbury_(1699)" with sources (30).
The Ferree line has an annual reunion. Are you already involved in that? They are listed online.
I have attended the reunion since 2013. That year it was in September which allowed me to go. They are in July, and I run a bed and breakfast in Northern Michigan -so July is our peak season, so its not possible to get away. My grandmother was a Ferree from York, PA
===Posted here requesting to join by mistake===
I would like to join this group since my sixth great-grandfather, John Meade Sr. (circa 1700-1754), has been identified as part of William Penn's Pennsylvania Settlers community.

My DNA testing links me to John Meade Sr.

Kenneth Williams

San Diego, California
Hi Ken, you are free to join - just enter your request as an answer (not a comment) to this thread.

I looked at John Mead's profile, he was born in 1703 - the cutoff for profile inclusion to this project is 1701.  I have removed the project box from his account.
Wow. There is considerable debate on whether he was born in 1693, when his mother would have been 33; or 1700, when she would have been 40; or 1703, when she would have been 43. If you have found documentation on his actual birth, I would appreciate the link.
Just based on the profile.  But even if born in 1693, the project criteria is born in or migrated to PA before 1701.
I am connected to Christopher Atkinson and Margaret Fell Atkinson. I would love to join.
I am not sure I qualify as most of my Pennsylvania ancestors are noted in the 1700s. However almost every one of them has no known origin, so they may have been in the area earlier. I cannot be sure.

The one that causes us the most grief to track is the ancestor with no certain first name mentioned(but we suspect may be John?) McClarin of the Fair Play Men of 1776. I know this is beyond the parameters but what we CAN’t figure out is where he’s from or who his parents are. May have been born in 1740 Surry, VA, but no solid evidence.

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I would like to join.  Both my husband and I have connections to the early Pennsylvania Settlers - namely the Brown's on my husband's side.  

Thank you.
Rebecca, can you give me your ID number ( It's in the URL of your profile page, next to your surname) so I can get you in the project.

Thanks, Becca
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Yes, I'd like to join. Paternal ancestors arrived with William Penn and settled in Pennsylvania.  They were the Wynne family.
by Sandra Marshall G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Sandra, I see that Maggie already set you up with a badge; welcome to the group!
Nice to hear from you.  Thanks for the note.
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I would like to join. My wife is a descendant of John and James Moon from the good ship "Welcome" in 1682.
Hello there, "anonymous" Moon descendants. You forgot to sign in so I can give you your badge (-:
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One of my ancestors, Edmond du Casteel, paid taxes in Philadelphia in 1693. He is on a list of arrivees from South Carolina in 1692 with a boatload of pirates. He also married in 1693 a Quaker lady, Christian Bom, who had emmigrated to Philadelphia as a child from Holland.

Edmond is believed to have been a Huegenot nobleman from Flanders and related to the van  du Chastel de Blangervals line of France.

Whatever his background, Edmond made his own way in the new world, first as a pirate, then a merchant, and finally as a privateer.

The Casteel line has been studied intently by it's many descendants. From a DNA point of view, there were at least 2 separate families. A privately printed history, by several members of our group, the Casteel Privateers, "Captain Edmond Du Chastel and the Colonial Casteels, An American History" is the source of much of my information. 

There are also several recognized spellings of the name: du Chastel, du Castell, Castle, Casteel, Castile, etc.

I am willing to help in any way I can as it regards Pennsylvania and any William Penn association.


Chris, what is your WikiTree ID number so I can get you signed up (-:


I don't know if this is the way to answer an email, but I do not know where to find an ID.  Can you please be specific?

I found it! Welcome to the Penn project, Christine
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I would like to join. I have maternal and paternal lines.
J. be sure to be signed in when you reply; your comment links back to an IP address.  You can reply to this comment (signed in) and we will be able to identify you to add you to the group.

Great, thank you. I have signed in to reply.
Welcome Joseph!
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I am a descendant of Oliver Cope that purchased land from William Penn. I'm not sure if he would be considered one of the earlier groups to come or not because I know they didn't come on the first boat. Please let me know if I am able to be added to this group. Sorry if I didn't answer in your requested format correctly. Thank you.

be sure to be signed in when you reply; your comment links back to an IP address.  You can reply to this comment (signed in) and we will be able to identify you to add you to the group.

or, perhaps your profile is set to unlisted?  If so, we can't see you, you'll need to change it to at least: Private


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My ancestor is Andrew Griscom who came to Pennsylvania in 1680.
by John Griscom G2G2 (2.8k points)
Welcome to the project Colonel; I'll ask Maggie to set you up with a badge.

