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WikiTree profile: Laura Bozzay
closed with the note: Event is over
asked in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
closed by Laura Bozzay
Welcome Everyone to the Weekend Chat for the the first full weekend in September.  Apples are ready for picking in many place, harvest is in full swing.  Temperatures are beginning to change.  

At the end of this month WikiTree hosts a big event, The Source - A - Thon. This is a great way to meet others, to participate on a team, to help source unsourced profiles and make our shared tree healthier.  Register here: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/677899/have-you-registered-for-the-source-a-thon-yet-3?start=20#a_list_title

Make sure to indicate which team you would like to be on.  (I am co-captain of the Southern Super Sweepers this year filling in for Dorothy... that is my shameless plug!)  But whatever team you may decide to join, make sure to have fun!
The Apple Festival is ready to start up near me in Hendersonville, N. C. Everything apple this time of year. Lots of fun!

Thanks for hosting again, Laura!
I just read the other day that Gala is now the #1 apple in the US.  It dethroned Red Delicious which had been at the top of years.
I pref gala over red delicious.
Here is the current ranking of apples in the US


(Yep here we go again, another food related posting!)
Welcome to the chat Anonymous Helderman!  My husband is a Fuji and a Gala guy... I am a Honey Crisp gal.  We always seem to have some kind of apple around here...
Chris F is going take over for me today.  I am out on an annual event that is full of puzzles, codes, road rally and trivia all rolled into one!
Apples. My favorite are Northern Spy. Good eating but also the pie apple. Unfortunately I can only find them in New York.
The last word in apples:  Honeycrisp.
I like red delicious apples myself.
Thanks for hosting the WikiTree Weekend chat Laura.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend chat even the newbies and also to WikiTree.
Hope you all enjoyed this Weekend Chat and hope to see you back again for the next Weekend Chat.  

Stay safe everyone in the path of that hurricane!  Let us know you are OK!

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This week a significant upgrade in our ability to search for a person was deployed.   If you have not seen it, it was announced in this thread:  https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/676181/did-you-see-the-new-search-improvement   In this newly improved search function we can now search on additional criteria besides just the name.  These include the ability to search on:

Birth or death location(s): this is really wonderful when you have a common name. Also, when you are trying to pinpoint a specific person who lived in a specific location.  What I like is you can search on a first name, birth year, and location in case the spelling of the surname is using a variant. 

Parents' name(s):  this is really great because you can drop in a surname with the parents and get all the children.

Gender: while this may not seem on the surface like a great thing it can be because some names are male or female depending on country.  Jean is male in French while female in English, Christian is female in Scotland while male in Germany and many English countries.  And I am sure there are other such examples. 

There have also been improvements to the handling of last names. In addition to ranking improvements, you can:

Exclude last name variants: so if you only want to see a single version of the name you can reduce the number of possible people to review

Limit last name matches to the last name at birth or married/current last name:  in the case of a woman or adoptee this allows you to concentrate on specific times in a person’s life. 

A caution: Most of the changes only apply to the main search engine, not the automatic matches when creating new profiles and in GEDCOMpare and FindMatches. WikiTree is also working on the ability to page through more than 100 results, and improved handling of certain non-Latin characters in certain fields.

 Chris Whitten has requested:  If you spot any bugs, or if you have other ideas for improvements, post them on the thread and Jamie (Nelson) will collect them.

Give these new features a try at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:SearchPerson

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)

Some more names which are written the same way but with different genders in different countries:

Simone is female in French, English and German, but male in Italian

Andrea is female in German, but male in Italian

Nicola is female in English German, written with C it's male in Italian and Nikola (written with K) is male in Balkanian languages.

I have a good story about Nikola and female in my own family. My uncle often got official letters which were addressed to: "Mrs. Nikola...." Once he told my mum: "Next time you gonna take a pic of me naked, and then I'm gonna send it them when they write again to Mrs. ..."

Jelena, that made me laugh so hard my glasses fell off!  Thanks for joining us here on the Weekend Chat!
LOL! That was a good story. =)
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Happy Birthday to Elizabeth I.  https://www.onthisday.com/people/queen-elizabeth-i She is one of the best-known female rulers in history.  England during her reign was an exciting place.  So, this word search is to find people, places, and things that played a part in England during her time.  September 7, 1533 - March 24, 1603. There are 42 words or phrases to find.

For more about our England Project see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:England

Elizabethan Puzzle

Answers are in the Answer Folder and a copy of the puzzle in both docx and pdf format can be found at:



answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
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Today is....

