Is there an embeddable descendant chart in the widgets?

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Or plans to have one?   I would certainly appreciate it, so I could put one my site and have it update automatically like the family tree.

in WikiTree Tech by Rhonda Lucas G2G6 Mach 1 (11.7k points)
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Here is the link for information on widgets which you probably already read:

Since trees usually start with you and go backwards toward ancestors, you want one to go forward - I think that would cause problems with privacy issues for living relatives and maybe that's why they are not given as an option.
by Lauren Conte G2G6 Pilot (115k points)
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Hi Rhonda,

Tell me more about what you'd like to see for it. Any special info or design? How many generations?

Lauren is right that there are privacy considerations, of course. If anyone is not "Private with a Public Family Tree" or higher it would have to say "[private child]" and the line would end with them.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Chris that would be perfect in my opinion.  10 generations would be fantastic (to start) and as you say it would stop at a 'living' person.

A traditional style descendant chart would be fabulous, I don't think it needs to pull all the info, maybe just the year of birth and death and possibly location if it's not too difficult?

Here are two styles Pinkerton and Fritchley

Thanks for considering.

I was just searching for the same thing.

Chris, how about a widget that starts with an ancesteral pair (father and mother) and shows a tree of their descendants coming forward up to five generations. Have it set so that the starting pair are required to be at least 200 years from present. That should cover privacy issues.

It'd be nice if it could be something like the Barebones 4 Generation Pedigree-Style widget, only working top to bottom, building a pyramid style tree . . . . spreading the roots so to speak.

Hi Chris, would it be possible to review the creation of a full descendant chart in a Widget please?  Just like the Ten-Generation Paternal Line. Thanks!
Hi Rhonda (and John),

Sorry for leaving this hanging. I thing we could whip up a descendant list widget like the standard one e.g. pretty easily.

Unfortunately 10 generations is out of the question. We only do five on our own descendant lists and we generally need to be more conservative on pages for external use. 10 generations upward is limited. 10 generations downward could be huge, creating a massive burden on our servers. Dynamic lists like ours a completely different ballgame than flat pages.

If five generations like our standard chart would be useful to you I'll put it on the to-do list now.

Chris that would be fantastic, I would be delighted with a 5 gen!
Hi Chris

Any luck with this one yet?

Rhonda, it's ready!

Check out anyone's tree widgets page and scroll down to the bottom, e.g.
Very nice!

Yay, you pocket rocket you!  Off to update some pages, this will free me up to enter more in WT :D


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Quick and dirty solution I did on blogspot

<iframe height="400px" src="" width="800px"></iframe>


I also added a picture below to see the overview...


by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)

Test with scaled iframe that works in Chrome.... see link 
#wrapper { width: 710px; height: 1000px; padding: 0; overflow: hidden; }
#scaled-frame { width: 1000px; height: 1000px; border: 0px; }
#scaled-frame {
    zoom: 0.71;
    -moz-transform: scale(0.71);
    -moz-transform-origin: 0 0;
    -o-transform: scale(0.71);
    -o-transform-origin: 0 0;
    -webkit-transform: scale(0.71);
    -webkit-transform-origin: 0 0;

@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {
 #scaled-frame  { zoom: 1;  }

<br />
<br />
<br />
<div id="wrapper">
<iframe id="scaled-frame" src=""></iframe></div>

You're amazing, Magnus!

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