Stay tuned in; we're updating the project page this week!
All set now, John Griscom. Thanks, SJ!
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Using ancestry.com and myheritage I found that pretty much all my ancestors moved to PA in the early 1700s.  I was frankly amazed by the rich history in books etc that I was able to find.  Included as direct ancestors are Frederick Pershing, the Studebakers, a big Carney presence, as well as many Bretheren church founders and Quakers. I even have a Seneca "Queen" thrown in there.  My Weir ancestors had a string of successful butcher shops in Johnstown PA that were wiped out by the great flood of 1889.  My Great Grandfather William Weir tossed a rope to people in the flood to pull them to shore.  They lived on the hill in Westmont and were able to take care of the people there. Many fought, or tried not to fight because of their beliefs, in the Revolutionary War.  They were in the PA volunteers in the Civil War at Gettysburg. My parents were the first in their families to leave PA after they went to college at Pitt where they met.  My father was Bretheren and attended the same church that his ancestor had founded after a voyage where his mother and siblings died and were buried at sea.  His father, I assume heartbroken, went back to Germany.  My mother was Lutheran.  My ancestors came from Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and France.  I feel like I have just scratched the surface of their stories.

Welcome to the project!

For qualified ancestors - those who migrated to or were born in Pennsylvania or Delaware before October 1701 and/or any members of the William Penn Fleet.

Please add the project template to your qualified ancestor's profile: {{Pennsylvania Settlers}}

We are looking forward to your involvement in the project!

Also, be sure to complete your registration and post your profile ID number here.

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I would like to join this page. I am a descendant of Paulus Koester and several other early Pennsylvania pioneers.
by Laura McCurry G2G Crew (740 points)

Welcome to the project!

For qualified ancestors - those who migrated to or were born in Pennsylvania or Delaware before October 1701 and/or any members of the William Penn Fleet.

Please add the project template to your qualified ancestor's profile: {{Pennsylvania Settlers}}

We are looking forward to your involvement in the project!

You are all set now, Laura. Welcome.
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I have lines going back to late 1600's Pennsylvania, one of which is a Mead line on my mother's side which we know definitely is Quaker. I would like to join, please.
by Marie Keeton G2G3 (3.7k points)

Welcome to the project!

For qualified ancestors - those who migrated to or were born in Pennsylvania or Delaware before October 1701 and/or any members of the William Penn Fleet.

Please add the project template to your qualified ancestor's profile: {{Pennsylvania Settlers}}

We are looking forward to your involvement in the project!

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I would like to join. I have a few ancestors that fall within the scope of the project and none appear to so far be categorized within it.
by T Stanton G2G6 Pilot (174k points)
Let one of us know who they are and we will try to help you with the categories, T. Stanton.

For starters see 3 below. I have added the main Penn category (per note in other thread from SJ), should probably add the subcategory for Penn Quakers. And, I was uncertain about the instructions to email the gmail address on the Project Page. I am not the PM on these and don't seem to get much active interaction from them in sourcing and updating the profiles (other than a Thank You for certain updates).

Thomas Pearson Sr

Margery Pearson

John Pearson

Note that Thomas and Margery have duplicate profiles which I am trying to get merged. 


No worries about getting the project added as PM, that will sort itself out in time; getting the template on is the first step.
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I would like to join, as my earliest Albright ancestors entered Pennsylvania in the early 1700's :)
by Nathan Albright G2G Crew (570 points)
Hi Nathan; membership is open to all but realize that only ancestors who migrated to Pennsylvania before 1701 will qualify to be included in the project.
Nathan, are you still interested in the PENN project then?
Nathan, you are good now with a PENN badge.
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Yes please
You'll need to complete your registration and comment once you're logged in.  We're looking forward to having you!
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I am descended from many who came in the Welcome feet with Penn, as well as early Swedes. Am a 14-generation Quaker with lots of research on these lines.
Welcome Nancy!

edit to add:  Nancy, I don't find your profile in the Wikitree approved list - please check back in once your account is established and let us know your Wikitree ID #.  Thanks!
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I would like to join the William Penn and Early Settlers Project.

And I have a question.

On https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:William_Penn_and_Early_Pennsylvania_Settlers#About_William_Penn_and_Early_Pennsylvania

the claim is made that the first Quaker meeting was in Chester in 1675.

