Help to sort out children of Loveday and Daniel Treloar please

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There are two Loveday and Daniel Treloar couples.

  • 1764 Marriage in Wendron of Daniel TRELOAR and Loveday TOCKER Witnesses Wm. Robinson Joseph Jenkyn 
  • 1765 Aug 6 Marriage in Wendron, Daniel TRELOAR and Loveday JAMES Witnesses Wm. Robinson, H. Jenkin 

In an attempt to identify which children belong to which couple I’ve listed them all here. Their baptismal records only list their mother by her first name and do not detail her maiden name but list the father as Daniel Treloar. All these children are currently linked to Loveday James and Daniel Treloar which is not correct but as the other couple is not in WikiTree as yet I’m keeping them there until I prove which couple each one belongs too.

1. Jane Treloar baptised 27 October 1765 in Wendron

2. Daniel Treloar baptised 30 August 1770 in Wendron

3. John Treloar baptised 2 August 1772 in Wendron 
can’t be the sibling of 
4. Loveday Treloar baptised 27 September 1772 in Wendron 

5. Thomas Treloar baptised 30 March 1774 in Wendron 

6. William Treloar baptised 5 April 1779 in Wendron 

7. Blanche Treloar baptised 5 November 1780 in Wendron 

8. Sarah Treloar baptised 28 October 1781 in Wendron 

9. Philip Treloar baptised 16 April 1784 in Helston  
can’t be the sibling of  
10. Ann Treloar baptised 31 October 1784 in Wendron

The help I need is to track down which child belongs to which couple.  This will be time consuming but needs to happen in order to be confident that what is in the profiles is correct. See the Research Notes in each profile and add what you find there please.

WikiTree profile: Daniel Treloar
in Genealogy Help by Deborah Talbot G2G6 Mach 4 (49.7k points)
Do either of these Daniels have a will? That would help grouping the children, but not necessarily assigning them to the right Daniel and Loveday.
Where do I go to find such an early will?
I did a quick search for subject = probate and location = Cornwall in the FamilySearch catalog, and there are quite a lot of probate records, which includes wills.

I assume a similar kind of search at (use UK version) will give  a number of hits as well.

If you know where these two men died, you could probably go to the local jurisdiction that handles estates in Cornwall.

A google research for Cornwall probate or estate records may give other sources as well.
Often people would marry Ist in Womans Parish,then later in his parish.

or town,or county.Quite common in Great Britain.
I’ve tried looking for Cornwall wills but they are behind a paywall.

Cornwall Archives have copies of all the locally proved wills. In their catalogue they list:

 Will of Daniel Treloar the younger, miner, of Wendron (1830) (AP/T/4076)

Will of Daniel Treloar, yeoman, of Wendron (1843) (AP/T/4378)

The first one will have limited information as it is an admon, not a will. The second is the will itself. CRO do a very efficient and relatively cheap copy service. 

Should have added this. This is a link to the CRO online catalogue. You want the CRO catalogue, not the library catalogue. If you put "Daniel Treloar" - no quotes - into the search box it lists about 20 documents they hold that may be relevant to your search.

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It's not easy when the same first names are used often in families, and Daniel seems to be one of those names in the Treloar family.

I've found that sometimes it can help if you broaden your search and try to find everything you can about the Treloar family in Wendron and surrounding parishes, and try to put them together that way, like a huge jigsaw puzzle.  So looking at descendants, ancestors, siblings etc.  Spouses families as well.  I find the Cornwall OPC database good for this sort of searching.

It's not foolproof but sometimes you can see naming patterns e.g the eldest son in the family is named after the paternal grandfather, the second son, the maternal grandfather, etc, and the same with the daughters - eldest named after paternal grandmother etc.

Just to complicate matters, when I was searching the Cornwall Online Parish Clerks (OPC) database, I found some extra children of Daniel and Loveday Treloar.

  • Elizabeth, baptised at Wendron 9 Nov 1766;
  • Mary, baptised at Wendron 7 Aug 1768
  • (another) John, baptised at Wendron 15 Sep 1776

Blanch you have but according to the OPC she was baptised at Helston, not Wendron

There are also 3 children of Daniel and Loveday Treloar baptised at Sithney parish (an adjacent parish to Wendron)

  • Thomas, baptised at Sithney 26 Aug 1764
  • (another) Loveday, baptised at Sithney 8 Apr 1776
  • Richard, baptised at Sithney 17 Apr 1778
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (437k points)

Thanks John, that is precisely what I’ve been doing at  But need to sort out the two Loveday and Daniel Treloar families.  Unfortunately I don’t have access to anything behind a paywall as buying subscriptions is not an option for me.  Also I live in Australia so visiting records offices in the UK is also not possible.  I’ve been going through the Cornwall OPC (I’m the OPC for Wendron) but that is not easy from Australia without access to physical records.  Hence my request for help.

This could be one family if all you have looked at are transcriptions.

Baptisms did not always occur soon after birth. I have several siblings christened on the same day.

The only way to be certain is to look at the original records.

There may be someone in the England Project who can help.

Hi Deborah, do you know that many Cornish parish registers are scanned and available on FamilySearch?  See here

I also find that the Cornwall Archives can be helpful.  Wills you have to apply for, but some other records, particularly leasing of property there is a often a precis of the document.

I also live in Australia and know the problems of searching for Cornish and other English ancestors from a distance. 

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