I want to change the surname on a profile but I don't want to adopt it or manage it, how do I proceed?

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The WikiTree profile had an incorrect surname, I've got two sources to back this up. I've contacted the profile manager of the profile in question but without any response after several attempts over three months. The profile manager is active but not responding to me. The "Unresponsive Profile Manager Request" is not appropriate because I don't want to adopt or manage the profile, I just want it corrected to reflect the sources I've cited.

So my question is how do I do this?

I don't want to mention the profile in question or the profile manager at this time.
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You'll almost have to do that.  Afterwards that profile manager will likely be apologetic for not getting back to you in a timely manner.  Good luck!
Thanks Vincent, I guess that will be my last resort. Somehow I don't think that the person in question will respond to that either, I'm going to go with the answer below from Michael and adopt the profile make the change and abandon it, seems harsh but practical.
You have attempted Collaboration, you are citing your sources, you are following WT policy.  Not really harsh.

Thanks for making WT better.

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1. Follow the Unresponsive Profile Manager request.

2. Adopt the profile.

3. Make the Changes with your cited sources.

4. Abandon the profile.  It is ok that a profile does not have a manager.
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WikiTree Staff will try and contact the profile manager, that my get the change you want without having to adopt.
Thanks Michael, I guess this is the most practical solution, I'll follow this route and report back here once it's sorted....

OK, well that fell flat on its face, the Unresponsive Profile Manager Request page, wants me to submit a request to be on the trusted list!!! Which I don't want to be on, I just want the information changed to reflect the sources I've cited.

So, following Vincents comment above and Michaels rejoiner here are the profiles in question:

The profile manager is Deana (Weeks) Anderson Weeks-494

The profile in question is Elsie Merrneliva Vaugh Vaugh-4

My message to Deana:

Hi Deana,
I've an interest in people with my surname and found Elsie Merrneliva Vaugh on wikitree www.wikitree.com/wiki/Vaugh-4. 
I searched and found her in the 1895 Iowa State census, as Elsie VAUGHN, pretty much next door to her future husband Delbert COMBS.: "Iowa State Census, 1895," (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:939V-55SV-ZJ?cc=1803957&wc=M612-YM9%3A145647801 : 21 May 2014 
Her marriage: "Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992," database, (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XV9W-D5C : 10 February 2018), Delbert T. Combs and Elsie M. Vaughn, 25 Dec 1895; FHL MF 1,018,510. 
From this I hope you can take a few facts, her documented surname, her father JW VAUGHN and also her siblings. Sadly, it would appear that her mother had died prior to the census return.
Would you take a few moments and amend her surname please? 
Regards from the UK
in order to make the changes you want, you'll either need to be on the Trusted List, or be a Profile Manager -- both of which you can abandon afterwards.
Thanks Dennis, I've made the request to be on the trusted list so I guess I'll have to wait for seven days to elaps then follow the Unresponsive Profile manager procedure.
In the meantime, you can edit the profile narrative (if it's open), adding your details to the narrative.

If it's not an open profile, you can post your details as a public comment o the page.
Hi Jillaine,

Yep, all done, the profile is closed so I left a public comment back in July. I'd also messaged the profile owner the previous month, so they had from 25th June to do something, which they hadn't.

Still, time will out as we say over here and in the end the profile will be amended one way or another.

So how long does one have to wait for any action to take place with an Unresponsive profile manager request??

Nothing has changed since I started the process and that is over a month ago, despite having a response to  say it would be dealt with after five days!! This was on the 6th October, three weeks along and still no change, I've now given up on this, neither the original profile manager or seemingly anyone else has been able to make any changes to the profile, sad to say its a massive fail....

Doug, let me see if I can find out what when wrong.
Doug, the process is to wait seven days for a reply from the PM, then WikiTree waits one month.  If you started this on the 6th, then you have to wait seven days and then 30 days.  Provided that the person has not made any contributions in the last 60 days. We are still inside that window. But I will see if we can get more info.

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