Do you have Portuguese ancestors? [closed]

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If you have Portuguese ancestors then the Portugal Project might be just what you are looking for. Check out the free-space page for details, and if interested in joining please answer this post below. Please don't comment as it becomes difficult to track who we have responded to.


Mindy Silva ~ Portugal Project Leader

WikiTree page: Portugal Project

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My grandmother was Belinda Costa Rogers, born in Hawaii in 1896 to Victorino Costa and Rosa da Trinidade. As nearly as I've been able to determine, my great grandparents emigrated from Madeira to Hawaii. My grandmother and her family were all part of the Portuguese community in Honolulu. And I at one time possessed copies of baptismal certificates of my grandmother and her siblings, but they were lost in a move (my husband was in the Air Force, so we moved frequently).

I am anxious to learn more about mu Portuguese heritage.
We'd love to have you join us, Laurie! Can you add your info as an answer instead of a comment so that we can track it? Thanks!!

Some of my grandparents went from Madeira to Hawaii also!
Hi, my name is Tiina and im from Finland. I'm interested in the project because part of my DNA is from Portugal. I don't know, and I'd like to learn more. Thank you
Hi Tina. Can you answer on the active post so we can track you? Thanks!

I'd love to help you learn more about researching your Portuguese ancestors!!

Please see the current post for the Portuguese Project sign up.

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Two grandparents from the Azores
by David Brodeur G2G6 (7.2k points)

Hi David, 

I see you have ancestors from São Miguel - so do I smiley  Many of mine are from the parish of Feteiras, which is also in the county Ponta Delgada. 

Are you interested in joining the project? If so, let me know and I can pm you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you!


The handwritten baptismal record for Manuel Curt-10 has been a gold mine. Thank you, Mindy!

But I can't figure out how to find such things on my own, as there does not seem to be any name index for efficient searching. Can you share how you go about finding such things, when the date and the parish are not usually obvious?

I'd be happy to join the Portugal Project.  I have decent reading knowledge of Portuguese, and have started to assemble records of my own Azorean ancestors.  PM me.

Sending a pm now, as well as some helpful research tips smiley

How do I go about joining the Project?
Hi David,

If you can convert your comment to an answer it will make it easier for us to keep track of your request. We would love to have you in the project. If you can send me your email (via private message, or response to my email) I can set you up on the project pages and give you some more information. Bem vindo ao grupo!
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Hi Mindy, am trying to research my tree back to the originating Portuguese ancestors. Slow going and have hit a dead end with my great grand parents. Would love to join the Portuguese Project.

Thanks very much.
by Fleur Butler G2G1 (1.0k points)
Hello again Fleur. That Portuguese research can be challenging! I'll send you an email with the introductory information - welcome to the team!

Mindy ~ Portugal Project Leader
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Hi everybody

My maternal Grand-father (Marcellino PEREIRA-MARQUES) was born in Portugal. (Povoa de Varzim) and i have difficulty to get his birth certificate.

An other thing that i Know is the name of his father : Théodore PEREIRA-MARQUES and his wife Constança ROSA.

If somebody of you could help me it will be great
by Gilles Roszak G2G Crew (940 points)

Well hello again Gilles! So happy to see you here. I would love to help you find those records. Those Pavoa de Varzim are in beautiful condition, and easy to read smiley 

If you are interested in joining the Portugal project, you have my email now just let me know. Baptisms in that parish are available up to 1902. If you can tell me (via email) which year I can help locate that. Do you know around when his parents were married? We should be able to find that also - but it is a lot of records if we don't know the year. I don't see an index of that parish.

Mindy Silva ~ Portugal Project Leader

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Hi, I'm new to the site, but I would like to join the Project, focusing mainly in Norte region.
by Filipe Barroso G2G1 (1.2k points)
Hi Filipe,

We would love to have you in the project! I'll send you a private message with more information. If you would like to join and help us improve Portuguese profiles just respond to my email.