                     NATIONAL GRANDMA MOSES DAY


Happy Birthday to Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka Grandma Moses, who was born on September 7, 1860.   Each year on September 7, people across America join in the celebration of the anniversary of her birth on National Grandma Moses Day.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses (September 7, 1860 – December 13, 1961) is an example to us all of an individual who successfully began a career in the arts at an advanced age. A renowned American folk artist, Grandma Moses first started painting in her 70s after arthritis made it difficult to embroider, her original medium.  Known most of her life as either “Mother Moses” or “Grandma Moses”, she was discovered when Louis J. Caldor saw her work in a drugstore window in Hoosick Falls, New York. An amateur art collector, Caldor convinced the Museum of Modern Art to include Moses in a folk art show for members-only.  Caldor’s discovery and MOMA opportunity eventually lead to a one-woman show.  While Moses displayed her work under the name Mrs. Moses, the press eagerly dubbed her “Grandma Moses” and the name stuck.   

As part of her 100th birthday celebration, LIFE magazine featured Grandma Moses September 16, 1960, cover.

Many of Grandma Moses’ paintings were used to publicize American holidays, some of which included Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mother’s Day.  In a Mother’s Day feature in a 1947 True Confessions, it was noted how  “Grandma Moses remains prouder of her preserves than of her paintings and proudest of all of her four children, eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.” 

Grandma Moses’ exhibitions were so popular during the 1950s that they broke attendance records all over the world.  

“A cultural icon, the spry, productive nonagenarian was continually cited as an inspiration for housewives, widows, and retirees. Her images of America’s rural past were transferred to curtains, dresses, cookie jars, and dinnerware, and used to pitch cigarettes, cameras, lipstick and instant coffee.”

  • 1950 – Cited as one of the five most newsworthy women.
  • 1951 – Honored as Woman of the Year by the National Association of House Dress Manufacturers.
  • Age 88 – Mademoiselle Magazine named her “Young Woman of the Year.”
  • Awarded the first honorary doctorate from Philadelphia’s Moore College of Art.
  • 1969 – A United States commemorative stamp was issued in her honor.
  • 2006 – Her work Sugaring Off (1943) became her highest selling work at US $1.2 million.  Sugaring Off was a prime example of the simple rural scenes for which she was well-known.
  • Grandma Moses’ painting, Fourth of July, was given, by Otto Kallir, to the White House where it still hangs today.


New York Governor, Nelson Rockefeller, proclaimed September 7 as Grandma Moses Day in 1960 in honor of Grandma Moses’s 100th birthday.  

To celebrate National Grandma Moses Day, enjoy looking up and admiring her beautiful artwork. Also check her out on WikiTree: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Robertson-3751

Add the names of those on your tree who lived to be 100 and beyond as a comment here on this post!! 

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
I had one great aunt who came close to 100.  She died about 8 months prior to her 100th birthday.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hempen-8
My grandmother's first cousin is still alive at 101!
I had an aunt,  my blood uncle's wife, who lived to 104.  She was the oldest
alumni of her college for many years.  Although she was blind for her last decade, her mind remained sharp almost all of her life.  To you, Aunt Mable Clark Maltby

Long lived family members. huh? Okay. I'll take a crack at this.

My great-aunt is 95. Feisty Italian lady.

My grandfather lived to be 94.

My great-grandfather lived to be 92.

His mother lived to be 100! https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Capobianco-9

My 2x great-grandparents were very long lived as well. On both sides. 

My Uncle is currently 99 years and 4 months old.

His 100th birthday will be in May 2019.

NO wikitree profile yet, because he is still living!!

My grandfather died when he was 95.

I have no other relatives that I know of, who have reached such lofty heights - I mean ages LOL
Good for your uncle, Robynne! That is amazing!
What is there about her picture that makes me think of Granny on The Beverley Hillbillies?

Irene Ryan's character's name was Daisy 'Granny' Moses!  I bet that was no accident.


Oh you too are making me laugh!  What a blast form the past!
LOL Laura I can remember who played Granny, but I walk into a room and forget what I came for.
Selective memory Herb.  The shows are fun.  You were probably going into that room to do something you would rather not be doing...   the good news is that as we get older we can call those senior moments and then just do what we want!
I don't know if I ever remembered her called anything but Granny but the
last name sure gives us a clue.
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For me, the weekend started yesterday when we brought our Clan Tent to Estes Park to setup for the 3 day Festival. We host the Clan MacCallum/Malcolm Society tent. Ut started off on a down note. I lost my wallet so had to get a driver’s license replaced and cancel and request new credit  cards. Then a torrential downpour wit hail. Today is much, much better. Genealogy will mostly be talking to people about their’s
answered by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (228k points)
How exciting. Ever been to the “granddaddy” of them all Grandfather Mountain Games? Been to Charleston, Savannah, and Waxhaw games, and the next one I to go to is the Loch Norman games, named after a Lake Norman near Charlotte, N. C. I helped to work the Macneil tent at all the others I attended. Just love it!!
We have the Highland Games here in October.  I have lots of surnames I get to visit...Robertson, Kerr, Mackie a Sept of MacKay, Henderson, Cheyne, and more.
Robertson (Donnachaid) is my other major Scottish line. Lots if fun at these festivals although it is exhausting being an introvert and having to be “on” all weekend.

