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Trying to initiate a merge stemming from a Data Doctor suggestion report which gives this error message ...

"The merge of Adam Bischof (Bischof-242) and Adam Bischof (Bischof-234) is already in progress by another user. If it is not completed in five minutes, you can complete it."

It has been giving this same message for about 5 hours now. Can someone in administration clear this glitch please and thank you.

EDIT ... I have seen about 4 of the messages now for different profiles.

asked in WikiTree Tech by N. Gauthier G2G6 Mach 3 (33k points)
retagged by Eva Ekeblad

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I recommend that you log out of Wikitree and then log back in.  If this doesn't fix it, you might clear your Wikitree cookies.

It is possible that someone was working on that merge when you tried to do it and now that page is in your cookie cache.

For Chrome, click the "secure" left of the url/address at the top of your browser, select cookies and delete  You'll need to log back in and when you refresh, it might go away.  Please say if this works or not.
answered by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (295k points)
I don't think it's that local - rather something at the server end.

Removing the merge and starting it over usually does the trick.

Makes me wonder if it only happens with orphans - I cannot remember having to wait another 30 days for one of them.
There is no merge request to remove because I am trying to initiate the first merge request and it is telling me that someone is already merging them.

I use firefox and clicked on the security icon but it did not give me the option to delete cookies. I went into preferences and deleted the 2 wikitree cookies I saw there. I logged out and back in, which didn't change anything. It still will not let me initiate a merge request for some profiles.

I don't think the problem is on my end because I AM doing some other merge requests (orphaned and not) from the suggestion report with no problems ... it is only a few that won;t work because of that specific error message.

Ah, that's a new variant.

I also get the "already in progress by another user. If it is not completed in five minutes, you can complete it." when I try.

When nothing is visible, there's no way to re-start it.

I'll tag this for sysops.

Oh, I fixed it after all.

I set them as a rejected merge - THAT worked - and then removed that. THEN I could suggest and complete the merge.

I removed the duplicated text - but there was a message about a discrepancy between the dates for mother and child that I may not have paid enough attention to.
There is a pending merge for his mother that will resolve that by sep 10. Thanks for figuring that out.

It's one of the glitches that come up with a certain regularity - and since my self-perception is that I know what to do, I usually pounce on it cheeky

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Looks like it is halfway solved, because now there is no longer a suggested merge. Since the profiles are orphaned, just start the merge over and it should go through.
answered by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (258k points)

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