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Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

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closed with the note: The chat is closed for the weekend of August 31 - September 2, 2018 Thank you for visiting!
asked in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
closed by David Selman
Welcome to the Rolling Into September Weekend Chat!

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend in both Canada and the US.  Labor Day is a celebration of what all the workers give to this world.  

So feel free to tell us what you do... what kind of work and what it has meant to you.  

Enjoy your weekend and for those of you in Canada and the US enjoy the extended weekend with the Holiday on Monday.
Thank you for hosting, Laura! Have a good Labor Day weekend.
Thanks David, you too!
Remember to check out page 2 for more postings!
Ditto to everyone on this introduction the sweltering WikiTree Rolling into September Labor Day weekend chat. Thank you again for hosting Laura.

 Welcome everyone on the sweltering WikiTree Rolling into September Labor Day Weekend Chat especially the newbie to it and to WikiTree.

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  • Since this is Labor Day Weekend in both the US and Canada, our tips are going to be about ways to make entering data easier on WikiTree. 
  • When entering a family, it is easier to enter the parents and then the children.  This is because siblings link through parents.
  • Before entering anyone do a quick sketch of what you will enter in terms of dates and locations.  If there is not at least 15 years difference between parents and children you have an issue and more research to do.  Remember names can run in families so you may have a nephew or niece or cousin.  I use index cards or scrap pieces of paper I can lay out and look at it before I enter the data.  Makes it so much easier.
  • I keep a word document with my sources that I use a lot.  This allows me to copy and paste it in.  Things like census records that touch all the family members.  Things like obituaries that name all the family members.  After I enter these on the first person I copy and paste them to a word document so I can copy and paste them in for the other family members.
  • I do the same with census household members, obituary notes and the like.
  • It is faster to enter it right the first time than to have to slog through all kinds of suggestions and make corrections later. 
  • It is also faster to check to see if any of the people you are entering exist in WikiTree before entering them as duplicates that will need to be merged.  If what you have has more info, add it to the existing profiles if they are open.  If they are locked first send a private message to the PM or if it is a small difference enter it into the comments on the profile.  Merging takes more work and has an affect on the data base so do it right the first time!
  • If you have some competing stories use the bio section to explain them.  It is ok.  Many families have competing stories.  Some people set them off by using a heading like ===Research Note=== where they explain where the different stories are coming from and why they agree or disagree with the various versions.  It is important when there are different stories to include both in the profile.  
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Laura, as always you provided another list of great tips....
Thanks Dean!  Hope you have a great weekend!
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Labor Day Puzzle

Labor Day is celebrated in both Canada and the USA this week.  The idea of a day to celebrate the contributions to our world made by working people is celebrated on various days around the globe.

As a salute to workers in both Canada and the USA our picto-puzzle will lead you to occupations or industries where these hard working people make a difference.  The images create words or parts of words.  Some may be easy and some are really hard.  The number of letters will be indicated by _ _ _ _ _ would indicate 5 letters.  A plus sign or minus sign means you add or subtract from the image before it.  The word meter could be represented by a picture of a metric ruler that shows 1 meter or it could be done by M + a photo of someone eating.  M + eater  =  meter.  Or it could be a photo of a steak + R  =  meat R = meter.

Royalty free images are from https://www.pexels.com/  and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Photo_of_the_Week/Archive and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:WikiFree_Memes

You will need to follow this link to get to the puzzle because of the size of the images.  Answers are in the answer folder.  Docx and pdf versions are available. 


answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
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Today is.......



On August 31, we celebrate National Diatomaceous Earth Day to recognize the diatom and the remarkable mineral it creates.

Most people know of diatomaceous earth because they use it to filter their swimming pools or for its natural insecticide properties to control insects in their homes or gardens. Biologists know about diatoms, the single-celled plants that form diatomaceous earth, because they are truly the lungs of the earth, in that they produce about ¾ of the world’s new oxygen supply. Materials scientists know about diatom skeletons (called frustules), the tiny, intricate porous opal structures because they are known to be the strongest naturally-occurring substances.


EP Minerals ( https://epminerals.com/  ) founded National Diatomaceous Earth Day to celebrate this fascinating naturally bio-engineered material, and the Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in 2016.

