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WikiTree profile: Laura Bozzay
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asked in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
closed by Laura Bozzay
Welcome to the last Weekend Chat of September.  Remember there is no chat new weekend as many of us will be participating in the Source A Thon.

Good luck to everyone sourcing to make our tree healthier!
Thanks for hosting Laura. We do hope you heal fast from your pinched nerve. Good luck to all the teams participating next week in the Source A Thon!!!!
Ditto to what everyone said here. Especially to Laura for hosting this last Weekend Chat of September and end of summer and beginning of fall to.
Thanks everyone for expressing concern over my pinched nerve.  I have had shots in my neck, back, and shoulder which is helping.  Biggest issue is elbow and arm with numb fingers and typing is painful.  So I will respond less than normal in the threads.  But I am reading them all and enjoying the diversity and fun of the Weekend Chat.  Also WELCOME to the new members who are posting for the first time.  We love all our members and are excited when new ones join us.

Thanks for hosting this weekend's chat, Very little typing young lady. Our countdown clock says 6 days, 3 hours until the start of S-a-T 2018!

Take care!
Oh Laura! Owie ow, been there with that same thing and I would have shooting pains down my arms in the night, could not get it to stop sometimes, woke me up sometimes several times in a night flopping my arms this way and that - not at all fun
Vibes to you for quick healing
Working on healing Loretta.  I am being good!
Laura, hope things are improving with your pinched nerve.
Hi, all! I'm new here and am having trouble coming up with a "best practice" for putting my tree in (depite searching and browsing the G2G forums looking). My father had a fairly large tree he built up over a decade or so at MyHeritage. When he died, I got them to allow me to export it as a GEDCOM and imported it into my then much smaller, now quite a bit larger tree on Ancestry. I now have GEDCOM's from both Ancestry and MyHeritage uploaded here, but do not see the justifications and supporting documents that exist in the hosted trees.

I don't suppose there is a step-by-step post, F.A.Q. or sticky someplace that I could use? Are there "frowned-upon" practices that I should avoid?

All of my connections have solid sources on both MyHeritage and Ancestry, but those sources did not seem to come over to WikiTree. I just finished manually inputting the more solid of my family lines (The Fishers, Cushings and Blackburns) until I hit existing profiles I could tie to, and can (I think only now) tie the GEDCOM profiles to the now existing Wikitree profiles, and now face the chore of filling in all of the profiles that are not already in the wikitree with familysearch supporting documents, and supporting screen captures or copy-and-pastes from the other trees...

But some of the top-tier (pre-existing) profiles I connected to, look like they have photos and supporting documents that were brought in as part of the GEDCOM import process. Was this from the "old" process or am I missing something? (If I just go through the GEDCOM report, double-check that my people don't exist and then import, will the missing profiles all be created and the supporting documents from the exported-from trees come over?)

Sorry for being so wordy in the "Weekend Chat" I really did intend to just pop in and "ask a quick question".

-Scott (McGrath-1683)

Hi Scott, 

Yes, if you go through and check all  the people in your gedcom, only the ones that don't exist yet on WikiTree can be added, and will have your sources (ok, in a perfect world... but the current process mostly works to prevent duplicates). I'd like to add a few links:

GEDCOM File Usage Primer (contains information about the gedcom, adding sources, and many other helpful hints)

GEDCOMpare Process (has a visual step-by-step walk through of the process, and is also linked to on that first page)

Private message me with any questions smiley


Try a "Waxbath"for your hands,I couldn't do without them melt wax in a pan i use a slow cooker ..slide your hands in it then leave on a bit...peel off. I do mine past my wrists because i get numbing in the inside on them. It really helps and it feels good! I also do one foot that does it but i pour the wax over it. at 69 I have a few of these tips that work, This one I got from my mom.

Hope helps! Julie
I am using a flexible heating pad which helps a lot.  Thanks for the tip, Julie and welcome to the Weekend Chat
We have had a lot of new posters this week and that is wonderful!  Remember to check out posts on page 2!
Thanks everyone for joining us here on the Weekend Chat. Remember there will be no Chat next weekend as many of us are working on profiles for the Source A Thon.  Hope to see you back here Oct 5-7.

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This will be short.  I have a pinched nerve and typing is very painful. 

Source A Thon question about what counts was debated on the Data Doctor email chat and this was the final response from Ales:

As I remembered, last year we decided to count everything. I see no reason to change that.
All profiles can count if there were no "good" sources on it. Exception are profiles created after sunday's dump on 23rd.
That said, there is no difference in how you found the profile without sources, as long as you add sources to profiles without them, WikiTree improved. There is no point in adding unsourced to 100s of thousands of profiles. We relied on the WikiTree honour for users to count only the profiles they sourced. 
Also the profiles of each user can be checked if they were actually sourced.
I checked last year for false claim and I couldn't find any. There were a few made by newbies, but I think those were not intentional. And the number of those were under 1%.

Good luck to all teams!