Mindy ~ Portugal Project Leader
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My great great grandmother Mary Avela was born in the Azores in 1885 and came to California in 1902. I have basically no other information on her, other than family lore is that her husband Thomas Silas is first-generation Portuguese American, born to Portuguese immigrants. (Not sure if also from the Azores -- born 1877 in Sonoma County.)

I'd love to join the project to learn about the available resources and help connect folks with their Portuguese roots, with a special focus on the Azores and Northern California.

by T Hall G2G Crew (800 points)

Hi T, 

We'd love to have you in the project! I'll send you a pm with a little more information. Welcome to the team smiley

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I'm moving Maria Oliveira's comment here to the current thread. I believe she is Bob's cousin. Welcome Maria!

Hi all. 

I am new here and I am trying to join the Portugal Project.(wink) 


I am posting a link (don't if its allowed) 

Antonio Jose Parece on

 Maria Oliveira

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
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Hi everyone!

I was born and raised in Portugal, still living here :-D

I have some cousins in Newark, I'll try to build a bridge here!
by André Monteiro G2G Crew (410 points)
Welcome to the project André! I've added your badge and listed you on our Teams page. I'm looking forward to working with you. ~ Mindy
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Happy to join the project - I'm currently porting over my tree from as that site doesn't seem to export to gedcom reliably and wikitree seems way more flexible.  I'm also really liking the requirement to source documentation as I've been lazy with that on the other site, so this is making me re-evaluate and better curate my stuff.

On that note, the vast majority of my research is through the website and I'm wondering if there's a generally accepted way of citing a particular page out of a particular book. Any thoughts?
by Matt Machado G2G Crew (380 points)

Hi Matt, we're happy to have you in the Project! I'll send you information and links for the project. Once I have your email I can add you to our pages. smiley

I'll include source information also. Bem-vindo!

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Yes. My fathers mother was from the Azores, the island of Terceira. She passed when my father was 11, we know nothing besides her name and we are not even sure about that.  What we know is her name was Mary Jose Mesquita de Sousa, born 1879. We believe she arrived in Boston in 1905 via SS Pennisular. She died in 1931.  Dad tried searching to find his family and he believed that most ended up on the West Coast, but nothing else. We are in Pennsylvania, Dad was raised through the catholic charities (foster system) of Philadelphia. Dad passed away when I was 22, he would have been 100 this year (2019). I am completely lost in my search.
by Lynn Buccafuri G2G Crew (450 points)
Hello Lynn,

Ah, Terceira ancestors. How sad that your grandmother passed away so soon though. And I'm sorry for the loss of your father, I know that is rough. Do you know who she traveled with (not necessarily names, but relationships). That will be a challenge to try but we can work on it!

Send me your email if you would like to join the project and I can send back links to some of our pages. Glad to see you here on WikiTree!!
I am researching my husband's Portuguese ancestors, and his great-grandmother was Maria Carolina Sousa from Tiercera, Azores, and she, also arrived in Boston in 1905. I wonder if they were relatives?
You should provide the link to your husband's ancestors so he can see if anything looks familiar. Maybe you'll find him a match! Good luck!
Alison, I would love to find one relative that would talk to me. It seems I have had no luck in finding any of our relatives, but I do have to upload our dna results here. I don’t have a laptop or regular computer which makes it hard to do.  Feel free to look at any of the sites I am in. I also have a tree in ancestry.
The link to her wikitree profile is:

The link to her probable find a grave profile (as it's in the same cemetery as her husband) is:

There is little sure information on her profile. Her husband  apparently was married twice, to two different Marias, as they have different last names and different parents. I can find no records for the Maria in the first marriage in 1901 except for the marriage record itself. I'm guessing she died and it wasn't recorded. Maria C. Sousa (or Souza) or Caroline Sousa is the mother of record for all the children that I found records for, and the census for 1920 and 1930 have Mary C. Sequiera as the wife, and list her immigration as 1905. The marriage record for her and her husband Alberto Sequeira is for 1925, after all of their children had been born. It listed it as a 2nd marriage for both of them, and listed them both as widowed. Very confusing. So I'm not certain of any of the information.
A shame it isn't a match, it would have been a big help to goth of us. I wish you lots of luck in locating the information you are looking for. I have been at this for almost two years and I am so frustrated. I am worried that what information I have now is the only information I will ever find, sad but true. I will keep trying though.  Good luck in your search Allison.
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Hi all,  I would love to join the Portugal Project.  My parents and siblings were born on Faial, the Azores,  I still have my father, turning 95 in a couple of months and just received his results from Y-DNA.  I have many relatives living on the island of Faial, just visited and received a list from the church that has helped me with my genealogy.  I can speak and have taught myself to read Portuguese, mostly from browsing documents.  New to Wiki but would love to be involved in this project, if I could be of any help.

by Darlene Collier G2G Crew (770 points)

Hi Darlene, we'd love to have you in the Project! smiley

I'll send you a pm with a little info and a few links. After I get your email address I can add you to our pages. I see you have filled out your branches nicely. I have ancestors from São Miguel. I just love researching those old parish books!

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My maternal grandfather is from Moreira da Maia, Porto.

by Marcio Coutinho G2G Crew (320 points)

Olá Marcio! We are a small group but would love to have you in the Project. If you are interested in joining you can send me a Private Message with your email address. I can add you to our pages then and give you more information on our group.

It looks like you already have a nice start on adding your branches to our tree, nice work! Do you happen to know where your Silva Tavares line comes from?

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 6th grandfather, Baron Diego Moses Lopes D'Aguilar born in Oporto, Portugal 1699. 

You should join WikiTree Deborah-Eve. We would love to have you here!
Greetings cousin
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Please add me to the Portugal Project

by David Brodeur G2G6 (7.2k points)
Welcome David - we're excited to have you join our group!
+4 votes
Im very interested
I've added you to the group Christina - Welcome!
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Hi Mindy,

I am very excited to organize my family tree. My great-father was born in Portugal and I just found out that my cousin has his birth certificate, so I will be adding that to profile as well. Can I join the project?

All the best
by anonymous G2G Crew (320 points)
Hi Gilson. Do you know where in Portugal? I’ll send you some information about the project. Welcome!
+4 votes


I would like to join this project as I have ancestors from the Azores smiley

by Anonymous Anonymous G2G6 Mach 2 (25.9k points)

Hi Max, I see some of your ancestors are from Lomba, Flores, Portugal. My Azores ancestors are from São Miguel. We would love to have you in the Project! I'll send you a PM with more information. Welcome smiley

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Ancestors mainly from Tarouca (Viseu) and Ovar (Aveiro).

by L Correia G2G Crew (320 points)

Hi L, 

We'd love to have you in the Project if you want to join us. You can either send me a Private Message by clicking on my name or email me.

Thank you for contacting me L and welcome to the Project!
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Olá :)

A postos para participar no projeto Portugal. Os meus antepassados são portugueses, principalmente do Alto Minho!
by António Reis Pereira G2G Crew (320 points)

Olá António,

Gostaríamos muito de tê-lo no projeto! Uau, você mora no topo de Portugal. Aposto que é lindo lá. Vou enviar um e-mail para você começar. Bem-vinda!

Mindy Silva smiley

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Hi was born and live in Portugal. I have been investigating birth and marriage records of some parishes close to Alcobaça. I am now slowly inserting my family tree and corresponding records to WikiTree. I have hundreds of searchable records I can use to help anyone who believes they have ancestors in the region. Please add me to the Portugal Project.
by Luís Florindo G2G Crew (700 points)
Hello Luís! I would be happy to add you to the project. I'm going to send you an email now and we'll get you going.


Mindy Silva
+5 votes
Hi Mindy,

I live near Lisbon, Portugal, and have been actively researching my ancestors in the Alcobaça Region. Using online records I have identified almost all my ancestors 5 generations back (all in two parishes). Have lists with hundreds of names that could be useful to others. Please add me to the project.

Best regards,

by Luís Florindo G2G Crew (700 points)
I've added your badge Luís. Welcome to the group!!

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