Diatomaceous earth, also known as DE, is a sedimentary rock found in large deposits worldwide and mined primarily in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, Spain, Denmark, and China. While still being formed today, some of the deposits of diatomaceous earth developed millions of years ago. Diatomaceous earth deposits are formed as diatoms die and fall to the bottom of bodies of water. Over time, the organic portions of the diatoms are weathered away and the remaining opal frustules form diatomaceous earth. Some of the largest deposits in the U.S. were formed in ancient lakes in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, and some large deposits were also formed in oceans and occur along the coasts of North and South America.

Discovered by Peter Kasten in Germany around 1836, DE is known for its absorbency, filtration properties, polishing properties and stabilizing qualities. Long before Kasten’s discovery, though, the world was using diatomaceous earth. Ancient Greeks used it as an abrasive as well as a building material in light-weight bricks, and, even in pre-historic times, diatomite was used in the ice-age cave paintings in France.

Today, DE is one of the most useful and durable substances known. DE sees nearly ubiquitous use in the filtration of liquids, including, beer, wine, water (for swimming), chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals; DE provides the flatting in almost all flat paints; DE prevents blocking in plastic film and when oil is spilled, DE is often the first choice to absorb it. And there are hundreds of other applications for DE with many more yet to be discovered!


answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
And you can dig it......
DE is great stuff, use it all the time around the yard.
This is getting ridiculous with the National <Whatever> Day.
Why is that Eric??
Hi Eric,  Many of our members enjoy the various "days"  Some are historical, some are pop culture related, some are just for fun.  The Weekend Chat is for everyone to share things they find fun and interesting.  13 people as of when I am writing this text enjoyed this post.  

You can always skip over the posts you don't like.
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Happy Long Weekend to Everyone,

I'm ready to relax after a long week on the Tree, we are going to be celebrating my sister's birthday this weekend.

answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
How much fun is this! Enjoy, Doug!
Enjoy your weekend on the water!   Be safe!
Looks like you captured a very heated discussion about the contents of the box. What kind of cake perhaps? Is it Carvel? Is it from the bakery down the street? Is it homemade?

....Is anyone gonna share?

Just looking at this photo relaxes me..... as long as there's enough in the box!  

What are you guys fishing for?  And more importantly, who's going to clean it?
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This is Labor Day weekend - the last weekend of the summer.

We have annoying low flying planes buzzing around for the Air Show that always happens at the CNE (Toronto) on the last weekend of summer

Canadian schools will go back to or start school again next Tuesday.

I had a new DNA match show up as a 2nd to 4th cousin and when i looked at the names we had in comparison, I came across a name that I had already been in contact with. This was a name where one of his relatives had married one of my relatives, and yet neither him nor me have a DNA match.

So I sent off a nice long chatty email to this new match, and I did mention that I already knew one of her relatives through email.

The next day I received an email from this previous contact where he explained that the new match in her 20's, and was brand new to genealogy and had not yet done her tree. She had been overwhelmed by my long email but had passed it on to the person whom I already knew, because I had said that we already knew each other.

So my new mystery is now to work out all the descendents of the relative that we have in common (My relative who married their relative) which is quite hard to do after 1920 especially when you know that somewhere during that time, some branches emigrated from England to the USA and other branches emigrated from England to Australia. At least I know that this DNA match is one of the few matches I have from my fathers side!!  And since my dads tree is very very well documented, down to the 1920s, this kind of does help.

Other than that, my "Sh*tty summer is continuing, My health is deteriorating and this means that I find it much harder to get out and do things that have to be done.

What needs to be done is red tape and bureaucratic stuff that the government requires for processing 16 year old teenagers to get their signatures, health cards, photo ID, set up bank accounts, get a SIN card, etc. (SIN in Canada = SSN in USA)

This is not intuitive for me. I did not grow up doing this when I was a teenager in Canada. I emigrated to Canada when I was in my 30s - so this is a long hard slog!! Having to run around from office to office to get all the right forms. Not having a working printer is a huge hassle. We have to download all the required forms to a memory stick and then do all our printing at Staples. Having to buy school supplies as well, and new clothes for said teenager as well, does not help.