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Oh no Laura! Thank you for the information, and feel better soon!!!
=( Laura, take care of those hands!
Laura, take care. Pinched nerves are no fun. I know I have had that problem in my neck for several years.
Thanks for the update. Hope that your hand heals quickly.
Thank you for going toe to toe and getting clarification on this. It will make a huge difference!
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
This is going to be fun! I haven't done much but my family that I had and will be forever it seems researching. I finally last night got to a profile of someone that was already on here. It was rather exciting!Had to go back to the mid 1700's to find a Price already here Though...GOT MY DAD'S line back to Whales though!
I hope I can keep up! I work on a tablet (no computer) so I cant copy n paste takes a bit longer but I sure will be here all weekend! I am raising my Great granddaughter and I told her that this is MY weekend lol so said she would help...
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US Revolutionary War

Sept 21 is the anniversary of two pivotal events concerning the US Revolutionary War.  It is the date Nathan Hale was arrested by British troops and the day Benedict Arnold gave Major John André plans to West Point. 

A subproject of https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Military_and_War the 1776 Project https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:1776  honors those who were involved in the early history of the United States of America, circa 1773 through 1789, by adding and improving their profiles on WikiTree. This time period covers the Boston Tea Party, through the War for Independence, to the ratification of the United States Constitution by our Founding Fathers. Loyalists welcome :)

This is a visual puzzle.   You need to identify the Who, What, or Where shown.  Images from Wikipedia. 

Because of the number of visuals, you will need to access the puzzle at


answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)

I thought about joining this project then I remembered I am already a member and have the badge. I guess with everything else I am doing on and off WikiTree if that is the worst thing I forget I am not doing that bad.wink

Incentive to get people to join? Those tri cornered hats and some muskets!
I lived in Concord, Mass. for a few years...got so sick of tri-cornered hats and cannons going off, reenactments at 6:30am lift you off the mattress all right.  Every year a bunch of drunk guys go out on the Common to fire off muskets and end up blowing up a hand or something.
That's kinda scary, Robin. Not a fan of loud noises myself. I hope no one rides a horse in the middle of the night saying the British were coming. If they did that now? The response would be like:

"Mate, we're already here! Stop makin' a racket!"
Yeah, Chris, for the locals the thousands of tourists taking pictures and wandering vaguely about just were annoying as we were trying to get to the dump with the garbage on a hot July Saturday...  I lived across the road from the "Sleepy Hollow Cemetery," which meant that cars would block the driveway randomly while people looked for...whatever.  And the cannons were a total surprise every time, no matter how much you'd think, "OK, now remember, now remember, it'll be sometime soon."
Newbie here. And this comment doesn't specifically address the project, but I wanted to say that I never thought (as a Canadian) that I would care about the American Revolution. It turns out though that when I started researching my husband's family that some of them came to Canada as British Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution.

Of particular interest, it turns out that his family descended from the infamous Doan(e) gang, who robbed the Pennsylvania treasury. Scoundrels! If you get a chance to look up the stories about this gang, you might find it fascinating. I'm surprised that a movie has never been made about them.
Yikes, Robin. That sounds pretty bad.  Hopefully where you are now is nice and quiet. =D

Hey, Nancy!

That is pretty cool!
Ditto with what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
Love stuff like that wrote down I am going to research that and read up on the Doane gang!
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answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)

Congratulations Pip, Way to go !!image

I had just seen that in the forum - WoW!! Way to go Pip!

Congrats, Pip!  You're a Halfstronaut now!  yes

Congrats!!!! I should get there eventually.

As you become an Astronaut, we look forward to you sharing even more of your gifts and insight.  G2G wouldn't be the same without you.

Halfstronaut is good. Wouldn't want to have the "a" for astronaut in there. Could be taken the wrong waysmiley

Congrats Pip.

Well played, Doug!  laugh

Congratulations Pip. It's appreciated.

Oh Doug, you reminded me of the reaction, when I was about 8 years old, and told my mother's half sister that she was my half Aunt.

Congratulations, Pip! WOW, 500,000 G2G Points! Onward and Upward.

Hahahahaha!!!! You’re killing me, Herbert!
I am with Chris I will get there soon, too. Ditto to what everyone said here, Pip.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Every year since 1989 by presidential proclamation, The United States remembers and honors those men and women of the Armed Forces who remain missing in action or who are prisoners of war. We are reminded as a nation to rededicate our efforts to bring our patriots home and to care for our military families awaiting word of their loved ones.

The POW/MIA Flag is flown this day over the Capitol, the White House, the Korean and Vietnam Veterans Memorials, the offices of the secretaries of State, Defense and Veterans Affairs, of the Selective Service System, and on the grounds or in the lobbies of every major military installation, every post office and all VA Medical Centers and national cemeteries.


Around the nation, events and ceremonies are held recognizing those who are POWs, MIA, and their families. Loved ones and supporters gather for candlelight vigils, walks and other events to show honor and support of their sacrifice. Join a service near you and show your support. Visit pow-miafamilies.org for more information.

Recognize the men and women who are POW and MIA. Remember them and bring them home. Use #POWMIARecognitionDay to post on social media.


National POW/MIA Recognition Day was established by an Act of Congress with the passage of Section 1082 of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act.  This day is one of the six days that Federal Law requires the POW/MIA Flag be flown at all places designated by the U.S, Secretary of Defense. 

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry

It was an honor to do the ceremony four years ago this day, as a Chapter 240 Vietnam Veteran chaplain in my local county. We can never forget them!!