Haven’t been to Grandfather Mountain yet. Somehow the South in mid Summer sounds hot and humid. We’ll get there eventually.
Mine were from Aberdeenshire.  Strichen I think..
Does Donnachiad include the Reids? If so, then I’m one, too.
Reids are part of Donnachaid.
That is awesome Doug - bet it is super fun - my Scots are Orkney so I do not think they do the clan thing the same - but this sounds like the ultimate
We spent a few days in Orkney back in 1994 and fell in love with it. Someday I will get back.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

First order of business. I just found this in my recommendations on YouTube as I've been linked to several Golden Girls videos. I think you might like it and it is....appropriate to the site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFjniRa5WUI

I imagine stuff like that happens QUITE often 'round here. "Ah'm a southerner." "Oh, reeaaally? Looks like South Boston to me, chief."

Not much going on on the genealogy front. I did talk to a third cousin on Facebook and added her. She told me some stories. Stories I of course cannot repeat. Never go against the family. She did ask me to scan a pic of my grandmother and her sisters for her. I'll be happy to do that.  The pic is them sitting on the hearth in my house. Good pic. Been having fun talking to her. Meanwhile my mom made some sauce. Both pesto and red from stuff in the garden.

The garden is just about closed. We still have basil, tomatoes and a few other veggies growing. Not much else. I still wonder if there's anything remotely French Canadian in terms of cuisine. Her mother rarely cooked anything French. But her grandparents did. That's okay, though. Food's food. Everybody mangia!

I submitted more people to Blaine's shared cM project. If you have time, go check it out! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5a0SIHIeiwLl5Wxn4sLqgnRV-su2klK2W_YzIJc9xq2i4zw/viewform

Dunno how many more I am going to submit. Probably flooded the poor guy's inbox. Whoops. XD

That's about it from me. Have a good, clean chat. And enjoy some Golden Girls goodness.
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
The only thing left to harvest for us are the tomatoes. Planted those after the constant rain killed everything else off!
Tomatoes can survive a ton of stuff thrown at them! Garlic didn't grow very well. Ah well.
I've been enjoying local Amish tomatoes this summer.  I was bitterly disappointed to drive by and see that the row of tomato plants had turned black with many green tomatoes hanging on them.  We are still about three weeks away from our average killing frost watches and the weather has been nice.  I suspect a disease blew in with the last rain storm.
I bet we can't do a chat without some mention of food!
With me around? Are you kidding?!

Too bad about the tomatoes. That sounds so gross.
Probably late blight.
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I am back, for now at least. It is much more seasonal here in Northeast Ohio as far as the weather goes. Last weekend and most of this week found me doing other things and not on WikiTree much but I have managed to reduce my watchlist to under 1200 and open up even more profiles but even that is getting harder. So far I have less than half of the profiles I manage with any kind of editing restrictions for others and plan on opening up many more but I have a large number of unlisted profiles that are for notables and most of the unlisted profiles I manage I will probably not be around when they can eventually be opened, not a reason to worry but rather a statement of fact. I have edited every profile on my watchlist since March 26th of this year and continue to work slowly thru the list again. I have managed to create a couple of new profiles in an effort to correct the only suggestion on my list about an unconnected notable, Boeing-8 for any who wish to work on that one, but I will be missing most of the day Sunday with a VE test session followed by the executive committee meeting on Sunday afternoon.  In other parts of my life I will be assisting teaching an entry level class for people who want to become Amateur Radio Operators this fall, probably in late October or early November, but that would be only 2 weekends if things go as planned.

answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Just found out that my plans for Sunday may be a wash out. They are predicting 5 inches of rain and possible activation of the Emergency Management Agency and if they do that our events would be cancelled because we use their building, not to mention that I could be activated with Skywarn because of the storms.
We are participating in an event tomorrow and it happens rain or shine.  We will have to pretend we are ducks.  Thunderstorms and lots of rain forecast for here too.
Cool, Dale. Many thanks!
Laura, Our problem is that we are scheduled to use the building but if an emergency strikes and they activate we get kicked out. That has never happened before but if it does it is a small price to pay for the use of the building and parking lot for free.
Pip and Chris - another place to check is arrl.org. From there you can find tons of information, including local clubs in your area. Once you find a club you will find folks like Dale who will act as a mentor (called an Elmer), and local classes and tests.
My grandfather used to do ham radio. He had a great time with it. Never seen him actually use it, though.
Kay you are correct. Pip I do know there are good clubs in the Charlotte North Carolina area, one puts on a Hamfest every spring in March, https://w4bfb.org/ I  have been to that hamfest, and another has theirs in July, http://www.rowanars.org/ . Sorry Chris I don't know where you live but Kay's advice will help if you wish more information. To my knowledge the youngest ham was 5 when she got her license and the oldest active ham is over 100 so age is not a factor and most of the questions on the test are at about the 9th grade science level so it is not that hard to get started plus you can pick up a basic handheld radio for under $100, my cheapest one was less than half that, so it is not that expensive to get started. You can find all of the possible questions and the answers at the arrl.org web site Kay mentioned but the actual test is only 35 multiple choice questions and if you score 70% or better you pass. The club I belong to is in Northeast Ohio and wee offer classes about 3 times a year, this fall we are offering the Tech and General license classes and in the spring we will have the Extra class for sure. We also provide the books on loan at no cost and out test sessions are free as well but most clubs are not that generous

