Gulielma Maria Springett, wife of William Penn - in the wrong project?

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William Penn's first wife, Gulielma is currently part of the William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers project.  But I am not sure this is right because according to her profile, she never went to Pennsylvania.  She was born, married, and died in England.

I am wondering if Gulielma should be in the Quaker Project instead?
WikiTree profile: Gulielma Penn
in Genealogy Help by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Has this been resolved by deciding to keep Gulielma in the Penn project, or is the issue still pending?

The Quakers project would or course take Gulielma if it is decided it is the best fit for her.
Seems like it has been awhile since this question was asked.  Has there ever been a resolution? Personally, I think she should be in both projects, but definitely the Quaker Project.
I am making the Quakers Project a co-manager of the profile. I will leave it to the William Penn & Early Pennsylvania Settlers Project to decide if they want to remain a manager.
Sounds good; we'll stay on for the time being for visibility and input of the profile.
Thanks, SJ. I've also added a couple of Quaker categories. The bio could probably do with an overhaul sometime.

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I tend to agree with you as far her being assigned to the wrong project. However she does need to be somehow attached to William Penn. Is there a Famous Quakers project or one for William Penn alone?
by Howard Roux G2G5 (5.6k points)
When you say "somehonw attached to William Penn," I assume you mean attached by way of the same project.  I am not sure that this necessarily needs to be the case.  We have many in other projects who's spouses are not in the same project.  Military/war projects and notables quickly stand out in my mind.

If we couldn't find a project for them to both fit into, it wouldn't be a deal breaker in my mind.  Notable Quaker sub-project, now there's a thought ;-)
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I'm not sure of the "right" answer on this one -- Gulielma certainly belongs in the Quakers project, but I believe a person can be in more than one project, can they not?  However, I note that although Gulielma never made it to the New World herself, she was quite a substantial landholder. I believe there were others who purchased or were granted land but never made it to the New World -- is there a policy on how to treat such individuals?  She should be treated the same.  

I also would support Howard Roux's suggestion of adding a "Notable Quakers" project -- or at least a tag. I note that Gulielma was notable herself even aside from the obvious assoication with Penn.
by Allen McGrew G2G6 (9.9k points)
Was Gulielma a substantial Pennsylvania land holder?  I have never read that.  

William's second wife Hannah was a "substantial land owner" in Pennsylvania as she was his trustee after he passed and in so became the first woman governor of Pennsylvania - even though she never went there so far as I've read.

I was basing the idea that Gulielma was a substantial landowner on the Holme Map, which shows a quite significant property in her name adjacent to "German Township."  I don't know whether all the properties designated on Holme's map were necessarily ever deeded, and I have no other evidence other than the map. Perhaps someone else is more familiar with the details of how land was deeded in the early days of the proprietorship.

That's fascinating about ye ol' map, Allen!
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She certainly belongs in the Quaker project. She appears on the earliest map of Pennsylvania as a large landowner in her own name.  What's the policy on other landowners who never actually took up their holding?  It seems to me the other argument for including her -- aside from being a landowner-- is simply that she was the wife of William Penn. It seems a bit strange to me to have a project named for someone without including his wife (who was alive at the time), if only by virtue of their relationship.  However, I grant that she certainly would not qualify on the basis of having been a settler herself.  What's the "WikiTree way" of settling such a question? Do we just vote?  Do we allow the project manager or management team to decide? (Is there even a manager or management team, per se?)  I have no great stake in this one way or another.
by Allen McGrew G2G6 (9.9k points)
Thank you, Allen. She is now co-managed by the Quakers and the William Penn etc projects. These things are sorted by common sense and mutual agreement between Projects. She is also added to the Quaker Notables category.

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