Two Korean War remains were identified this week from what has recently been returned.  I think it said about 1800 more to find and identify.  I am
delighted for their families.  They at least can be interred where family can
honor them where they now rest in peace.
Very proud of you, Dorothy!
This is a very important day on my calendar, being a veteran myself it has special meanings. Those POW/MIA should always be remembered, because they paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Also, Dorothy that had to be such an honor to be able to do the ceremony. Thank you for your service and continued efforts to recognized the POW/MIA service members and their families.
To the 58,000...
Ditto to what everyone said here especially Pip.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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I am in shock, The Cleveland Browns won a game. All kidding aside I watched my grandson play in his Junior High football game Wednesday and they won 48 - 14 and then the Browns won their first game in over 600 days on Thursday night, strange things are happening in the world. On WikiTree I have added a couple of profiles for some former Cleveland Indians players, one is connected the other is not connected yet, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Score-39 and some profiles for the deceased members of the cast of Babylon 5,




and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Doyle-5134 .

They all need a lot of work yet as well as connecting them but the next thing on my schedule is Monday evening so I might get some of them improved soon.  We had a couple of tornado's touch down yesterday afternoon near me but they were a few miles away from my house so all is well here. We had another emergency alert for a high pressure gas line leaking but that is about 10 miles away from my house so I am not worried about that one either.

That is all I have so until next time, about 3 weeks from now because I am busy for the next 2 weekends, enjoy and stay safe.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Just found out one of our granddaughters is moving in with us this weekend so I guess I am going to be busy for a while now.

Congrats on the win, Dale. Did you get any free beer?

Oh, and you’ve got someone to spoil, right? Isn’t that what grandchildren for? laugh

Pip, I don't drink beer, in fact I don't drink anything stronger than tea anymore but a lot of fans got some. As for my granddaughter, the one moving in with us is 20 years old and has been spoiled for years now.
Yes, it was a surprise. I'm not a Brown's fan, but it was nice to see them finally win a game.
Dean, I did not even watch the game, I totally forgot about it, but is is still nice.
Thank you for starting on some of the B5 actors!  We lost a lot of them far too soon.  (Jeff Conaway could also go on the list.)
Lisa, There is already a profile for Jeff Conaway, Conaway-624 . I will not be doing all of the actors for that series because most are still living and at my age it is probable that they would outlive me so I would be creating a bunch of profiles that no one could see but me and could possibly have to be eliminated eventually, not good in either case.
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Sorry I'm a little late. I was at the eye doctor getting new frames for my glasses. Now I'll need to update my pic here. Sigh....But, I love that pic of me on the back of the boat with the Merrimack River behind me. I had a decent appointment earlier this week. I had it while what was left of Florence washed over the Merrimack Valley. No one floated away, thankfully. Nothing was wrong. Just usual crazy stuff. I fully expect to be in a medical journal. If I am, I want a cut of the profits!!

In genealogy news, we got some good news and some REALLY annoying news. Really annoying first.

There's a site called "Peoplelegacy.com" which has downloaded pics of tombstones from Find a Grave and put it on their site and claimed them as their own. Among them are my grandparents'. Let's just say the genealogy community is quite angry. Like SERIOUSLY angry. I don't think I've ever seen an angry genealogist. Usually they're all chill.

This site, hosted by Godaddy.com, crosses the line of Fair Use. Very bad. Keep an eye on this issue. Apparently a class action suit is in the works.

In more pleasant news, Ancestry and Spotify have teamed up to make playlists based on your ethnic backgrounds.


Now, I fully expected the Rocky soundtrack or something from The Godfather. This is actually cool. Check it out and give it a listen:

answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
So, all I’ll be likely to get are bagpipes and Old English ballads (which are still sung and played up here in the mountains of North Carolina.) the old music still lives up here!

Ahh bagpipes. I think they mostly pick pop songs. You might get the Spice Girls. Or the Beatles. =) I got some of Italy and France's top pop stars apparently. So sharing this with my brother.
We'll be watching for the pic update. Oh no! People like that ruin it for the rest of us that try and respect usage rules.
Yes, I'll get an updated pic when I can. Should be good. =D

Mmmhmm. It's like I told people in another group. It's one thing to review a movie. It's another to upload the ENTIRE thing and monetize it.
Bagpipes are good! I'll have to see what they come up with. I think fondness for bagpipes is genetic but most people think Scotland/Ireland for variants but there are other cultures/ethnic groups with strong bagpipe traditions. The Celtic regions of France and Portugal but especially in the Balkans then Turkey. While Scottish/Irish are my faves, I have a great fondness for Balkan traditional music, especially Bulgarian.
As long as it isn't "Celebration" by Cool and the Gang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnyT1_6ozPg
Chris is right about the  "Peoplelegacy.com" site even my mother's family cemetery Leonard Family cemetery is on it also. Thanks for that information Chris. I am angry and seriously angry too. I also agree with Mindy too.

 Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Life has presented its share of challenges as well as rewards this week. I'm working on getting through the health issues, and am so grateful to have the support of my fellow Wiki-Tree'ers! They jumped right in and helped when I needed it last week. 

I found two new cousins, which is always exciting. Ok, so one of them found me lol - and has now joined us here at WikiTree. Welcome Melissa! Just one more perk of having my little branches on this wonderful global tree. 

I had a celebration day yesterday - the *cough *cough 'th anniversary of my 21'st birthday wink  I don't make a big deal out of it, but enjoy the calls and texts from family that I don't get to talk to often. Really makes me smile! 

