Quit using the word sourcerer, unless your into witchcraft!

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This sounds too much like witchcraft, when using sourcerer. There is a

similar spelling, sorcerer. How about sourcing?!
in Policy and Style by Anonymous V G2G Crew (390 points)
Again, well stated Kitty.

Kitty, please consider the related thread, below.  That one actually took the form of a question, and a fairly polite one at that, and yet it netted four downvotes.  Look how much we have evolved, in only two months!

Yeah, I just don't like the down vote thing, I guess. It gives no information, and is not helpful.
Exactly, totally agree, haven't been around that long here, but I still can't find much use in down-voting.  Everyone seems to get one sooner or later but never sure why.  Comments are much better for that seems to me.
There seems to be pretty broad agreement about the uselessness of downvotes (just type downvote into the Search box).  We don't seem to be able to get rid of them or improve them by requiring an explanation.

Note there is also no requirement to explain a flag.  The mods just have to figure out why it's there.
Herbert, glad to read your comment about fearing words and well said too, sums some of it up pretty well.
Thanks, Art!

Why didn't you put this in an answer so I could upvote?  yes  

Edit to add:  this is for the response ... "you're" ...

Well, since downvotes are said to be "unhelpful", then "upvotes" are probably just as unhelpful too, and gives no information either.
People post things they believe are accurate, correct, on point, etc. If others disagree, an explanation provides a learning opportunity.  Also, requiring an explanation would eliminate the erroneous downvotes we so often hear about.  If others agree, who needs an explanation?  Nothing to learn there.   Downvotes should simply indicate disagreement, but they have been used maliciously in the past (review the related threads).

Upvotes indicate agreement and generally good vibes only.  Upvotes without downvotes would go along with the ethos of 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.'  Upvotes also greatly reduce the volume of 'Me too' posts.

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Sources are sourced by sourcerers.

It is supposed to be a play on words and spelling.

The only reason anyone would object as you have done - is for religious reasons and we do NOT DISCUSS religion in this forum!!

Nothing more needs to be said.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
selected by Peter Mulligan
I'd disagree that we don't discuss religion (at least from a genealogical perspective), but we try not to start conversations that would end in arguments about it, and we don't use the forum to prosthe..um... recruit for it. LOL - never could spell that crazy word.
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Late one night, long ago, I picked up a hitchhiker at a lonely intersection way out in the country.  Overly grateful, he asked how he could ever thank me?  I told him I always wanted to become a famous guitar player.  "Sorry," he replied, "That one's taken."  Oh well, I thought, and conversation moved on to other matters including but not limited to hobbies like genealogy.  I dropped the fellow off in the next town, and never thought much about the casual encounter between two solitary travelers.  But ever since that night, I've had an uncanny ability to dig up records and to read old handwriting, sometimes in languages I know almost nothing about. 


by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (412k points)

It seems that a few other Wikitree members must have met up with this hitchhikersmiley

Thanks for the laugh, Herbert!  laugh

Love it!

Thank you Black, Art!    wink

So that's where those "magic" sourcerers come from.

Pity I haven't met up with this hitchhiker.

But then I don't drive so I cant!! LOL
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And what is the problem with Witchcraft? It's essentially an archaic term.
by Eric Weddington G2G6 Pilot (166k points)

That's just what a witch would say.  Nothing to see here, folks.  angel

Which witch would say that, Herbert?
A wicked willful wanton wily witch would!
Oh, THANX - now I know!  Methinks we need one of those signs like they have in parks that say "no littering", but ours needs to say "no alittering".
LOL touche!
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(Mickey Mouse as the Sorceror's Apprentice)

by Eric Weddington G2G6 Pilot (166k points)
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Context is everything. Sourcerers on WikiTree have nothing to do with witchcraft (though I do rely on a little WikiTree magic (members on G2G) from time to time laugh ).

by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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My spell check agrees with him.  It always puts that dreaded red line under the word.  I just go on my merry way,
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (165k points)
I wonder if that means that the U in sourcerer is a british spelling as opposed to american spelling - like a lot of words that are british - that have a U in them...

Harbour, Labour, Neighbour etc

So maybe he is really just complaining about british versus american spelling?
Wouldn't that be sourcerour, Robynne?
and all these years I've been thinking that a sourceror is a chef who is very accomplished at making flavorful thick liquids to pour (or is that pore) over meats.
No.  That's a saucerer.
Is that the one who chants "bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble" while making the source ... or is it sorce?  I think I'd better get out of town on a flying sauceror before I get tarred and feathered or maybe worse.

After looking frantically, I can't find a sauceror ... gotta do it the old fashioned way ... now where did I leave my broom?
Sauceror? I think my GGrandfather was one until he got ejected on the way to Roswell.
You guys are hilarious,. Thanks for the Giggles while I reading all these comments in my email!!  LOL
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Hi Stephen, Welcome to the one world wide WikiTree.

Your statement/question brought to mind the hub-bub when the Harry Potter book series came out.  The world was cautioned against reading these children's books because they were about magic and witchcraft.  Remember that?

No real point to this "answer", I was just thinking about how the Harry Potter series developed and expanded, in part because they were a guilty pleasure where magic and witchcraft ultimately triumphed over evil.
by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (472k points)
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You've all been warned.  Don't complain if you get turned into frogs.
by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (451k points)
RJ, as long as nobody kisses me, they won't turn into a frog.  Now you stop scaring people!

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