Would you like to participate in the 1776 project?

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The 1776 Project seeks to recognize those who participated in the American Revolutionary War.  

The 1776 Project honors those who were involved in the early history of the United States of America, circa 1773 through 1789, by adding and improving their profiles on WikiTree. This time period covers the Boston Tea Party, through the War for Independence, to the ratification of the United States Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

Loyalists welcome :)

Just send us your request to join and for the 1776 Project Badge by adding your answer below. Please include what you are working on or interested in so I can include it when I award your badge  Thanks!!



asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Juha Soini G2G6 Mach 6 (69k points)
I would like to join the 1776 Project. I am a DAR member, my proven ancestor is Capt. Jason Duncan, Ft Dummer, Dummerston, Vermont. Duncan-1368.  I have a supplemental application in process for Thomas Sargeant, Sargent-3175, also of Ft. Dummer.

A 3rd great grandfather Benjamin Runions, Runions-37, was a private in New York for the duration of the Revolution who later went to Canada.
I would like to join the 1776 project, I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution as well as the Decendents of George Washington’s Army at Valley Forge.

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Several of my ancestors are Revolutionary War soldiers. I would like to join the group to see what I can learn.
answered by David Thomson G2G4 (4.4k points)
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I have been improving the profile for Ivory Luce Sr, my 4X great grandfather, who served with Captain Elias Weld's Vermont Militia company 1778-1780. I would like to be added to the 1776 project.
answered by William Pease G2G1 (1.2k points)
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Hi, my name is Arthur Van Riper [Van Riper-81] and would like to join the 1776 Project.  I have many ancestors that served in the War for Independence (ie. Ayers, Colfax, McGlaughlin, Doremus, Rupe, Roush [the nine brothers], Zirkle and Ryerson). One ancestor was Capt, William Colfax, Commander of Washington's Life Guard and later, Brig Gen of the Bergen Brigade in the War of 1812.  He is from my home town of Wayne, NJ.
answered by Arthur Van Riper G2G1 (1.6k points)
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I would like to join the 1776 Project.  I am currently working on earning membership in the DAR.  I have found five (5) fifth GGrandfathers who served in the Revolution. Thank you for your consideration.
answered by Karen Hopple G2G Crew (360 points)
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I would love to be a part of this project I have many ancestors who fought for the independence of America.  A few who were minutemen some were general soldiers and a possible relative who signed the Declaration of Independence though right now it’s only family lore.
answered by Chris Sanborn G2G1 (1k points)
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I would like to be added to the 1776 project and would be happy to participate.  I have a number of patriot ancestors along my paternal line and one on my maternal line as well.  The best documented patriot ancestor I have is Titus Hart, (1757 - 1844) who served in the Connecticut 7th Regiment, Continental Line from 1777-1781 under Col. Heman Swift.  he enlisted on May 20, 1777 for a term of three years.  Titus saw action at Germantown, wintered at Valley Forge, saw action at Monmouth, and Stony Point.  Thanks.

answered by William Vining G2G Rookie (240 points)
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Yes, I would like to be added to the 1776 project to find more information on  John McCauley 1740-1800 of Virginia. He shows up on numerous muster rolls as a drummer with the 4th Virginia Regiment.
answered by David McCaulley G2G Crew (830 points)
I've sent you a private message.
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I would like to join the 1776 project. I have many Ancestors that were in the American Revolution. Thank you
answered by Elwin C. Nickerson G2G Rookie (230 points)
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I am U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Retired) William Mortensen Vaughan; I served with the G2 Section of the Tenth Mountain Light Infantry Division in Operations Enduring Freedom VII and Iraqi Freedom VI.

I would like to join the 1776 Project because my four times great grandfather Thomas Vaughan (Vaughan-4009) served in the Continental Army when he was about twenty years old.
answered by William Vaughan G2G4 (4.5k points)
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Yes, I would like to be a 1776 Project Member. I belong to DAR and currently identified 3 patriots: Jonathan Paul Yerkes, Tunis Peters, and Reuben Skinner. I already added these relatives to WikiTree. My patriots came from Pennsylvania and Virginia.
answered by Louise Yerkes G2G1 (1.1k points)
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Hi! I would like to join. Some of my ancestors were Patriot  Colonel Nathaniel Venable And his wife Patriot Elizabeth Venable, From North Carolina. I enjoy history and would be fascinated to help out and to Learn more about this period of time. I live in Vermont, but almost all of my ancestors on my mother’s side were Southerners. It’s an old family, going way back to before the revolution. Venable, Daniel, Jones, Hall, Michaux, Worth, Bladen , Morton, Watkins and many other families are connected to mine. Perhaps I will meet cousins here. Let me know if I can help in some way.

Many thanks.
answered by Isabella Fiske G2G5 (5.1k points)
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I would like to be added to the 1776 Project. I have paternal and maternal ancestors who served in the Revolution: most notably: Samuel Ratcliff Jr., Sergeant 6th Company 3rd Regiment South Carolina Mounted Rangers and Benjamin Franklin Howell Private, First New Jersey Regiment.
answered by Bradley Hudson G2G Crew (590 points)
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I would like to join the 1776 Project.  On my wife's line - her 5X Grandfather was a Hessian in the Brunswick Musketeer Regiment (von Specht).  He was a POW that escaped and moved South starting a family in Eastern Kentucky.  I think it would be amazing to maybe find one of my line on the "winning side" of the war and maybe even opposed him on the battlefield ;-)

Ultimately the goal though is to improve all and this period of time is intriguing to study.
answered by Mike Travis G2G Crew (630 points)
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I would like to join the 1776 Project. I am an SAR member through my ancestor George Dickey, who was a sergeant in the South Carolina militia. I also have several other ancestors who served in their colony's militia or in the government.
answered by Darrin Dickey G2G Rookie (200 points)
It seems ike you already are a member.

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