The sun actually stayed out yesterday, which has been somewhat of a rarity here in Kentucky this summer (today's forecast: rain. the weekend's forecast: rain. next week's forecast: cooler temperatures and more rain). I wish I could send some of it to California! The evacuated families were able to return to their homes weeks ago, but the fires are still burning. Prayers said.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming week as I have plenty of collaborating to do with cousins and my WikiTree 'cousins'. There are never enough hours in the day...

answered by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (184k points)
I know. I look younger than 40. Everyone I know says I should run with it. =P

Hope you had a great birthday, Mindy!

I did, thank you Chris! I like giving presents more than getting them though, so I brought gifts for you, my WikiTree Cousins:

I Love my WikiTree Cousins

And for your use elsewhere: 

I Love My Cousins

You can click on the pictures and get them full size - they're fairly large. I like playing in Photoshop sometimes just to clear my mind. Oh!! And that second cousin I talked about - he joined us also! Hooray!

D'awwww! Thanks! =D
If anyone wants those sayings in something less flashy, say a nature theme, just pm me
Pip Ingles was started in Athens, Tennessee in late 1960 or early 1970 where I moved to when I was 5 years old. I know the family that it started from it was Alfred's that the Alfred family started in Athens, Tennessee. We know the family well real we went to church with them in Athens and he had gotten in trouble with the law even before he died.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
Linda, I think I've worked for about about every local chain except Ingles! Harris Teeter (founded in Charlotte where I grew up), Bi Lo, Winn Dixie, etc. While I don't like the prices at Ingles, sometimes one just has to go if it's the only place that has something we need. The store here in Brevard is beautiful, and, of course, there's a Starbucks inside: Salted Caramel Mocha. Mmmmm! Makes shopping better.
Pip do you live in North Carolina and if you do have you heard the name Steve Barnett around where you live. He should be around 69 or 73 years old. He and his wife has about 2 or 3 grown up sons I believe.
Happy Birthday Mindy Its my youngest Sons Birthday today!Hes in Fl but I am here in Ky where you are.Moved hete last November to help my Grandson raise my Great Granddaughter who's eleven going on fourteen!

Hi Julie, nice to  see another Kentuckian in the chat. smiley

How wonderful that you get to be close to your granddaughter. Hmm, what a tough age though! I have seven grandchildren, and none of them are here =(   I truly miss them!!! My youngest, born in late April, sent me a video chat the other day and included kisses for grandma (ok, this translates to - she got excited and grabbed the phone and licked it. 
She doesn't know how to do close mouth kisses yet lol). We Facetime when we can (her and the other grandbabies) but it is hard to be so far away. I love them so!!!

You are so right! I have 17 Great grandchildren (from 7 of my11 grandchildren) mostly in Fl but I have Two here one I help my grandson raise and one from my Granddaughter that passed away three years ago his sister.They keep me hoppin and keep me young.
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Hi Laura, thanks for hosting!  I hope your nerve gets unpinched soonest!  Meanwhile, ice, ice, baby!

Welcome to Autumn, cousins!  Or Spring, as appropriate.  We had our last gasp of monsoon this week, now giving way to day after blue fall day here in New Mexico.  There's a little color on some of the trees already.  Time for some new tires before it snows.  62,000 miles is about enough for these!

And now, here's a whale on a coffee cup:

Origami Whale - Jo Nakashima



answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (256k points)
Vanilla Ice reference? Really? There can only be one response to that:

A whale with good taste. I’m on my 6th cup now, it is it my 7th. Nice work again, Herbert!
Thanks, Pip!  And that was a darn fine cup of Krispy Kreme joe.
21 hours later and no one responds to Ninja Rap? Sigh...Gotta play to my audience.
Well, I would have responded, but ya know, when you don't have anything nice to say....
True. There's nothing nice you can say about Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap.
There you are Herbert! I looked for you and your origami yesterday.

Stay safe, and that's a nice whale!
Thanks, Mindy!
I agree with Mindy.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Happy Weekend to All!

I spent my week finding sources for unsourced profiles.

Also, saw some deer taking up residence in the yard.

answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)

Great picture.

Speaking of unsourced profiles, a quick search revealed 16148 Reed profiles and more than 10000 oops...fat fingers... 1100 of those have the unsourced template. Wow.

Eek! I wonder what it is for “Reid,” Kay. I’ve got both spelling in my lines!
Beautiful pic, Doug. Love the rock wall. DYI?
Deer are cute but they eat everything in the yard and spread deer ticks with Lyme disease.
I agree that is good picture Doug we have a lot of deer in our yard and woods too. I have a picture of fawn right after it was born right in our front yard well near the house when my dad was in the hospital in May.

And you are right Sue that they are cute and they eat everything in the yard and spread deer ticks with Lyme diease.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Been a busy week and getting little done. I did come across some images of the house my 4 greats grandparents lived in (https://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/place-lieu.aspx?id=20882&pid=0). I've been working on a bunch of Prince Edward Island related things.

More canning this weekend -- tomato sauce. Its end of season and lots of things are coming ripe all at once.

Looking forward to Source-a-Thon. I'll miss a big chunk of next Saturday due to another Celtic Festival but I'm ready to put in my time.
answered by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (211k points)
What a beautiful house, Doug. Most of the old houses in my neighborhood are all gone now, many of them built by folks related to me. My grandparents home is one of the last. A real treasure for you.
Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Garden people - does anyone know what type of villains enjoy munching iris greens?

