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The Claas Jacobsz in this document seems to be an ancestor of mine.  There's definitely a story here, but I am having a hard time deciphering many of the words.  My Dutch is also just good enough to be dangerous: even when I can read the document well I sometimes do some mis-translating.

This court document is found at  It's document number 18 on pages 28 and 29, quite short as far as these documents go.  I have included my initial translation below. Could anyone help me by translating at least portions of it correctly?  

In a document dated April 13 1690, Jacob Roosekrans officiating as notary, Claas Jacobsz who lives in Wervershoof, transported in his wagon Dr. E. M.'s seven cases to his home.  He was to receive 134 guilders.  Somehow someone was also to receive 3 morgens and 300 roeden of hedge land (hage land) in Wervershoof.  He was supposed to be paid for work in 1689 and so far in 1690, and there seems to be something about a pillow case (sloopen) - he was supposed to be paid another 36 guilders.  There's more about transporting things; it seems Claas may have owed money to a Mr. Quiayn for transport.  I think there were two things Claas was supposed to do that he did wrong.
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Can't really help with deciphering (I'm very bad at old handwriting), but the word slopen can also mean demolish (for instance a house), which might or might not make more sense in this context than pillow case.
You're right.  That would make more sense.  That's the problem with having a limited knowledge of Dutch - enough to have certain conversations but not enough for everything, so you end up relying on the dictionary.

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On this day 13 April Anno 1690 came before me Jacob Roosekrans Public Notary at the Court of Holland officially registered and admitted residing at Wervershoof, in the presence of the after-mentioned witnesses, the honorable Claas Jacobsz living here at Wervershoof, confessing (bekennende?) and professing (belijdende?) provided it is legal or hereby legally, or perhaps it says: unless legally to old, to transport (?) and transfer in fully free property (transporteren op ende op te dragen in volledig vrijen eigendom) to and (aan ende ten be...) of the Honorable Mr Quirijn Bijvoedt (?) Surgeon (Chirurgijn) also at Werverhoof, his seven cows (Sijn seven koeijen ?) nowadays residing in the stable at his place of residence (tegenwoordig tot zijn woonplaats op stal staande) and this for the sum of 134 gulden, ....... huurpenningen, directly from the goods (bruijkwaar ?) of the (...?), half of the piece land (Kragen landt ?) big the whole size is  3 morgen 300 roeden lying in Wervershoof (gelegen in Wervershoof).

Sinlo.. (no clue what the word is) the ones (?) that have already expired before the year 1689 and for the ones that are still standing for the current year 1690 to demolish them and where other than with .... remainder of the rent of .... 38 (?) gulden (restant van de huurpenningen van 38 ? gulden) the comparant will receive of him the claimed and transported cows, already satisfied etc.

I think that this is more something about Claas Jacobs and that he is in debt or behind on paying the rent (huurpenningen) with the landlord or something (perhaps the Surgeon is his landlord so maybe the farm is from the surgeon and Claas rents it ?) so  Claas probably still has to pay rent (huurpenningen) and now offered his cows and the piece of land etc. to reduce or pay his debt.

At the end it looks like it says Mr Quirijn accepts the offer (so the cows and land) and for the time being will just leave the cows (?) with Claas Jacobs...
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Wettelijk cederen = to legally hand over.
Deugdelijke huurpenningen = adequate compensation for use (rent).
Kage-landt (buitendijks land) = piece of land that is situated outside the dike.
morgen and roeden were old units of measurement.
Sulex = zulks +/- that which.
"een restant huurpenningen van ses-en-dertich gulden" = an outstanding rent balance of 36 guilders.

Thanks Mariska that's really great, together we will get there eeh ! :)
Thank you, Bea and Mariska, for your help.  I think I understand the gist of the document now.  I certainly didn't understand most of it!  I'm so glad I asked for help!
It's a pleasure Bertram, as you know we all love a good story :D

O and the word transport or transporteren is just a standard legal term or word they use in the Notarial often just refers to or means the passing of the (transfer-transport) deed at the Notary, so if for example this was about selling a house it would be the legal transfer (or transport) of the home from seller to buyer. (transport from one to the other)

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