We would love to have you join the fun.
Wow Dale - hope you do not get flooded out - my daughter moved to a suburb of Madison Wisconsin and they are having a hell of a time up that way with flooding - now we get the remains of the not quite a hurricaine coming up I guess - I have no wipers so I better wash the windshield and put the rainex on there again - good ole Decoursey - because of Decoursey I got to Wikitree and so much of my family was well done already from folks fixing those
Navarro, I live about 20 feet or more above the small creek that eventually turns into the Cuyahoga River and my home is raised about 3 feet above the ground so if I get flooded we better have an Ark. That and the distance I am from the Emergency Management Agency building is why the club likes me to be involved, it only takes me about 5 minutes to get to the EMA building.
Just an FYI about Ham Radio. I wear hearing aids in both ears and wear bifocal glasses. There are many modes that can be used by deaf or blind people so those are not really handicaps with Amateur Radio service. We even have people designated to read the test to those who can nor read for whatever reason.
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Hey, cousins, what's the buzz?

Thanks for hosting the Chat, Laura!

This week I continued the Williams rabbit hunt that began after taking the bait in a handwriting thread.  That, and waging the never-ending battle against dark forces, ignorance, and rudeness!

We have had a good amount of rain over the last month or so, and now something insidious is blooming beyond the capacity of my allergy pills to cope.

Something new this week - my first attempt at an insect.  I had to improvise on this one because the original design involved scissors (a huge sin in the origami world).  That's what I get for wandering away from sensei Nakashima.

Origami bee



answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (291k points)
The wife will love this one, her name means “honey bee” in Greek.
Thanks, Pip!  I looked that up, and learned something new.  I want to find a better bee model.  Not crazy about this one.
Your choice, Chris!
As long as it doesn't say "HEY! LISTEN!" every five minutes. =) I'll stick with a bee.
Look a tribute to Buzz Buzz!  It's a honey.......
Haha, my  best to Buzz Buzz, Laura!

What's a Buzz Buzz?

That the Honeybee from Honey Nut Cheerios?
My friendly back yard bee (family as Doug explained).  Yep, I talk to bees... learned that from Mad Bear!
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Good Weekend to All!

I spent the week sourcing ,today I am enjoying some gardening.

answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
Getting ready for the Source A  Thon?   Pretty flowers!
+11 votes
Hi everyone

Pretty quiet week for me.

I have found 3 people in my DNA matches - all in the USA and all adopted - who all seem to be related to my mothers maternal line so I am busy trying to get that tree filled in - so I can find out of any descendent of this family moved from England to the USA or from NZ to the USA. There are descendents from a second marriage for which records in NZ are not yet available because they were born less than 100 years ago. So I got in touch with the one half second cousin I found earlier this year and asked her if she could send me a list of her fathers 12 siblings and her grandfathers 12 siblings...  I hoping that one or more of these siblings was in the USA at the right time and place.  Am currently waiting for this list. She will speak to her father over the weekend.

My family chat starts in just over 2 hours from now.

Other than that, my lousy summer is continuing and I dont have much else to report. I have to change that word because people make a fuss when I swear!! LOL
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (463k points)
Good luck with the list and glad you made it here. (Fast linking by your friendly neighborhood Wikitreer)
Thanks for the link, Chris!! LOL
No problem! =D
Let us know if you need any help tracking people down in the US.  Hope you get some answers!  And hope you feel better soon!
Thanks Laura.
+11 votes

Howdy from the South, fellow Wikimeisters!

Got my unsourced pre-1700 profiles down to FOUR!!! Well, I didn’t get them down; the wonderful folks on G2G did. So pleased and thankful. I was almost embarrassed to throw them out there, but it was worth it. Woohoo! I’m so excited I could bust!

Jillaine found a great piece of evidence for me that supported two stories I’d been told about my paternal grandfather. Soooo cool!

I’ve been engaged in the Greeters Project the past couple of weeks following the excellent training I got from David and with the patience of all the other Greeters. It’s great to be able to contribute this way, as I have been on the receiving end  of assistance so much more on WT. 

I have spend my “extra” time sourcing some of the profiles closer to home, and entering remembrances of my grandmother about those she knew. If only I had known the questions to ask back then!! 

The wife got a very good medical report this week, and I’ve received a fairly good one for the most part. Hanging I there, I am. Decided to quit smoking... again. Smoked for about 25 years, quit for seven, back in for the past three. Doc said, “Quit, or else!” So, I quit. (I like my doc, and I’m feeling better already.)