I have these zombie irises that I have been trying to reanimate for a couple of years.  This summer after not blooming, something attacked them.  Most of them were growing back nicely and the perps left them alone for a couple of months.  That is, until I gave them their fall feeding last Sunday.  Within a day, many of them had been sheared off at ground level.  Irises don't seem to like that, so this evildoer may have finished some of them off.  angry

answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (256k points)
Don't know about iris but hosta is a famed deer food.   We had a patch for 50 years that was never touched.  Last summer a deer cropped it in July, waited for it to recover and cropped it again in early Sept.  Same thing this year but the silly deer also ate violet leaves and cleaned off a box elder shoot.  I wish it would clean all of that junk tree out.  i don't know if it is
just one specific deer or not.  And it is not because of a shortage of forage.
We have had good rains both years.
There are deer in my area, but I didn't see any tracks.  I suspect a rodent culprit.  A wicked spiteful rodent who doesn't care about my plants as long as I show no interest in my plants.
Was there something in the fertilizer that attracted rodents?  I know they
will clean out tulips under the ground and you never know it.  Until no
flowers come up where you planted them.
Thanks for the links, Laura.  I have plenty of rabbits a few varieties of squirrel.  Not to mention mice and voles, even woodrats (aka pack rats).  Almost any type of rodent you can imagine. No beavers, though.  Round up the usual suspects!

Beulah, that's an interesting question.  The fertilizer was super phosphate, with the last of a bag of bone meal mixed in.  But too little time had elapsed for the plants to absorb any of it.  The soil (with fertilizer mixed into it) was not disturbed, only the plants.
Dunno, Herbert, but rabbits ate our Asian Lilies this year! Grrrr!!
Wow and I blame deer for everything. We have lots of squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks. I had mole tunnels but they seem to have left, the tunnels still channel water even though they fell. I have a somewhat lazy attitude and let things plant themselves then I sort through and try to take out the invasives. This year there is an amazing display of asters, including some I planted. The Joe-Pye Weed is attracting orange butterflies which I hope are monarchs (I haven't gotten close enough to tell if they are Viceroys). There is no hope for hostas or tulips, deer specialties. There is one corner of the yard with hostas next to the neighbor's fence who has dogs. I try to have native plants and plants for bees, hummingbirds and birds. Birds need caterpillars for their young so planting butterfly host plants is good. Have to be careful because garden shops are now putting poisons in the plants that will kill insects. Have to source plants from aware suppliers or friends.
Here, rabbits are the biggest problem. What some people think of as cute little bunnies are really evil little creatures that cause a lot of damage. They don't have many predators left to keep populations under control.

Sue, get a pic of the butterflies. On this end of the summer Monarchs land on any plant to get nectar for the migration. I did see a Monarch this week. We don't get many of them here but a few come through.
Our dog really kept the bunnies under control..... but she surrendered to lymphoma  and now the bunnies control  the back yard.   I guess I'll just name them.
Flopsey, Mopsey, Cottontail........
Well our tulips and other bulb flowers in the past got transplanted by squirrels. Then the other varmints even deer ruined our garden so we had to put an electric fence up to be able to have anything to eat. The deer do trim the hostas, and striped grass for me where I do not have to do that in the spring time. But I will not have to worry about that stuff after the end on next month because I will be moved up to my sisters old house and my parents will be living behind Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee by the end of the year and their house will be about 15 minutes away from my and my sisters house.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Hello All and Happy Weekend!

Long time G2G lurker, first time poster...just figured it was time I stopped in to actually say hi.  I'm in North Texas where we are currently about to get a "cold front" so it's now a mixture of hot, muggy fly covered awfulness between brief heavy rain showers.  I'm so ready for fall it's ridiculous.   I found WikiTree a while back when I started working with my husband on both our family lines and fell in love with it.  I've got a good amount of my family entered and have just started with adding his into the tree as well.  Other than my new found hobby of genealogy I'm a stay at home mom and wife to 5 year old twins and a 2 1/2 yr old, all girls, and an 8 month old German Shepherd whom I'm training as a therapy dog and for competition obedience.  

So happy weekend all and cheers to it almost being fall!!!
answered by Leah Miller G2G1 (1.6k points)
Welcome Leah!  I wonder if you had the same rain we got Wed-Thurs.  If so, you should get some outstanding dry fall weather over the weekend.  Enjoy!
Oh that will be so awesome!!!!  And Thank you for the welcome :)

Sure sounds like you keep busy.

Nice profiles, BTW
Hi Leah,  I lived in Texas for 23 years and remember those loooonnnnggg September days waiting for fall.  15th and still above 90 degrees!  Sheesh.  It'll get there soon.  YeeHaw.

Was decent on the overall, though.  I still kind of miss the slower pace and sense of belonging that pervades the whole state.
It feels like fall here already, turning colder. Nice days, need to get out more. Need to keep an eye out to bring in plants before the frost.