I don't think the evidence shows this. The evidence provided is a link to a wikipedia page on The Chester Friends Meeting House. That site references for evidence an article that appeared in Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine. http://www.phmc.state.pa.us/portal/communities/pa-heritage/our-first-friends-early-quakers.html

But that article makes no claim about a meeting at Robert Wade's House in 1675. The article merely says " Early records are spotty, but the first Quaker to settle in what is now known as Pennsylvania, according to historian Rufus M. Jones, was probably Robert Wade, who had emigrated from England in 1675."

We know Robert Wade came over with the Fenwick group. So did my ancestor John Test. John Test went over to Upland (now Chester) and bought property (Pa Archives  Minutes of  the Board of Property Series 3 Vol I Minute Book K, p. 50 [https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE220027]) on January 30, 1675. But the Fenwick group arrived in America in October of 1675. Obviously the confusion is in the Julian and Gregorian Calendar.

By the old Julian calendar January is the 11th month of the year. So when the record says January 1675, by our calendar that means January of 1676, 

I suspect that Robert Wade and John Test and their families went over to Upland together and unless there is a clear and precise record showing Robert Wade was there before  January it is misleadingly false to claim the first meeting of Friends was held at Upland at Robert Wade's house in 1675.

by Robert Test G2G1 (1.9k points)
edited by Robert Test
Robert, thanks for your thoughtful reply.  Maggie will get you badged and in the meantime, I've updated the project page and used the direct link rather than the Wikipedia link - not the first time Wikipedia had it wrong and it probably won't be the last :-)
Robert, thanks for joining the project.
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Interested in my Ashmead(e) and Leech ancestors who reportedly arrived on one of the 23 ships of Willam Penn. Thank you.

Hello Page, and welcome.

The Welcome Society has the Ashmead and Leach families on the second sailing of the Bristol Factor:

Bristol Factor (2nd voyage)

JOHN BLUNSTON, daughters: Sarah, Katherine 
David James 
David Kinsey 
TOBIAS LEACH, wife Esther Ashmead, son Tobias, Jr. 
EVAN OLIVER, wife Jean, children: David, Elizabeth, John, Hannah, Mary, Evan, Seaborn (born in sight of land) 
Be sure to complete your Wikitree membership and then post here, your number.

Hester (Ashmead) Leech 1660 Bloycester, Gloucs, England - 11 Aug 1726

John Ashmead 14 Oct 1648 Cheltenham, England Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England - 21 Dec 1688

Tobias Leech III 1 Jan 1652 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England - 16 Nov 1726

Tobias Leech IV 22 Sep 1680 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England - abt 1727

Thank you so much! I have not completed my tree here as I work off Ancestry most of the time.

My number is Cherry - 2209. I hope to add this line to my tree within the week.

Again, thank you! Page
Yes, I can see that your profile is fully approved - we'll see about getting you badged!
Hi Page, we have you all set for the PENN project.
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I have ancestors who were early Pennsylvania settlers and would like to be added to the project.
by Matthew Stidham G2G Crew (850 points)
Matthew, thanks for joining the PENN project.
Matthew, welcome to the project!  We look forward to your contributions and participation!
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I have a connection to the original place where William Penn landed and so happens the name is Penton.  My understanding thee was some disagreements in the land holding arrangements in Southern New Jersey, that the Penn family crossed the river and laid their claims in the Pennsylvania Colony.  The New Jersey colony was divided into the East New Jersey and West New Jersey.  The Penton family i belong to settled in the Salem Area near the Deleware River and on the other side was Pennsylvania. What is really Southern Jersey was considered West Jersey at the time.  John G. Penton #131 left New Jersey around 1801 and settled in Cincinnati and then traveled on to present day Allen County.
by Robert Jeffrey G2G Crew (650 points)
How do you get a vote on here?
A vote?

For those who settled in Pennsylvania or Delaware prior to Oct 1701 will be included in the project.  For those who settled in West New Jersey, they will be part of the New Jersey project.
You can't vote for yourself but you can vote up or down other people's inquiries, Robert Jeffrey
SJ is right. Pentons would be part of the New Jersey project, a sub-project of U.S History. Were they Quakers?
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I'm willing to help.  Several lines settled in Pennsylvania in the 1600s.  

I hope to be pre-1700 "certified" next week.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (252k points)

You are all set for the project, Kathy. Check in with SJ if you have any genealogical queries connected to the project.


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My Knight ancestors were early Pennsylvania Quakers.  I'd like to join!
by Frances Shockley G2G Crew (940 points)
You are a member now, Frances.

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