any object to make Jacobsdochter final ID for Metgen Jacobsdochter, b. abt 1560 in Netherlands?

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She is the mother of the immigrant New Netherland Settler.

She has had a series of merges, either as Jacobsdochter or the shortened form Jacobsdr, and I see from my desktop database the same variants for her profile. But one merge variant does not show directly here in Changes, as it got merged  away sooner.

We learned from Phil that Jacobdochter would be the exact correct Dutch native spelling, I think.

One question I have is if the "Jacobs" part might the origin of a possilbe error introduction for the husband as Jacob for his first name? So perhaps the husband was indeed Neeltjen, or similar?

But on just the wife Metgen here, if there is no objection, or only limited response, I would like to finalize her with this name as a PPP, and close this G2G in one week, on Mar. 15, 2014.
WikiTree profile: Metgen Jacobsdochter
in Genealogy Help by Steven Mix G2G6 Mach 4 (40.1k points)

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I was a bit confused just now - Her name (Jacobsdochter-5) as 'Jacobsdr' and her daughters' name as Neeltje 'Jacobsdochter' (full) Van (K)(C)ouwenhoven ...
by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
Philip, I would like to close this as an Ancestor, Jacobsdochter LNAB, since we have no merge pending here.

But your confusion is now confusing me, as to whether or not you still have any real issue here, about this woman's name. I need to know what your ending thought "..." is, if it is anything. :)

Metgen and Neeltje are mother and daugther.

Both women are evidently daugthers of *a* separate Jacob (as far as we know, given what we have here).

So, can we simply keep the long form LNAB Jacobsdochter, exactly as it already is here in the profile name?

Or is there specifically some reason for us not to do that yet?

If Metgen was really not the daughter of a Jacob, we can always change it later. But we have no information here to tell us to definitely change it from Jacobsdochter to Unknown, or to anything else, for that matter.

Or are you saying that we need to change it to Jacobsdr, and if so, we would need to know specifically why we should.

There is no pressing hurry to close this yet, while we wait for any further response. Metgen has no duplicates that are blocking any descendant merges.
Hi Steven, no confusion anymore. Jadobsdochter-5 as 'Jacobsdr' and her daughter Neeltje with the full 'Jacobsdochter'.

Thanks Philip, but I am still unclear. It sounds as if you want us to CHANGE this profile of Metgen from the existing


to a brand new


But what would be the compelling *reason* to justify us making any such change?

That change will generate an entire new WikiTree ID #. And so I would only wish to do so if there is a clearly spelled out compelling reason for any change. So, it is the *reason* that I wish to see here.

It really doesn't matter that much, only I saw her mother noted as 'dr' and her daughter as 'dochter' (full out) - but absoluty no reason to change it to 'unknown' ... if need be I can get back to you on this tomorrow.

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