Welcome to the Weekend Chat

Thank you Kay, I've been slowly making them better and better I think, as I learn more on how to set them up.  And yes, I'm generally busy some how but it's a nice kind of busy. :)
Hi Robin!  You're totally right, September can seem ridiculously long waiting for the weather to finally change...hopefully that time is finally upon us...hopefully.  I adore my state, I've liked some of the others that I've lived in but this has always been my favorite and partially because of just how easy it is to live here with people.  It's common to chat with people in the grocery store line, wave at people when you're driving...mostly because if you're on the roads near our house then it's probably a neighbor...but in general most of us accept people first and just keep going with our day and sometimes that little bit of chatting with someone can turn your whole day around.  And now I'll get off my soap box hehe

And thank you Laura!!
Yes, Leah, I loved the easy way people had with each other in Texas.  A wonderful smile on the street can perk up your whole day!  It felt like being part of an intimate family there, no matter where in the state you were.
Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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I started last Sunday telling about the week before how that week went when we had a storm and my mom said that she saw lighting struck at the edge of our woods behind our tree. We are surround by 4 streets and we are a corner lot in our neighborhood. So our power went out when I was trying to update when our power went out. Our power and down the street that we get our mail on was out for 4 hours we try to go a club number that we have to call about power being out but the said that there wasn't a power outage shown. So we ended up since we needed power because of my dad calling 911 and telling them our situation and so in an our of that call we got our power on. But around us the Specter cable was out even ours. We had a bundle deal with them. Cable, phone and internet. It fried my mom's TV that was 55 inch so my brother-in-law got her another one. It messed up our printer and he made it wireless so we can print. It had to do with a booster that they put in downstairs with an adapter that they came with the booster so the person had one with him replaced it so we were back with just the TV and the phones. The first week of this month before last Sunday was better but one night he didn't want to wear his CPAP and when he doesn't he doesn't make sense at all especially if has been days maybe a week. Then the next day mom hernia and her gall bladder started to hurt and made mother sick and then she can't watch my dad like should and dad knows that so that day he caused mother a lot of stress and I kind of made it worse by keeping an eye out on him so mom couldn't sleep and get rest till at night she rested a lot better but my dad didn't wear his CPAP machine. Because I was asleep and dad was supposedly asleep. He is getting stronger and not doing what my mother tells him. That week also we in the neighborhood at night one night had a water pipe burst and we didn't know until I was flush my commode and getting ready to draw bath water to take a bath and I noticed the water was brown so mom called the water board and checked on how long that it will be till it will be clear. So that day we couldn't wash clothes or dishes, or even take a bath or shower or even clean things at all because of the water that day but it got better the next day and then we could. Then last week was even better except one night mom told him to stay out of the kitchen and dining room  while she was gone shopping. So I was outside with mom as she was leaving and when I came back in I heard my dad in the dining room. He waits till my mom is gone and nobody is in to do what he is told not to do. He went back there 10 times while she was gone and thought about 15 minutes that she should be back and was back and he also imagines that they are men working back in the kitchen and mom said that night for dad to keep them out of the house and she made the imaginery men leave but dad thought they were stay here working. We are having that kind of problem with my dad. This weekend on Saturday my sister and brother-in-law and their dog came down to deliver the TV to replace the other one that got fried from the storm. Also to celebrate my birthday which is Wednesday and I will be 59 years old with cake and ice cream.

Well this week started out very good on Wednesday night while my mom was gone he did A+ on doing what she told him he even listen to the Music box that us kid got him for his Father's Day present that I picked out the CD"S of Bill Gaither's music that I knew he liked so my brother - in - law could download them on the Music Box then my dad only lifts a lever to start it then if he wants to change to another song he can push a button. Before he got sick he would sing to the nurse at dialysis and then he stopped when he got sick. Well that Wednesday night he open the lever and he listened to it and sang with it. I was in my living room when he did it. I was very happy and pleased with him when he did that. But the problem is when he goes many days without sleeping with his CPAP mask on and he does that a lot. Well on Friday night that is what happened but when it got to about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning he started howling for mom and wouldn't guit so he kept all of us awake on Saturday morning so I had to take him and get him from dialysis. Since my brother - in - law nephew was coming down to talk to mother about mulching around the house in our flower beds and weeding them out also because he works with a group that does that and he wanted to this independtly from them so he can make some money for himself. But he didn't make it because of life but my sister and brother - in - law came down to make sure he did and since my brother - in - law father died about 3 weeks ago he mowed my 3 acre lot for me that I hadn't got to.

Also my dad talked yesterday and today crazy like he wanted to go play with our football Team Tennessee Volunteers when he can't even stand up by himself or walk by himself with out a walker.

When I move by the end of next month or even before then my mom is really talking about put him in a nursing home for demitia patients that is across from the dialysis place that he will be going to when they move. Also she trying to get a group that is called Senior helpers to come to help her before I even move up by the end of next month. We are trying to down size the house and my stuff to.
I been recruiting for the source-a-thon for Team Tennessee which I am the captain of. Also my brother and sister-in-law and me are starting to get my dad downstairs garage/workshop cleaned out and ready to paint it white with some stuff to seal the block wall from getting any wetter and lighening it up. Plus getting ready to move up to Greeneville for my parents and me in Jonesborough, Tennessee in my sister old house. I will be starting to move about the middle of next month so we are trying to downsize all of us. I need one or two nights a week stay at my  parents house till the move so they can get insurance because the will not insure a house if it is empty. So I have a lot going on in my life this next months till the end of the year.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
answered by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (238k points)
edited by Linda Barnett
Stay well and take your time with all of your activities, Linda.  Get as much
rest as you can, when you can.  Your Mom needs as much help as you can give her.  We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Linda, we lost our power for about six hours. Acc. to Duke Energy, there were about 1,100 of us out. The ground was saturated and a tree went down somewhere. Courtesy of Hurricane Florence. We had the generator up and running as we didn’t know how long it would take. Didn’t want the food to spoil.