Finished Longmire on Netflix and just hated that it ended. It’s wasnt a bad ending, it just ended. Grrr. Loved the show. Recommendation from things we enjoyed: Shetland (Scottish murder show) and Hinterland (a Welsh one), and both of these end well also. (I’m partial to shows in my ancestors’ lands!)

Bless y’all for your assistance and fun the past week! Thanks, Laura, for once again for hosting the Weekend Chat!

answered by Pip Sheppard G2G6 Pilot (828k points)
All good shows, Pip!  Check out Broadchurch, if you haven't yet.  I hated to see Longmire end, but I liked that they actually ended it rather than just stopping it.

Medicos told my Mom 'Quit or else' right up until she died at 87.  If they say it long enough, they eventually get it right.
Pip, you and my husband are Longmire fans.  He just watched all the episodes on Netflix from beginning to end in a binge watching festival.  He like you is sad it has come to an end.  

Glad you got lots of help on your family.  It never ceases to amaze me what people can come up with.
Have you seen Stranger Things or the Marvel Netflix shows, Pip?
I saw all of season one and have begun season 2 I think!
Cool. Love that show.
Oh, yeah. Saw Broadchurch, too, and loved it! Love those British crime shows... well, many of them.

How about Luther (pronounced 'Loofah')?   smiley

Chris, I have to find stuff that we, the with and I, can both watch. I’d love to watch Stranger Things, but... Love ALL of the Marvel stuff. Have to watch it when someone surprise is busy doing something else! laugh

Oh, another one we watched, Luther. It was great, too!
The Marvel Netflix shows are good. Just wish Iron Fist was a little better. I heard season 2 was better. Daredevil season 3 is coming soon. The teaser has a poster asking "Where's Matt Murdock?" My response?

*Finger snap*

"Foggy? I don't feel so good."

HI Pip I appreciate the compliment

Meister is the German word meaning master.

Yay I'm a WikiMaster. cool

Yes you are! And I’m not just throwing that out. I personally know it’s true.
+10 votes
After three days of extremely hot weather we are now cooling down.  It is unusual to have the first couple of days of school in northern New York be in the 90s.  Not conducive to back to school problems and new things. I  had a check up with my doctor and he said my knee is better than most two month after surgery patients.  I had to quit therapy because it kept making my ankle swell up, like a medium sprain, and I couldn't walk on it.  The doctor said some people react that way.  I had tried to hire a local
teenager to cut burdocks that I couldn't do earlier.  After him agreeing to come the next day, I haven't heard from him for a week.  I spent the morning cutting them by sitting in my folding chair, cutting a stack and moving to a new place and repeating.  I am being careful that I will not be falling, doing it that way.  That is how I raked my lawn this spring.  One can be quite inventive when push comes to shove.  We live very near Fort Drum, N. Y.  It is the home of the 10th Mountain Army Division, the most deployed military group in the United States and main service group in the
battles in the Far East for the last ten years.  While I am doing my contortions I think of so many of our wounded soldiers having to cope with so much more like blown off legs, arms, etc.  I thank my lucky stars
I live in a country that furnishes me health care and the ability to receive
a knee replacement that has me about 99% as good as I was before.  I
can walk on my own leg, not a prothesis or robotic hand or foot.
answered by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
edited by Beulah Cramer
Hardy stock and good genes!   Glad your healing is going well!
Thanks.  So am I.
Beulah, I’m so glad to hear you are recovering so well. Teenagers! What can you do with ‘em?
Apparently nothing with a certain one.  He graduated in June but apparently still does not have a full time job.  I really know nothing about him.  A friend
sent me to his house and we only conversed through an open car window in the driveway.
Glad you are healing well. Only hearty people live near Tug Hill! I lived over the first hill on 26 north of Rome for one winter (West Branch). I am always amazed doing genealogy and seeing families who settled in that area in the early 1800s. It makes me think of the abandoned houses you see riding through 46 Corners.
Hope the weather was good for your family vacation and cemetery visits.  We just had a very hot start for schools.  My grit now gives  up and I head for Florida for five months in the winter.  I can't imagine having to live through those years with horse and sleighs.  Our farm deed has a retained easement for going through a (now) neighbor's back yard with our horse and sleigh when the road (now an abandoned but farm field road) is closed.
I kid about trying that sometime with my deed in hand when they call the police for trespassing.  I'd probably be shot first and look later with today's atmosphere.
Old deeds are wonderful for research but also for an insight into how land management worked.
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Greeting from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Busy week with seem to be lots going on. An interesting meeting of the Brightlingsea Branch of the Royal Naval Association RNA) , where they were presented with a new White Ensign ( Royal Navy Flag)  for use mainly on the town flagpole by the War Memorial in Victoria Place. The present one was somewhat worn and discussion was ongoing about sourcing a replacement. The New White Ensign was handed over to RNA Chairman Bill Dobson by Mike Houlding, Mayor Deputy of the Cinque Port Liberty of Brightlingsea. 

