No previous merge request, but I still can't merge two profiles

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I see a similar question, I'm trying to merge two profiles, but I keep getting the message that a merge is in progress by another user. There is NO previous merge request on either profile, yet I STILL get this message. It's been at least 3 hours, well over the "5 minutes" the message said.
WikiTree profile: Walter Pike
in WikiTree Tech by Robin Kabrich G2G6 Mach 4 (40.9k points)
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This glitch has been  a problem for a long time.  The way to solve the problem is to go to the Merge screem, but don't request a Merge.  Request an Unmerged Match.  Approve that, then go back to the merge screen and request a Merge.  This has always worked for me.
by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (331k points)
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Ahhh, I didn't think of that! Thanks all, problem solved, profiles merged. I appreciate everyone's input, and please excuse my frustration spilling out onto the comments!
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go to "Find"  on the upper top corner of profile. Go to pending merges and search for Walter Pike.  At the very bottom, it says if error, "Remove" merge.  If you do this, it will remove merge. That should free it so you can redo a merge.  Mary
by Mary H. G2G6 Mach 7 (78.7k points)
Thanks, but there IS no pending merge - I already checked that! It does not exist!
It just may be a glitz then. Or it has already been merged.  Have you refreshed the profile page?
Yes, I have - many, many times, and the TWO Walter Pikes are still there - sigh!

ok, lets see who else you can contact.....How about Michele Hartley, project supervisor for the arborists, or     Good Luck!   Mary  angel

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What I did (Lets see if it works).

1) Go into the screen like you are initiating a new merge. This is actually the same screen to match, reject, compare, or remove. Put in both of the profiles in to the boxes.

2) Click on "remove," which removes any connection between the two profiles.

3) Reinitialize the merge.

Now, the merge shows as pending, so you should be able to approve it.  

This is a known glitch that has been seen before. Hopefully it will be fixed soon :)
by Amanda Pitts G2G6 Mach 1 (16.5k points)
One more time - no one seems to understand - there was NO CONNECTION between the two profiles! I looked at it every which way to REMOVE a connection, but it was NOT there!

However - whatever YOU did, it worked, and I got the profiles merged - thank you! Wiki Tree just has its own mysteries!
Yeah, sometimes during the merge creation process, wires get crossed in the database.  I followed the procedure as outlined above, and the "remove" section removes any conection, even if that connection is one that we cant see.

Glad you did the merges! :)
So is this "glitch" going to be "fixed", yesterday I had 4 occurances of this problem.   To help the seems to happen if I set up one merge into a profile, approve my half of the merge, then try to set up a second merge into that same profile.
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Robin one of the things I do when this happens is to log out completely. Make sure any tabs  open to Wikitree are closed before you log out. It's unclear why this happens.  I have had the same problem as you. Logging out has worked for me  several times.
by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
Wish I'd thought of THAT, too! LOL

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