You hang in there, Linda. We’re here for you. All of us! And happy birthday to you!
Hope things work out for you, Linda. Take it easy!


Laura thanks for the chocolate cake. I love and I am addicted to chocolate anything especially chocolate.
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Thanks again, Laura, for hosting the Weekend Chat!

I’m late getting in as we’ve had a very busy day. Doc appt. for the wife early, and then trips around town for stuff. Brevard is a small town, so it wasn’t much driving. 

Cleaning out part of the garage. Today, weloaded up the truck (and moved to Beverly) with antique furniture and took it to my mom’s basement. My wife can do reupholstering, and there’s plenty more room at mom’s. One was a couch owned by my wife’s g-grandmother and two by her grandmother. Nice stuff to pass down to the kids, but we get to use them first! 

Spent a lot of time sourcing this week. I’ve also started using the Bio App for folks I don’t have a lot on. It’s kind of bare bones, but it does help. I’m not much of a bio writer, so the little outline I get with the app is a good start  for me. I’ve stopped working backwards and have begun to focus on what I already have. I’m down to two unsourced pre-1700 profiles. One I’ve noted up pretty good. Don’t know what to do with the other!

TV: a new series for us is Goliath. Just finished the first (and only, so far) season of that one with Tim Roth set in Canada which name I cannot remember. (How quickly I forget!) My wife says it was Tin Star; she’s the other half of my memory.

Thank you to all of you who honored me with your comments as I passed 500,000 pts. I love yakking on G2G, and I have to hand it to all of you who post more substantial answers and comments. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know y’all through your posts and interactions. Since we retired to a place where I know so few, G2G is a real outlet for me. I function best in community, and this one, this community, is absolutely wonderful for an old dude like me. And, of course, G2G has been a boon to me, genealogically speaking, breaking down brickwalls for me and finding just the right sources for me.

I wish all of you the very best. You are truly a most magnificent group of folks! Blessings on all of you!

answered by Pip Sheppard G2G6 Pilot (708k points)
Hi Pip,  I really appreciate your clever responses on G2G.  Lifts my spirits.  Thanks!

Soon, I will be the one spamming g2g with nonsensical posts about long dead relatives!!!

I mean...umm...Congrats again, Pip. You are clever. One day your snark will be as strong as my own. =)

Cheers, buddy!


Ditto to everyone here on this chat about Pip.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Thought i would add my hello for this weekend.  Thank you Laura for hosting.

I have been having fun with adding sources to Quebec profiles from books by Gail Morin.  The paper version of these books are way beyond my budget like $6000.00 worth, I darn near ended up being an open profile I almost choked to death on the asking prices.  But, as it turns out I am not an open profile yet and I was able to down load the books onto my reader at a much, much reduced price.   It is a little difficult and slow to flip through pages but I have decided to take it slow and am making progress... slowly... very, very, slowly.

To all, thank you for your posts, I enjoy reading you all.  As Pip said what a great community !

And have fun at the Source-a-Thon next weekend  I am working with the SS Sweepers.
answered by Nicole Duchesne G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
Oh how I would love to see those books - back when I started doing family tree work a lot of Message Board things were based on those for my Métis family branch near what would become Winnipeg - you are so lucky!
Hey cuz, glad you are not an open profile!

Thanks for being on our Team!

Navarro; if you have a kindle you can download from amazon; I got 2 books for $10.00 CND each.  At a later date I will see what I need to continue my Metis connection.  BTW we are 7th cousins once removed through Pierre Pelletier being our grandfather.

Herbert: my husband is also very glad I am not an open profile.  After my chocking event I decided to leave him instructions about my Wikitree work.  Though he does not have that "badge accumulating syndrome" that we tend to develop, he can get excited about my discoveries and connections, he sure is a great cheering section for me.

Looking forward to our upcoming working weekend - "see" you then Laura.
I have lots of info on the Pelletier family.  Georges Mores in France has loads from the French side.  Nicole my direct email is in the document for our Southern Super Sweepers Team.  Shoot me an email and I will send you what I have.  If you want me to get you in touch with Georges let me know.  

Navarro you will need to send me a private message with your direct email.
Sure will do that Laura - good ole Pierre!
Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
thanks Laura for that info - learning more about that branch as I come back to my French Quarter branches of my tree!
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Hi all and thanks for the Weekend Chat!  Today I went into the local bank in my tiny town in upstate New York, and said to one of the tellers, "Hey Anna, what's happening?"  She replied, "Absolutely nothing!"  The place erupted in cheers.

That's how we roll here in Mayville.
answered by Robin Anderson G2G6 Mach 2 (26.4k points)

Nothing new is OK!

Man - I cracked up with that cheering because nothing is new.  At least you have a bank.  Our bank is on a timer, we miss it every time and end up doing things through the bank machine.  Our post office the social and news center
Well, Nicole, our bank just dispensed with Saturday hours, which diminished community cohesion quite a bit.  I just hope they stay open at all!   