On the family history front - an unexpected discovery my first cousin four times removed - Sarah Victoria Jefferies (Jefferies-369) , I find married Anthony Benier (Benier-2) who came from the Netherlands. Usually I find marriages are between local families,  so this was a real surprise. 

Am trying to keep up the work on the family tree - but its mainly on my mothers side which is mainly Brightlingsea. 

Have a great weekend everyone.....................

answered by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 6 (69.4k points)
edited by Chris Burrow
Visited a few websites about Brightlingsea. Lovely place! Would love to see it for real. They got sailboat tours out of the port? I’d love that, too.
Looking good Chris!  Pip I had a great uncle who was a Canadian Cycle Corp Member in WWI.  He was injured several and returned to duty several times, being killed 3 days before the end of the war...  but during one of his recovery time periods he was at Brightlingsea so I feel a real connection to that place from him.  He is buried in France and my French family members drop in and visit him from time to time.  It really is a small world!
Small world... you’re not kiddding!
Shall we start another thread about his "sourcing a replacement"?  That
other was so much fun!   (Spoken with tongue in cheek)
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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

This is the big weekend, the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival.  My husband is involved in logistics, i.e. placing all the vendors and activities in proper and sufficient spaces, making sure the electrical hookups are pedestrian-friendly, solving problems and (figuratively) putting out fires all over the Lighthouse Park parking lot and grounds.  Tomorrow the whole Summitt family will be marching in the parade with the Pioneer of the Year. I and husband will be in historical costume.  At 2 p.m. I assist with the Pioneer of the Year/Citizen of the Year ceremony.  In the evening we have a VIP dinner and enjoy fireworks over the water.

VIP dinner, meh.  What do I get to eat besides shrimp?  But if I stick to the diet it will be worth it.  I lost over 3 lbs this past week.

On Wednesday and Thursday I'm presenting a talk about Mukilteo's Polish pioneers of the 1900s-1930s.

Profile creation for Wikitree has definitely slowed down as I drill into FamilySearch.  I'm going through the 3x5 card file boxes of relatives and adding the profile numbers to the cards, while picking up tidbits along the way that have proved very helpful.  I'm working on Kirks in Oregon today.  This past week I met a new Wikitreer who is related through both Shields and Kelso ancestors.  He sent me a wonderful narrative with many generations; now on to finding specific sources.

Got my post in early as I will be extremely busy for the rest of the weekend.  Yours faithfully, Margaret
answered by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 1 (19.6k points)
Margaret I hope you have great weather for your event!  What kind of costume are you wearing?  Sounds like a lot of fun!
Kudos to you and the family.  We all know how much fun everyone has attending such events but few of them know about all of the work involved putting it all together and keeping everything running smoothly.  I admire your loyalty and dedication to the community.
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Well so happy it's the weekend. Planning to go see either the Nun or Peppermint tomorrow. Thinking the Nun so then I can go see Peppermint after work Tues as it's at 7:15 rather than the Nun's 7:45. LOL

Then I need to go finally touch up the red paint at the new house for my room since my parents bought a bed base for me earlier this week... it hinges up so I can store stuff under the bed. Although I want to see about doing something else for my headboard at some point so I have a place to put my phone & book while I'm sleeping than on the bed like I do now.

The rest of the weekend is up in the air.. maybe writing, maybe binging TV, we shall see. LOL

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)
answered by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (918k points)
Charlotte, I have seen headboards that have cubicles in them for storage...normally on the outer edges.  I have also seen someone take a canvas bag and put things in it and hang it on the headboard.  Or if there is room for a night stand those work well too.
Did they really need to make "The Nun" a gothic horror movie? All they needed to do was have Sally Field + a ruler + a classroom full of kids. Maybe later the kids could form a choir and...


Wrong nun movie.
Laura - I was working on a design for my headboard with an almost frame indention and lights coming off it. Just have to get with my dad about it. :) But I'm sure it could be replaced with the one I want. More rustic. Definitely no room for a night stand like I have now.

Chris - yeah diff movie! LOL Don't know if you'd want this Nun with a ruler.
Just saw the trailer. Probably not. May not sleep tonight.
LoL That's why I think I'll watch it tomorrow.. Plenty of daylight to get over the scary before bedtime. LOL Plus, don't think I want to have to kill 30 mins before the movie on Tues and get home later.
Sounds like a plan. Let me know how the movie is. =D
It was pretty good! I jumped once. LOL Now to watch the ones that "come after" as I haven't seen those.
Too scary for me!  I think I jumped the other day at a commercial!   Some of those are pretty scary too!
Yeah I'm not a scary horror movie person.. but getting my feet wet again on it to see if after many years it'll be different. LOL I just kept in my mind that she could jump out or behind at any time. LOL Made me only jump once.
Commercials that make you jump. Yeah....There are some old ones that used to do that. In the 80s there was this anti-drug PSA of this guy gradually turning into a snake-man. That was very creepy.

