When using a geneaology book as a resource for a family line, would it be helpful to create a category for it?

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I have a book tracing the Braley Family's genealogy ( Randall, George L. Braley Genealogy: The Descendants of Roger Braley, 1696-1913) and I'm slowly working my way through to add the appropriate information and additional sources to the WikiTree profiles. Is it a good idea to create a category naming the title of the book. I would then categorize all the people listed in the text. Please let me know what you all think of this idea!
WikiTree profile: William Braley
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Make sure the source category has not been created yet?

I added it to Category:Source. It should also be added to Sources-Family Genealogies to help people find it. Rick Pierpont helped me a great deal when I added my first Source Page.

So how do I go about adding a book reference on a family geneology that I am working on called "The Richardson Memorial" a story of three brothers coming to America and settling in Massachusetts which includes three or four generations of their families?

Also, I don't want to infringe on any copyrights from the book so not sure what to do. I downloaded the book so I could straighten out my family tree, but not sure how to use it anywhere else.

Thank you for any assistance you can give.

Sarah Shaw-Saenz

Sarah, There is a WikiTree page for this source here: The Richardson Memorial. There are some examples on that page for using it as a source.  If this is the book you are talking about, it was published in 1876 and a supplement was published in 1898. A book this old should not have any copyright issues to worry about.

Thank you very much Rick, this is the book and I have it downloaded already from the library I found it in as well as the supplement. I have been using it to re-create my ancestors profiles since so many people have messed it up along with my Shaw lineage. Still working on both lines to clean them back up again.


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One option is to create a free-space profile for the book. See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Source for similar pages that have been created, and see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:How_to_Share_Sources_on_WikiTree for recommendations on creating new pages of this type. The recommended format for those pages includes a "What links here" link that will generate a list of all the profiles that cite a particular page.
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Thank you for your answer, Ellen! I think this was the best decision.
Source Profiles are the right way to go. Not a category for a source.
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I'm doing this for a county history that has a bunch of biographies. I made a free space for the history and a category for the people profiled in the book.
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A Free Space page to describe the book and possibly pull together the profiles would be one useful thing. A second would be to create a Personal Category for the book and have that category reference the Space page. Personal categories are described at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Personal_Categories
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Slightly different topic, make sure you also look for primary sources for those profiles. County Histories can be quite good but there are frequent errors in them as well.
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Thank you to everyone who answered! I spent the afternoon creating a Free Space profile for the text. I am very grateful to all the responses!
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I personally tend to simply make myself a template on my notebook on my computer, like this one:  Les officiers des troupes de la marine au Canada, 1683-1760, sous la direction de Marcel Fournier, 2017 Éd. Septentrion ISBN 978-2-89448-905-5 pg    with ref tags either end, so I can use it repeatedly on the various pertinent profiles.  This one is also given as reference on the Marine companies to New France category page, since that is what it relates to.

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