Our post office is pretty clinical, i.e. not much chatting up the locals, so, if we want news and gossip, we'd have to go 4 miles to the Chautauqua branch where they're less, let's say, goal oriented.
Laura, my idea as well!
Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Well, my wife had a all day woman's conference to attend today so I got a chance to get things done today.  I got to get some things done like planning some doors and replaced a battery in our van.

I also got to get over 900 contributions for the month by cleaning up some old profiles.  Only a few of them did I find a source for, but at least I got started making all the profiles have  the same structure.  Once I've looked at all my profiles I'll go back around and see what I can find to make as many profiles have actual sources for all the items above the bio.

Temperatures here in the Phoenix area are slowly but surly getting lower.  We had some rain a day or so ago which helped and today was today was reasonably cool. I was actually able to replace the battery in the van without much swetting.
answered by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (366k points)
That is great Dave!  I was pretty pleased with myself Thursday after work I got oil in the car, put it in the garage (rare event) so the rain would not get in there (two windows do not quite go up all the way anymore) and then I got two annoying programs uninstalled on my computer so I can get to working on my Wikitree faster

always watch out when you are installing something new that it does not have a hitchiking pesky "free" trial edition of some nonsense!
Ditto to everyone here on this site.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
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Been a while since I have fully attended weekend chat - so busy and this weekend is no exception

Got to spend some time last night with the middle daughter who moved further away and now I can not just run up there on a whim - we met and enjoyed a burrito and Live music at a wonderful street dance - saw a bunch of friends and it was a great time - too quick we had to go so she could make the long trip home

Another person quit at work yesterday and I am a little upset - change is hard!  Will sure miss her a lot in upcoming weeks - plus we are going to nine hours again next week - boo

The teenager has a volleyball tournament today, and I really should go as I have been too tired to attend any games yet - we hardly see her now that she is a sophomore - in volleyball and now in the school play

husbands mom is doing poorly - she has gone through chemo and was in Iowa City for tests - during and endoscopy her small bowel was perforated!  I was quite upset when I got the news Thursday after work - I said he should go down there and raise hell but he wont

Well that is about it for me - took more hot peppers in to work and will again probably next week, garden still going strong with those and lovely bells as well - will try and see if I can't get in the kitchen and stuff a couple -  have not got to play with the new stove - good thing he is a good cook
answered by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Mach 5 (60k points)
Burritos and live music with middle daughters are great even if it's short!  Good for you.
It was awesome - we both needed that too - thanks Robin
Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.

How nice that you got some mother-daughter time. 

Oh no. Yes, change can be hard. I really like a ten hour shift. Until last year I had been doing twelves. Those get tiring. But I hear ya

They grow up so fast, don't they? One minute they're toddling around, the next they're borrowing your keys.

Prayers said for your mother-in-law. That is tough to go through! Here is one we lost to Cancer. My own mother-in-law is a survivor of many years though and has more energy than me, so you just never know.

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I have a quick tip (maybe for myself more than others lol). I have to preface it by saying that two of my best buddies are 'copy' and 'paste.' I just love those guys! 

So here it is - don't copy and paste before coffee. I think that goes along with 'don't Wiki before coffee' but I'm putting it separate as I went in yesterday to make sure all of my dna statements are moved above Sources, as is the current style, as well as spruce up a few older profiles. I got to my great-great-grandmother Maggie and realized that I hadn't added her children's links in her Family section. While adding them in I decided to make sure their parents links were in their own profiles. And yes - I pasted her misspelled name into eleven of the thirteen children's profiles as I worked through it (one already had the links, and I caught it on the last one). (Two g's Mindy, for Maggie, two g's.... mutter.... mutter) laugh

I drank some coffee and then went back through them. Today I can laugh about it. Yesterday morning I was kicking myself just a little wink

answered by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (184k points)
See? Yep, have to go get coffee before I respond to anything - how can I have been so misunderstood?!?  Coffee makes it so that I can makee sense - have to remember that at all times - bc (before coffee) me is not quite right communications skills wise!
That's it!  Have to remember, Coffee first, THEN Copy and Paste.  Got it.  Thanks.
Ditto to everyone here on this chat except some of us do not drink coffee any time.

Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.
I bet those non coffee people have something they do to wake up - some routine thing - I ran out and did not die last month - but it was not pretty
I have naturally low blood pressure Navarro - I wouldn’t make it through the day lol. My husband doesn’t touch coffee but sure hits that Mountain Dew in the morn
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Granddaughter is moving in today so I got the big spare room cleaned up and everything except the top shelf of the closet empty. She will have a Queen size bed with a bookcase headboard as well as a small dresser and TV cart to use, as well as a TV if she wants, but the rest is on her. On WikiTree I fixed a connection to a notable, the connection went thru the wrong father and I actually managed the proper profile for his father. That means that at least one of the profiles I created recently is connected. Still trying to decide if I am going to create profiles for his children and at least his grandson's and great grandson who are both notables as well. His son and grandson's are still living but have Wikipedia pages and are related to me by blood. Next is to work on the profiles for the Babylon 5 cast I created, improve them and connect them, but that is going to be slow going because they were all born after 1940 so records are going to be hard to find.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Good luck with grandaughter
Ah,  so many questions.   How old is the granddaughter?    Does she like to cook?
Peggy, She is 20 and she does not cook much but seems willing to learn from Grandma and me.
Ditto to everyone here on this chat.
Welcome everyone to the last day of summer and first couple of days of the beginning of fall now.

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