I apologise for Whining, but this really has been a Sh*tty summer!!!!
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (436k points)
edited by Robynne Lozier
Robynne swore! Robynne swore! =O

Sorry your summer hasn't been that great. Mine has been okay, too. Not looking forward to fall allergies coming. That's gonna be a huge pain in the gluetus maximus. ;-)
LOL. HI chris!!

Both of my boys (husband and 16 year old teenage son) both have allergies as well. Nothing life threatening but they are annoying in certain conditions.
Mmhmm. Fall allergies were unfortunate for me during high school because that's when I ran cross country.
Wow Robynne you do have lots going on!  Sorry to hear about your health.  That is a bummer..  hope you feel better soon.   Don't give up on finding something that helps you heal and feel better.   Sometimes you have try a few things before the one that works shows up.
Thanks Laura.

Ohhhhh, Robynne said Sh*tty. I'm tellin'.

Really, I feel for you Robynne. Been there, done that. I hope all improves, especially your health. I've got those issues, too.

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Here's a little tip for Wikitree peeps who do research on ancestors who lived in Washington State. The Secretary of State maintains this archive search page (https://digitalarchives.wa.gov/) that can be much faster that going through Family Search. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces and much more can be quickly searched at this handy site.
answered by Bart Triesch G2G6 Pilot (192k points)
Great tip Bart!   Missouri also has a digital heritage site that has some birth and death records that can be a great help.  Wish more states would do this!
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"Wake me when September ends...."

Kudos if you know the song!

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps! *Sees Steve getting ready to throw a heavy object* Dude, you might wanna put that down. Don't give yourself a hernia now.

How is everyone? Eddie, our resident merc with a mouth, gave me access to a library edition of Ancestry in the hopes that I could check stuff out from the comfort of my own home. It's a great tool. A lot of genealogists swear by it.

What I didn't expect was unfettered access to public trees. I know they were public and everything. But, when I clicked on them from my Ancestry account I could see a paywall. Not so much with this. I was able to see my grandparents in trees created by 3rd cousins. I was also able to see messed up trees. People collecting people like Pokemon. One tree even had my 2x great grandfather be his own father. There's a trick.

Moral of the story and tip here is. When you look at trees on Ancestry, sometimes you'll find a good one. Sometimes you'll find total *sees Laura glaring*.....nonsense......

In other news, I organized my DNA matches on a cool spreadsheet. Been told it looks nice, informative and I see it and think "Man, this is vanilla." Everything seems very cut and dry. I did put in the DNApainter percentages. It's all over the board. So, it's hard for me to trust it. Some 3rd cousins have a 9% chance. Others have a 14% chance. I'm all over the grid. Guess it's not as vanilla as I thought?

Second tip. There's always a chance you can beat the odds. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. (More kudos if you know what that's from.)
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
I'm just going to put this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzyh_nEuh3M

This was what I grew up with in the '80s. This was *YOUR* doing, parents of America!!!!!!!
I never watched G I Joe. Why would I? I was a girl and G I Joe was (is) a boy!! LOL

But at least now I know where the "knowing is half the battle" quote comes from.

You and your comics!! LOL   Thanks Chris.
Nodding ok

"People collecting people like Pokemon." I gotta remember this one, Chris! Kudos!!!!!

Thanks, Pip. It's like "Hey! This guy has my grandfather! Let's see if he's related! *checks tree* "Oh, no. Born in Sicily?! That's....Oh.....Oh, Lord.*deep sigh*"

Apparently it's a thing for people to collect people. I understand if family does it. I'm on my 3rd cousins' trees and a few other trees up to 4th. The trick is finding the one person who is a relative. That's what DNA testing is for. That and poking a relative to see if they have you.

Aww poor Laura's lost. Should have known the pop culture references would have gotten her, Gotta play to my audience.

Robynne, a lot of girls my age watched G.I. Joe in the '80s and a lot of boys watched Jem and the Holograms and She-Ra. Oddly enough She-Ra had better writers than He-Man. Go figure.
Pop culture does elude me...
That's okay. We can still teach ya. =)
So, I;m not an old dog?
Nope. =)
I brought up the topic of people using people who aren't related to the main person in a tree up in the #genchat conversation on Twitter last night. Had some interesting conversations with pros and amateurs alike.

