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There is a pending merge for Margaret "Sambiria" of Pomerelia, wife of King Christopher I of Denmark. She was a member of the Samborides, or House of Sobiesław. Both duplicates have incorrect LNABs:

- von Kassuben (maybe a misspelt variant of "of the Kashubians"?)

- Pommern, a territory name that is in fact inaccurate (it should be Pommerellen).

The name should be changed to a name that reflects the dynasty she belonged to (Samboride, in English). The Polish form is Sobiesławice. The German form is Samboriden.

Since the Samborides appear to be a Slavic dynasty, I am inclined to choose Sobiesławice. I would like confirmation (or better suggestions) before the merge takes place, which won't happen before it is approved, on or about October 11 - so there is time.

WikiTree profile: Margrete Sambiria
asked in The Tree House by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (225k points)
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I'd say for sure that

1. von Kassuben and des Kassoubes are both someone's idea of German for "of the Kashubes" (but the Kashubians were/are not majority German speaking). The country would be Kashubia.

2. I think Pommern is correct German? Pomeranian is a correct English translation? Pommerelen and Pommerelia do not seem correct to me.
answered by Andrew Lancaster G2G6 Mach 6 (68.5k points)

Pomerelia / Pom(m)erellen refers to Eastern Pomerania aka Gdańsk Pomerania. I understand Mestwin (Margaret's father) and his father Sobieslaw were dukes (or princes? not clear) of Gdańsk, so, Pomerelia (to complicate matters, though, Wikipedia calls them "Dukes of Pomerania").

And yes, the Kashubians are considered Slavic.

Sorry, that was confusing. Pommern is of course correct but Pomeralia also exists and is a different region. Close, but different. They get mixed up very easily.

I agree with the theory of von Kassuben being someone's idea of a local version of "'Kashubes" or Kashubians.
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I'm bumping this as the merge will be defaulted in a few days now.

Margaret's Polish Wikipedia entry gives her name as "Samborowna", but I don't think this fits with the policy of using the dynasty name, so I'm still thinking Sobiesławice at this point.

answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (225k points)

Sorry Isabelle, I must have missed this the first time around, I may have been away?

From the Wikipedia article for Pomerelia it would appear that the Slavic dukes were  mostly under Polish suzerainty and Sobiesławice seems like the best option for her LNAB.

We should probably then use Małgorzata as her first name and the Danish Margrete as her preferred name?

Thanks John, I agree about these names, with Sambiria as her Current Last Name as it seems to be how she is best known.

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