Salem Witch Trial template adding incorrect category?

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I was looking at the attached profile and noticed that it displays both the high-level category "Witch Trials" and the specific location category "Salem Witch Trials" but when you look at it in Edit mode, only the second one is in the text.

This makes me think that the template {{Witch Trials|Salem}} is auto-displaying the higher-level category. I've got to think that we don't want to have the high level category on individual profiles, correct? Certainly we don't need both? Can someone check?

WikiTree profile: Martha Carrier
in Policy and Style by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (726k points)
retagged by Jillaine Smith
Yes it always adds the Witch Trials category.  The parameter is only used for the displayed text.
So the result is the profile is categorized in two different places-- the high level  category (the page of which clearly states not to use it in individual profiles) and the more appropriate location-specific category.

Seems like the template needs to be fixed to not do this.

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Yes, this is a problem with the categories that many templates dump profiles into.

Here is how it happened.

1) template is created for a broad topic like a whole project

2) project is asked it they want a category assigned to all that get the template.

3) project thinks this is a good idea.

4) instead of creating a new category for the template to dump the profiles in, project looks at the existing categories they are  using.  Project moves high enough up the category structure to find a category broad enough to cover every profile the template is placed on.  It tends to be the broadest category at the top of the project's category organization.  Most of the time, this turns out to be a high level category that otherwise should not have any profiles in it.

So there are a lot of templates that need to be reviewed to see if they are dumping profiles into high level categories that should not have profiles.

I would encourage all projects with templates to review their templates to see if this is occurring.

Then I would encourage them to create a separate maintenance type category to be used by the template such as Category: XXX Project Managed Profiles.

The high level organizational category can then go back to being one for no profiles.

Editbot can make a change like this much easier to cope with, but whoever controls the template needs to do the thinking to figure out what they want done.
by Mary Jensen G2G6 Mach 8 (87.2k points)
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There is many things, that can be done about categories.

Looking at Witch Trial template, all parameters are not useful except Salem.


There is also no category hierarchy to put profiles in.

except the Salem one.

I wouldn't make generic categorisation for now. I would just set category Category:Salem_Witch_Trials instead of Category:Witch_Trials in case the parameter is Salem. That would remove 178 profiles from top level one and move them into Salem one. I guess most of them have also manually added Salem_Witch_Trials, but they wouldn't need to. Just let me know if this is what you want and I will do it.

All this profiles should also be managed by the project. Since Witch trails is subproject of you should see with them to get this going. It was extensively discussed in leaders group.


by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (451k points)
I added the black_sheep tag hoping to get their attention. Thanks, Aleš
Adding comment here to hopefully get attention of Black Sheep project. Or to hear from Aleš if there's been an update.

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