Basically, they said the same thing people here are saying. People just like to collect others and take pictures.  I suggested putting some rude dummy pics in their place and see if the people take the bait. They're all for that idea.

Hahaha. I would so do something like that. People shouldn't tempt me.
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Wishing everyone in the US and Canada a happy and safe holiday weekend.

We are on day 4 of an RV owners rally. That means 4 days of free breakfast and huge dinner, walking around and visiting with new and old friends. Oh, and 800 people means the fairgrounds WiFi is essentially useless. We started by getting stuck with wheels 3” deep in the mud. We were able to move to a gravel spot today, a good thing since rain is predicted tonight and tomorrow.

One of our friends at the rally takes a dog paw print and does a watercolor flower painting from it. We had Molly’s paws done. So cool!

So, I haven’t done any genealogy this week.
answered by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
Kay you deserve some fun "me" time.   No guilt about not WikiTree-ing for a while.   Enjoy your rally!  Glad you were able to drop in for a little while!
You deserve a break, Kay. Good for you! Take a pic of the paw print and post it. We all want to see it.

Not sure how to resize on iPad 


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This weekend is also Labor Day Weekend so therefore.....


What Labor Day Means

For most people, Labor Day means two things: a day off and a chance to say goodbye to the summer. But why is it called Labor Day? Labor Day is a day set aside to pay tribute to working men and women; it honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country.

On Labour Day, federal offices are closed, as well as state offices and most city offices. The United States Postal Service is considered a federal office, so there will be no mail deliveries and the post office will be closed. Most banks will be closed, along with the stock markets.

Who started Labor Day?

Like most cultural events, there is still some doubt over its origination. Some records show that Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a cofounder of the American Federation of Labor, was first in suggesting a day to honor working men and women.

However many believe that it was Matthew Maguire, a machinist, not Peter McGuire, who founded the holiday as recent research seems to support the contention that Matthew Maguire proposed the holiday in 1882 while serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York.

Whoever the source was, what we do know is that the Central Labor Union adopted the Labor Day proposal and appointed a committee to plan a demonstration and picnic. 

Reference: https://www.officeholidays.com/countries/usa/laborday.php


 How to celebrate: 

WikiTreers' take some time off and enjoy the weekend outdoors before fall and cooler weather arrives !!!

Tell us what you are doing and share some awesome photos!! Doug already started the ball rolling!!!!!

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry

Here's me and two great veteran friends, waiting on our hamburgers to be done at our favorite picnic spot in the county here in Tennessee.  See you later.....


Looking good!  Have fun!
Great photo! Looks like all are having fun.
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Hello, Weekend Chatterboxes!

I participated in my first week as a Greeter and my fear of having 567,339 tabs open at one time proved to be unfounded. David Selman and the rest of the Greeters were always nearby to administer chocolate as needed. A funny: I left the computer to help my wife strip the bed and remake it, and when I came back a gillion people needed welcoming!

Also, I’ve been working hard on some of my pre-1700 profiles, lest I lose my certification. I now have a bald spot. I still have 13 stressful unsourced profiles (the ones I entered as a child (last April) not repeating the mantra: Source. Source. Soooooource.) I’m down from about 30, and the remainder is killing me. I was foolish. Hence my advice to newgs: WORK SLOWLY! I’m also adding sources to lots of other profiles, too.

With all that going on, I had to take a break from my free-space page on Co. C, 10th North Carolina Troops. I’m hoping to get back to that soon. Two direct ancestors, four uncles, three uncles by marriage, and a host of other relateds in that company.

1) Why does my computer not read my mind and automatically open tabs as I need them?
2) Why does all my typing for WikiTree not count in my FitBit record?
3) Why does Nestle not make gallon containers of chocolate coffee creamer?
4) What year did space aliens deposit my ancestor Gabriel Patterson on earth?
5) Why are all my German male ancestors named Hans, Jerg, Hans Jerg, and Johann?

