Finding an elusive suggested match that blocks a GEDCOM import

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Anyone have any tricks to find remaining (hidden) suggested matches on GEDCOM compare?  Adding a button to show remaining unaddressed matches would be very useful here.

Trying to import maybe 20 records from GEDCOM, but there is one remaining suggested match that I can't see, and for some reason we don't let *any* records get imported unless *all* suggested matches have been addressed (does this feature make sense?).

Unfortunately, the GEDCOM contains 1500 records because I could not figure out how to be selective when exporting from MyHeritage.
in WikiTree Tech by Mike Partridge G2G Crew (630 points)
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Usually when GEDCOMpare reports one more suggested match needing to be reviewed, it's possible to find that one last match. But that's not the case with your first GEDCOM upload. That last suggested match appears to be nonexistent.

I'm calling this a bug in GEDCOMpare. And I agree that it would be very helpful to have a utility for finding the suggested matches that the software reports.
Yeah, this is what's called the "phantom match bug". The workaround described in the other answer is the basically the only way to add people until we figure out what causes it.

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Here's a work-around to importing from GEDCOM when not every suggested match is addressed.

In the GEDCOMpare report, select “Compare” on an individual already matched.  This displays other family members associated in the GEDCOM, but will be blank in the adjacent column for the Wiki database.  Hit “Add” for each member desired.  You will need to edit the record because the GEDCOM notes clutter the Notes and Source sections.
by Mike Partridge G2G Crew (630 points)
Even when the ADD buttons are displayed, I think that the best way to create profiles from GEDCOMpare is to work from the "Compare" report for an individual already matched.  When you do this, it's easier to be sure which family group you are editing, and it reduces the risk of possibly losing some of the connections between family members.

However you use GEDCOMpare to create profiles, you should plan to review the record and edit it, because there is likely to be some clutter, and the import might not look as good as you hoped it would.
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Mike, Did you use the Refresh Button on the bottom of the GEDCOMpare Report before you noticed this problem.?
by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
Yes, I used the Refresh.  Could be related to the bug -- had everything complete, but left it for a few weeks and when returned had more suggested matches.  Probably used Refresh a half-dozen times in total.

I do like the suggestion that a "Display Suggested Matches" function be added.
Thanks Mike.

I have a sneaking suspicion the Phantom Match is related to using the Refresh Button.  It seems the only time I have seen this is after the Refresh has been used.  There were a few times that I came across this with folks, but at the time I did not realize it could be that and so I never asked them if they had refreshed..

Again, thanks.

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