Is anyone with a FamilySearch LDS Member account willing to find records for me?

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The records I need can only be seen by someone with an LDS member (mormon) account on FamilySearch, so I can't access any of them :( I've tried with a regular account and it doesn't work, sadly.

Most of the records I'm interested in are from the 1800s, in one specific town in the Philippines. These are census, civil and church records. Unfortunately, most of these records aren't indexed, either. So I can't just use the search function.

I feel really bad asking this because it's not just as easy as getting me a copy of a record attached to a link. But I just have no way of making it easier to find the records, short of asking an LDS Member to let me borrow their account so I can find them myself.

Not being able to find these records is causing huge brick walls in my search. The family history centre is very, very far away from where I live :( but even there, I can only see the records with an LDS account.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Please message me if you can.
in Genealogy Help by A Adina G2G Rookie (230 points)
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Hi A,

Would you post the URL's of the profiles you would like information. There may be some other ways we can narrow down the information.
There are multiple ways to open the back door at FS. An LDS account is just one of them. As Steve wrote, if you give some specifics, people may be able to help.
Hi Steve,

When I wrote this question last night I hadn't been given full access to wikitree yet, but I have it now! I am still in the process of making profiles for everyone and uploading trees :) I'm still new to this and am very excited!

D Kenney posted an answer below and I'm going to comment on it with more information about the people I'm currently looking for. Thank you so much for responding !
Hi J Palotay,

As I wrote to Steve, D Kenney posted an answer to my question, and I'm going to comment on it wiht the information about the people I'm currently looking for. Thank you so much for responding :) I didn't know there were back doors for FS! I'd love to know more about those, thank you for mentioning them.

Okay, I said I was going to comment on an answer but I'm super new to wiki tree and now I can't find the comment button to D Kenney's answer. So here is what I was going to comment:

Hi, thank you so much for responding! Well, I am looking for a lot of things but ANYTHING at all would help. I'll just list the current brick walls I have. Sorry if it's a bit messy!:

  • I want to know if Marciano Adina (born before 1862) or his father Doroteo Adina are listed in the census for Meycauayan Bulacan. Or Doroteo's wife Fermina Alarilla. They lived there in the late 1800s. I'm hoping they're in this census catalogue: Film # 007922290

  • I also want to know if Domingo Camba and Cleotilde Benita are in the same census records listed above. They are the parents of Brigida Camba (born 1865), Marciano Camba's (2nd?) wife.

  • Are Dolores Juson, Laureano Juson or Tomas Juson in the census records or landowner records of Meycauayan, Bulacan? I know they owned property in what would become Calvario in Meycauayan. According to a lawsuit I found on Google, Dolores inherited property from Tomas and Laureano, and I estimate that to be at around the 1900s or late 1800s. I'm hoping they're in the land records here:

  • I'm looking for the name of Marciano Adina's first wife. They had a son named Juan Adina born in 1879 in Meycauayan Bulacan. I know their eldest son is named Mariano Adina, but I don't know when he was born.

  • A birth record of Brigida Camba. Her parents are Domingo Camba and Cleotilde Benita, as I mentioned earlier. She was born sometime around 1865. She died in Meycauayan at around 1943. She would also likely have been born in Meycauayan.

  • A birth record for Marciano Adina. Unfortunately, I don't know the year he was born - some time before 1862. I know he died in Meycauayan, probably around 1940s +/- 20 years. He was very likely born in Meycauayan, as well.

  • More information on Doroteo Adina (born before 1862), married to Fermina Alarilla. His son, Marciano, is listed as a mestizo in his son's baptismal record. Which means Doroteo or Fermina or both were either mixed as well, or immigrants. I would love to know when and where Doroteo was born, and if he had a different surname before the Claveria decree. Their "race/caste" would have been listed in the censuses, if they're there

  • More information on Cleotilde Benita and Domingo Camba. Their daughter, Brigida Camba, is listed as a mestiza in her son's baptismal record. Their "race/caste" would have been listed in the censuses, if they're there

  • More information on Ysabel David/Baluyot/Beltran, who died in 1944-1945 in Meycauayan. She had an illegitimate daughter named Margarita (1905-1983), who later married Pastor. Ysabel later married a Jacinto Beltran

  • A baptism record for (Maria) Elena Juson Tomas born in August 18 1920/1923, also in Meycauayan Bulacan. Parents: Dolores Juson, Anastacio Tomas
  • Beatriz Dazo's death in Meycauayan Bulacan in 1949, possibly in August. She was married to Camilo Adina.

Thank you so much for any help anyone can give at all!

I found some of the images. I'm looking at the marriages. They're in Spanish. I'm going to send you one. Do you speak Spanish or will you need it transcribed/translated?
Thank you! I really appreciate you looking! I speak Spanish. No need to transcribe/translate, although you're welcome to if you want to!

2 Answers

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It is very unlikely that an LDS member would give you access to their account (username and password) so that you can search a large number of records, but depending upon what you are looking for, there are other sources that may contain the information you are seeking. Can you provide more details--names, POB, DOB, spouse, etc? Many LDS members have access to resources that are on other websites that may have the information you are looking for.
by D Kenney G2G6 (9.7k points)
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I realize this is a rather old post, but if you go to a FHC one of the volunteers may be able to help you. But note that not all the volunteers are LDS members.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (417k points)

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