The weather has been beautiful here in Brevard, so lots of outside work got accomplished. Many of our lilies are still blooming, and the grass has slowed down. I planted my last needlepoint holly and one more Jessamine to cover a fence. All caught up after a very rainy summer.

I hope everyone’s weekend is what you hoped for. Be blessed every day! Y’all are all very special people, and I love working with y’all. (“Y’all” just to remind y’all how Southern I is.)

Thank you especially, Laura, for hosting the Weekend Chat, one of my most favorite things about WikiTree.

answered by Pip Sheppard G2G6 Pilot (728k points)
Thanks, Peggy! =D

Deb does tend to save the day frequently. Hmm....
Yep, Deb is one of the 4 leaders of the Sourcerer's Challenges.  The other 3 are Debi Hoag, Bob Keniston, and moi.  So sourcing is something near and dear to my heart.
Peggy I had a friend growing up whose Mom was from Alabama.  

When she saw you she would ask "And what do you allow?"  It took me a while to realize it was her way of asking What's up?

I’m in love with all of you! (Don’t tell the wife. surpriselaugh)

Agape  not Eros!
Haha! Bingo!
G-101 for Greek Philosophy 101
G-101 for New Testament Greek. GWC, ‘80.
Dr Eslick at SLU.   for me class of '75 BA - SC major of Communications and Theater (yes I know, I am soooo Dramatic.....) minor in Education.
I don't think this is what "Wikitree Love" means, Pip. LOL.

But, sure. Why not?
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Hi Laura, thanks for hosting!

Greetings, cousins!

This week I did some origami by Robert Lang.  I'll put up a pic as soon as imgur comes back up.  frown  Meanwhile, I found this interesting TED talk by Mr Lang:  The Math and Magic of Origami

In other news, I might be losing my mind, because I am contemplating taking up beekeeping.  I couldn't start until spring, so maybe I'll get over it before then.



answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (266k points)
My grandfather had about 6 hives  (in white wooden boxes)  in his side yard about 100 feet from the house...... we weren't allowed to go outside on the days he smoked the hives.  I don't remember any of us ever being stung.... and we didn't exactly avoid the hives.

Honey as gifts sounds perfect.
Boogie oogie oogie, by A Taste of Honey, 1978.
"Ba dah. Ba da dah. Ba dot da dah, da badabah."  Bobby Scott and Ric Marlow, 1960.
Honey was used by Roman Soldiers as an antibacterial agent to cover wounds and assist with healing.  So it has other uses than eating.  

I had a client I used to sell Jalapeno powder to who put it in honey and sold it as an arthritis rub. She mixed it in with some carrier lotion and it was not sticky and did feel good.  It also seemed to make the skin more supple where I put it..

Honey is a great medium for spice glazes when grilling.
This does not work in any of my translators!

Laura, does this help?


Even better. I have always loved Herb Alpert
Oh yeah, the album cover that my mother banned from the house for indecency!    Of course you have to understand she also thought pants were the tool of the devil and railed against women wearing them until my grandmother showed up in a pair...    to say I had a sheltered childhood is a vast understatement....
While all honey has antiseptic properties, through a lot of testing, New Zealand Manuka honey is well proven as an antibacterial. Some USA hospitals are using it as a gentle treatment for bedsores in bed ridden patients. It has also helped fight some antibiotic resistant bacteria. Research is showing some regional honeys in the USA might also be good at this. Honey has also been used in making watercolor paints.
And local honey is used for allergy reduction.
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Not sure what the weekend activities will be. The garden has been keeping us busy with canning and freezing. Did some experimenting and made basil jelly (regular basil in one batch and lemon basil in the other). It will make a nice glaze for grilling. A couple batches of tomatillo preserves and have to make some more tomatillo salsa and finish up with the peaches.

Genealogically, I've been working with the Atlantic Canada team on defining  the regional categories for Prince Edward Island. History sure makes things messy. We're also starting a project at home to start a genealogy database for the big family reunion in 2020 in New Brunswick. Much of that will make it into WT eventually but its a collaborative effort with some of the data would hit privacy rules.
answered by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (215k points)
Sounds like you will be busy for a while!
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Greeting from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Thought I would add a photo of the Foresters Hall, in Sydney Street, Brightlingsea. This was the home of Court Lifeboat 4390 of the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society  I have mentioned the Foresters several times recently and this was where our Honour Board was housed . 

