In death announcement the following appeared; what does it mean: + Locarno 14.09.1965: Amodio 206 f

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in Genealogy Help by Louis Keller G2G Crew (820 points)
14.09.1965 looks like the death date was September 14, 1965 but that part is a no-brainer - I'm clueless about the rest of it.

Hi Gaile, thanks for your response! I should have been more specific. Locarno is a town in the italian speaking region of Switzerland and given date refers to date of death. However, "Amodio 206 f" is what I cannot understand what it makes reference to. Actually, "Amodio" is a family name but I do not see the connection to the person Eugen Lee-Stieger who died on September 14, 1965. 

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If we had the whole context of the death announcement it would help. I'm not sure if "Locarno" is a given name, a surname, or what have you, but I can tell you that the number with the dots is a date.

14.09.1965 = 14 September 1965.
by G. Borrero G2G6 Mach 9 (98.0k points)
Maybe Locarno is the name of the death place. There is a city in the Italian part of Switzerland named Locarno.

Hi Jelena, thanks for your response! Yes, you are correct, Locarno is the town where Eugen Lee-Stieger died on September 14, 1965. However, what I don't understand what "Amodio 206 f" stands for (actually, Amodio is an italian family name).

Thanks for your response! Locarno is a town located in the italian speaking region of Switzerland. And the date given, September 14, 1965 is the date of death. The person who died was Eugen Lee-Stieger. What I don't understand is the additional mentioning or its reference of "Amodio 206 f" (Amodio is an italian family name).

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In the absence of actually seeing this document, I would say:

died in Locarno, September 14, 1965

The + is a cross, and means died.


This website has common German (European) genealogical symbols.

by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (345k points)

Hi George, thanks for your response! And yes, you are correct. Eugen Lee-Stieger died in Locarno on September 14, 1965. What I don't understand is what Amonio 206 f refers to (Amonio is an italian family name).

Ok ... I do not have any ideas on the “Amodio 206 f” phrase, sorry.
No problem but thanks for trying to help out!
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Could it be the reference to a cemetery lot?
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (391k points)
Hi Eva, that could very well be the case. I certainly will check it out. Thanks for your help.

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