Commercials now just got weird.

Scary movies aren't my thing, either.
Commercials by nature should make you want to buy the product.  When they turn you off or you can't even identify what they are selling they are being done to enhance somehow somebody's demo reel...  the best commercials are memorable, entertaining, and you know which company they are about.
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I'm going back and forth on this Source-a-thon trying to help people find groups. Not always mine btw. I'm also trying to get those teams that want a spreadsheet tab all set up. On top of that I wrote a SOURCING PRIMER to help people figure out how to source. This gives hints, advise, screenshots, and last years video is at the end of it.

Add to that the ongoing recruitment, updating the space page etc, and trying to get all the links that we will need, being a team captain can be very tiring. I've also been doing actual paying work to add to the confusion as well as the only online game I play (Mob wars LCN) has kicked off a monthly syndicate wars battle.

Busy busy. And somewhere in here I have to mow the grass in the whole park before it rains again. WOW!!!!!

answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (172k points)
You are busy!  Thanks for all you do for all our teams!  We really appreciate you!
Steven is a great teacher! He makes miracles happen on a daily basis. We appreciate everything you do for Wikitree and the members.
Without you I do not think the thing would go well dude - thanks for all your work
Hi Navarro, how goes the studies?  You are back in school now?  Steve's work on the locations by date spreadsheet reminds me of the kind of work you can see coming out of an academic project.
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I signed up for Source-a-thon just in case I can do some. My husband's sister and niece are flying in from the west coast for the weekend and we are meeting them in Syracuse. Don't know If I will even be able to log on so I am hesitant to join a team. Got contacted from a couple 4th cousins who just joined Wikitree. I tried to help them connect. One has connected, the other I haven't heard from. The one who connected took DNA but I don't know if he has uploaded to Gedmatch. (Triangulate?) Can you triangulate with a 1st cousin once removed and a 4th cousin once removed? If the 4th cousin shares enough with you and your first cousin I would think that would work. Printed off my photo album I put together from Facebook of Facebook cousins. Got the real version of Roots Magic to do descendants chart. Now I am going to send them both to a 1st cousin who is about 80 who has been sending cards to the cousins over the years. I realized that there are at least 2 great grandchildren for one of my cousins! That makes 6 generations from my grandparents.
answered by Sue Hall G2G6 Mach 8 (84.1k points)
Your reference to Syracuse makes me think you may have ties to New York.  MidAtlantic team has more interest in Quality than quantity.  I
extend you an invitation to join us on the signup page for the  source-a-thon.
Sue you can always join a team and if you can't participate just let the team leaders know.  We often have things that come up in life we can't control.

This spring we had a member whose computer went out in the middle of the Clean A Thon.  

No one will think less of you.  Even if you can only get one profile sourced that helps the tree.  

You are welcome to join Loretta, Dorothy, and I on Southern Super Sweepers.  We are "funnly competitive" but not rapid about it. We also have some tips we will be sending to our member to help them work more quickly, but accurately, and efficiently.  So maximizing your time.
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Well the rain started last night shortly after we returned from visiting Maria's field of Hope. That is a large field of sunflowers that is dedicated to a young girl named Maria who died of brain cancer. It is very basic with only a shed for the shop but all of the profits go to cancer research. Sadly this is the last year for this because the property owner decided to sell the land to be used for other reasons. Today I will be on the computer for most of the day, except for a quick trip to the store, but I may take some breaks to work on my continuing project of switching to strictly streaming TV with an antenna for the local channels. There are flood watches up for most of the areas near me with rain predicted for the entire state of Ohio so my plans for tomorrow could change but either way I will be busy then because if they activate the EMA the hams may be called to assist.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Maybe the new owner would consider a small section left as a memorial for Maria.
They said no. The land is adjacent to I90 with easy access so it is too valuable to the new owners.
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Happy weekend

We returned home yesterday from a 32 day RV trip. It began at the annual family camp out in New York. We found a new half first cousin doing genealogy and she came to the camp out, then stayed a few days. The next week we visited cousins, local historical societies and cemeteries. Even though our ‘new’ cousin hadn’t known she had family on her father’s side, all of us had heard the story about GrandDad getting mad and kicking the barn and breaking his foot.