Whilst we sold the property in 2016, we have still been meeting every two months ,  at the nearby Royal British Legion Club. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend...... 

answered by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 6 (68.6k points)
edited by Chris Burrow
In case anyone else is wondering:

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I just went to my favorite New Mexican place for lunch.  Haven't been there for months, because calories.  At the next booth was one of our city's colorful characters.  The woman with him seemed to be doing some kind of interview or assessment, but she made the mistake of mentioning the guy's mother.  He got kind of agitated, so she left.  Apparently, he is being followed by skinwalkers, and everyone in the restaurant was one, with me as the ringleader.  Before he left, he stopped by my table to let me know I wasn't fooling anyone, and that the forces of evil would not prevail.  Rats.  It's always awkward when they suss you out.
answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (266k points)
Rookie mistake. Never do a "Yo mama" insults in an interview.

You need to be more careful, Herbert. Getting exposed like that could lead to problems later.smiley

Doug, I think I speak for all the skinwalkers in saying that we did not appreciate that woman blowing our cover.  angry

Skinwalkers are old legend.  Navajo will hardly talk about them.  Many insist they exist.  Some of the stories parallel those of European Wolfmen stories, some sound more like Bigfoot stories.  The Navajo I know who have said they have had encounters with them are scared to death about it and it is not play acting.  One of my teachers years ago was a Navajo Medicine Man.  I never knew him to tell a lie.  He told me that dark evil exists in the world and manifests as skinwalkers.  I know he truly believed what he told me.  I heard similar things from Hunkpapa Sioux and Tuscarora, Medicine Men and a Lakota Sioux Medicine Woman.  (I had 4 Medicine Men and one Woman as teachers).

Herb I send you light as I know you are joking but there are those who believe it will call the evil to you... so for my piece of mind I send you waves of blessing light.  

Being in the desert at night you hear and see things that are hard to explain.  Is it fear playing with your synapses?  Is it cellular memory left over from our ancient ancestors of beasts long extinct?   Anyone who has spent any length of time on a Reservation knows the people (which by the way is what Navojo means... the people) have a knowledge of their environment and how things interact beyond what we find in most rural let alone urban western communities.  There is an understanding that nature can kill you.  You have to respect it.  There are also beliefs that most western culture laughs at.  But non natives who have encountered some of the same "creatures" seem to have eerily similar reactions.  

I take the line of thought that I am safer when I am with people who know their environment than those guessing about it.
Thanks, Laura.  And yes, I make light of it, but the guy was serious.  I have to admire his courage in confronting me, given the evil I represented to him.  And by the way, he was just an ordinary 20-something Anglo dude, probably learned everything he knows about skinwalkers from Tony Hillerman.  My concern was that I had a madman within arm's reach, haranguing me.  Working in one of the USA's most dangerous cities, I carry a firearm at all times.  All I could think of was, "Don't escalate this, don't respond to him."  And, "Dude, keep your hands out in the open."  I kept quiet and let him run out his speech, and he went away.  I hope he finds some help.
I had a crew working in San Francisco and when they got back to St Louis they told me this guy had walked up to them and asked them if the music in his head bothered them.    My crew were adept at dealing with clients, disgruntled hotel employees, impolite transportation carriers... so being on top of things, responded with,  No, thanks for sharing!  And walked off..

You are right dealing with those who are living in a different mental world can be very dangerous and downright scary.   The best thing to do is not escalate it.

There are "Anglos" who think they can put on beads or feathers and be something they have no real understanding about.  Tony Hillermann is fun to read but not very accurate in some of the portrayals.  Like every culture there are good and bad people in them.  No one culture has the market cornered on truth or correctness.  We are all an interesting blend of saints and sinners.
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For us today is the first day of Spring, (yay, because our Winter was crazy), also the end of my midterm 'break'.

