Help - I can't see the error in my wiki markup! [closed]

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I've added details of the 1861 census and Emma's death to the profile at but I've obviously done something wrong as none of it is appearing in her profile.

I've been through the markup several times but can't see where I've gone wrong - can someone with a fresh eye please take a look at it frown

WikiTree profile: Emma Caird
closed with the note: formatting error found & corrected
in WikiTree Help by Sheena Tait G2G6 Mach 7 (72.6k points)
closed by Sheena Tait

I took a look, and compared it to my own tables... not sure why yours isn't working. I'd like to know how this one gets resolved, too.

EDIT: I found the problem!

2 Answers

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When you are using self-contained reference tags, you'll want them to look like this:

<ref name="someName"/>

Your ref tag looks like this:

<ref name=census /ref>

If you fix that, it fixes the whole thing.
by G. Borrero G2G6 Pilot (104k points)
selected by Sheena Tait
Bah!! Because the two census references were showing up in the Sources section I thought I'd got them correct.

Thank you G!!
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Your REF NAME was missing the necessary quotation marks, so I added them.

Your table is wider than the page. I have input an example of how I do the census entries more concisely. If you prefer the table, just delete my example.
by N Gauthier G2G6 Pilot (147k points)
Thanks N, it was actually the closing "/ref>" that was causing the problem - it should have been "/>".

I agree that including the census transcript in the bio is a bit clunky looking - I tend to do that only when there are additional children included in the census that don't already have a WikiTree bio and who aren't listed in the parents' bios.
I don't use quotation marks in my ref names and they work fine! You can use them or not, but if you do use them, the subsequent references in that profile also need to have them.
I think the only time you have to use quotation marks is when you want your ref name to have a space in it, as you would between two words, such as <ref name="1850 Census">. To close would be <ref name="1850 Census" />. But instead you can always run your words together, as in <ref name=1850Cen>, and <ref name=1850Cen />.

Spacing is critical, especially no space after the =, and yes before />.
Oh, I didn't know that, but I tend to run the words together anyway. Good to know though!

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