From there we traveled to Elkhart county Indiana for an RV rally with nearly 400 RVs and 800 people. We had a great time visiting with friends and eating and eating. On the way home we stopped at an RV dealership and placed an order for a new camper. So yesterday we packed everything in our camper, drove home and unloaded it (with 90F temps and humidity around 80%). Then we checked weather and realized we have no way to escape hurricane Florence by taking the RV somewhere. Aarrggh

This week will be recovering from the trip and starting to get results from the onsite research entered into applicable profiles, and starting to get ready for SAT.
answered by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
Sounds like you had a Great Time. Welcome home!
That long of a trip bet you could write a book!  Bet the adventures were real nice - there are lots of real nice campgrounds
Stay safe first and foremost!  Physical things can be replaced.  We may want to save them, but your safety is the most important!
+9 votes

Busy (couple of) weeks here... last week I spent a chunk of time sourcing profiles I'd added earlier and adding formal DNA confirmation statements where I could (3rd cousin or closer; need to do some more legwork to meet WikiTree's triangulation criteria for some that go further back).  Pretty cool to see all those DNA checkmarks on the tree.  Then I got a few more ancestors connected to the big tree.  There's one family with a tangle of duplicate profiles that needs attention so I'm waiting for the PMs to approve merges.  I think I've now added at least bare bones sourcing to all the profiles I created on the maternal side when I first got started here.  Have to do the paternal side next.  (I initially pulled in a bunch of FamilySearch profiles to get started but need to add actual sources now.  WikiTree X is awesome but a little dangerous in the wrong hands!)

Meanwhile, I survived the first week of classes but fell behind on household chores, so that's the plan for today.  Tomorrow we get to see Hamilton!

answered by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 1 (19.6k points)
This afternoon I managed to find a connection to a GEDMatch match.  Third cousin to my mom, so I spent the evening adding profiles and sourcing them, then finally adding the DNA confirmation statements.  I'm trying to be better about adding whole families, not just the one sibling I'm interested in.  In the process, I found a lost sibling who only shows up in one census record (7 months old in 1850, and then she's never mentioned again).
A lot of those dear little ones died of childhood disease.  Such a sad thing for families.  In my husband's family one of his aunts died as a young child of whooping cough.  It affected his grandfather until the day he died decades later.  

As a child we used to go to the cemetery every spring and wash the gravestones of our ancestors.  I used to do the little lamb that marked the grave of a child my great grandmother had who died in childhood.  I remember my grandmother talking about her brother who died young and how sad the family was after that.  

In researching various lines I found out that one of my great grandparents had a daughter who knocked over an oil lamp and was severely burned dying 3 days later.  How horrible that had to have been!

So the 1800s were not the good old days!
Yeah, I'm guessing it was something like that.  So sad.  My mom has a ton of old family records (letters, bibles, etc.), so maybe there's more information buried somewhere in there.
Hope you find something.  Remember this is a sticker for died young.

I always try for those profiles that are so short to do as much info as I can which sometimes in next to nothing....
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Just for fun,  Today is.....

                       NATIONAL AMPERSAND DAY


Who doesn’t love the fun & functional ampersand? From jotting a shorthand “and” to branding corporate names, this curly, quirky little character is ubiquitously useful. It’s also quite aesthetic, as you’ll see at AmperArt.com, featuring “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art.”

To acknowledge & applaud this great little glyph, National Ampersand Day is observed annually on September 8th. (To find out why this date was chosen, read here.)


The ampersand used to be the last letter of the alphabet?
The ampersand is a ligature of “e” & “t”? That’s “et” in Latin, meaning “and.”
The word “ampersand” is a slurring of “real words” run together over time?
The plus sign is actually an ampersand?

Discover more interesting facts about the ampersand — including details on those you just read — & see “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art” at AmperArt.com.


National Ampersand Day was founded by designer & typographer Chaz DeSimone in 2015. His monthly design project, AmperArt, features “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art.”


Celebrate National Ampersand Day by having fun with the ampersand:

Use lots & lots of ampersands!
Substitute “&” for “and” in everything you write.
Think of syllable replacements such as &roid, c&elabra, b&.
Send friends whose names contain “and” a special note — &y, &rea, Alex&er, Gr&ma.
Design new styles of ampersands. (Remember, the ampersand represents the letters “et.”)
Use #AmpersandDay on social media.
Visit AmperArt.com.

Our Today is... source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-ampersand-day-september-8/

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Laura, I love this stuff that you find! And I like using the ampersand. Your “Did You Know” taugh me a new thing today. Cool!
hummm, thanks Pip, I am sure you meant me lol!!  

I am glad many like you, enjoy our "Today is"... posts!!! I enjoy finding them.

Haha! So much for my checking things out before hand. I did what the second half of an assumption does: made an a** out of me! Sorry! Those Today is... posts are great. Keep ‘me coming! DOROTHY! 

You are not alone in that, I have done similar, only in real life it can be sometimes disastrous lol, but hey, goes to show we are "real" people!!  Thanks Pip!!!

It is an honor to be confused with Dorothy.  She is amazing!  

Dorothy I love what you find.  Some are historical, informative, & thought provoking... others are just fun & whimsical, & with this crowd, some are enticing us to eat & we do not need a lot of coaching to do that!  

Thank you Laura, much appreciated. I love your tips that you post and the hard work you do on the puzzles. I think we make a great team!!!!

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