Wikitree notes for the week? Connected a number of profiles running through the Prince of Eulenburg as well as Harro Schulze-Boysen (Luftwaffe lieutenant come resistance fighter against the Nazis, whom later died in prison)
as well as my usual routine of minding my own business and then have the "WikiTree potential match finder" show a couple of profiles which are duplicates of themselves and are part of the chain of duplicates.

answered by Richard Shelley G2G6 Mach 9 (94k points)
edited by Richard Shelley
Yes my family were telling me in our chat that "today" was the first day of spring. I had to take a moment to think about that. The first of Sept is the first day of spring in NZ. I have been gone for way too long!!

Right now, today, it is still 31 August in Canada and USA. And we dont start spring until the equinox - on the 21st of September!!.

So we still have 3 more weeks of summer - technically!!
Richard good luck with the rest of your studies!  Sounds like you tackled some interesting and challenging profiles over your holiday!
The last couple of days has been alternating between rain and sun which has made it difficult to get anything dealt with outdoors.
Hi Laura

One of those days of scrolling through the unconnected profiles category, seeing a couple of unusual names, copying those names into a search engine, to find their wikipedia articles and discovering how quickly it would take to connect them. But to decide to connect a whole of German notables (German Military, Teachers, Judges, POWs, Prussian Privy Councillors, German Politicians). A nice change from the stockhouse ease of British Aristocracy where most people are descendants of some noble family
Because there are so few centralized records in Germany you have to know where to look to really source well most Germans.  I know, I have some German branches in my family.
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Today is............


We know it’s autumn by the colors and scents of the season. Most notably, those colors are related to our favorite football teams and the smells of grilling burgers and brats at our tailgate parties. That’s why we recognize the first Saturday in September as National Tailgating Day!

Tailgating is the custom of gathering outside the stadium before the game with fans of the same team for food, beverages and socializing. Gatherings often take place at the tailgate of a pickup truck or the trunk of a car, but neither are required. Grilling and beer are staples of the tailgate party, though chili competitions and recipe challenges are not out of the question. Come hungry!

The original tailgate is unknown. Many teams take pride in claiming this title, as they should. Some writers have suggested the many observers in attendance at the Battle of Bull Run at the beginning of the Civil War in 1861 with their picnic baskets and bottles of claret to be the very first tailgaters of all time. Perhaps.

Tailgating does center around the sport of football. While football has its roots in the game of rugby, it is generally accepted that the first football game in United States history was on November 6, 1869, between Rutgers and Princeton Universities. Fans arrived early to enjoy each others company and some food.

Much like building a community, tailgating hearkens back to a time when pioneering villages would come together to raise the framework of a building. Often followed by a large meal and perhaps a sporting competition of sorts, these harvest traditions were looked forward to year after year.Those who tailgate come back every year,

Those who tailgate come back every year, weekend after weekend. Couples have met, families have grown, bonds have been forged, all
through the community of tailgating.


Put on your team colors, bring your game face, whip up your best batch of jalapeno poppers and get outside to watch your favorite team play this weekend! 

Post your tailgating pics as a comment, we would enjoy seeing them!!!


Luke Lorick president of Tailgating Challenge founded National Tailgating Day as a way to share his passion for the sport of tailgating. The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in 2016. Tailgating Challenge Tailgating Challenge is one of the largest tailgating companies in the world, and Lorick sees every day the joy and friendships tailgating brings to many Americans. To learn more about Tailgating Challenge visit the website at www.tailgating-challenge.com.


answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Be safe while tailgating!  Make sure you keep any "wet" foods at 41 degrees or less.  Why?  Because wet foods tend to grow bacteria faster than dry foods. And get a good meat thermometer cook fowl and pork to 165.  Beef and eggs to at least 145.  Fish and seafood depends but 145 at the least and some should be at 165.   Check the proper food handling and cooking temps at:

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Discussing whether to geocache or not. Slow morning. Did post some way marks. Merged some profiles. Got to mark September things on a calendar before we forget to do them. Sister-in-law visiting at the end of the month, need to work on itinerary. Picnic on Monday. Making progress with nature stuff, printed tree cards but found out I needed to have 2 more pages in booklet. Booklets must be multiples of 4 so we need 16 pages. Primary is this month, we work as inspectors. Dancing starts up too, need to price for members since I am treasurer. Library director retired so I need to find out who to work with for AARP tax-aide. Lists, time to make lists!
answered by Sue Hall G2G6 Mach 8 (83.2k points)
edited by Sue Hall
Whew!  I need a nap after reading all of that!
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The end of Sept and the beginning of Oct is a big event here on WikiTree, The Source A Thon!  Make sure to join a team and join in the fun of sourcing!  It is  great way to learn about where to find sources and to help strengthen the tree by adding sources to unsourced profiles.  


Register at the above link.  

This year because Dorothy is visiting with her son I will be co-captain with Loretta Corbin of the Southern Super Sweepers.  If you want to be part of our team just go to the link above and say you want to be on the Southern Super Sweepers Team.  

We have lots of hints on sourcing for you.  

If you want to join another team that is OK too!  

Good luck to everyone.

That weekend we will not have a Weekend Chat as we want to support this huge event and help make a real difference here on WikiTree.

Register and have fun!
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
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Greetings from Everett, Washington.  My daughter and I are back on the weight loss program.  I am trying not to think about all the foods that we are supposed to ignore.  My son is NOT on the program so I am cooking forbidden foods for him.  I would rather think about diatomaceous earth, and immerse myself in genealogy and sewing, so I don't think about food.

On Thursday I went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe to sew quilt patches for Project Linus.  It was very much a working visit so I had no time really to enjoy the fair, but I was happy just sewing.  I saw a bit of activity around the rodeo where it was "dress up your horse day."  Young ladies leading horses; I saw a horse in a pink ballet tutu and another in a tux.  Afterward I had time only to grab a Polish sausage with onions and then head straight to the Historical Society board meeting at the Mukilteo Lighthouse.

I failed to make 1000 contribution points in August.  GRR. I bet I was close, though.

Comrade Kaspersky doesn't like Find a Grave.  He keeps telling me to disconnect from the site.  He says "I told you so" when the screen is hijacked by a recorded female (British accent) voice telling me that my computer has been hacked and I must call the following number in 5 minutes or all my financial information will be replaced by porn.  I did a control-alt-delete on that one.  Have any of you had similar problems with Find A Grave?  This only happened that one time about a week ago and I've been back to Find A Grave since several times with no problems.
answered by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 1 (16.3k points)
Never had a problem with FaG, unless Norton is killing it before it grows.

Don't eat diatomaceous earth!
So far I have not an issue with FaG but have now and then run into the ransom attack.  Norton generally stops it and lets me exit.  

Diets are hard enough without having to also cook tempting foods for others in the same house.  Good luck!
I've seen warnings on FaG once or twice but so far my system hasn't gotten hacked. Its probably due to using a Mac and most (but not all) malware targets Windows since there are so many more of those systems.

I'm a firm believer in cooking what I want and if the rest in the house don't want it then they have to fend for themselves. When our niece was staying with us, she didn't always like what we had. Our nephew, on the other hand, would eat anything we gave him. Our siblings have all told us that we eat strange things (we're vegetarian so you have to have different things).
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When I'm researching ancestors in Europe I always try to find the houses they lived in long ago. If I have an address then I use "Instant Street View" (http://www.instantstreetview.net/) to look for it. For example, my wife's  family is from the tiny village of Lic Croatia. I simply put that in the Instant Street View search bar and I'm suddenly driving down the only street in Lic! Some countries won't allow apps like this, including Germany. But many do. This morning I spent two hours lost in the Scottish Highlands. Try it! One tip: when your address or street opens, click on the view ahead of you to go forward. You can also turn around with a few clicks.
answered by Bart Triesch G2G6 Pilot (192k points)
edited by Bart Triesch
I did a walking tour of San Pietro a Maida, Gesualdo, Frigento and Grottaminarda that way. Talk about your free trips to Europe.
I use Google Earth to see the locations of my ancestors and mark them.It has a street view function as well.
Yep. Did that for France as well.
Laura and Chris, I'm lost in Scotland again. ;)
Bart that is easy to do since there are multiple locations with the same place name unless you use the full version with the county.  

Try using this:  


Willie hear ye, Bart. Willie don't care. =P

I'm sure Google Earth'll cover the remote parts of Scotland sometime. =)
Sorry. Had a Groundskeeper Willie moment. =)

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