I am looking for info on Artie Arde Goodman believed born in Llano,TX approx 1887, death unk.

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Artie's Parents were Samuel Henry Goodman and Mattie Massey Goodman.

Artie's mother died in May 1896.  At the time Artie's father owned a small ranch of about 2,000 acres just outside Medina in Bandera County, Texas.  Her father remarried to Hattie Cooper in Jan 1897.  Then her father died in Dec 1905.  Her Stepmother Hattie moved to San Antonio shortly after his death and took Artie with her.  The 1910 Federal Census found Hattie, Artie, and Hattie and Samuel's son Virgil in San Antonio.  Then Artie's Stepmother, Hattie, died in 1912.  I can find no definitive information concerning Artie after that.

I am hoping someone on WikiTree will have crossed paths with Artie while researching their families.  Artie was my Aunt and my brothers and I were totally unaware of her existence until we began to delve into genealogy.  We've developed quite an affection for her and would very much like to know what happened to her.


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According to Becky Mann (mann1216@juno.com), Arte Arde Goodman died in 1913.
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I have researched the 1913 date and it is incorrect.
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Explain this Census record too me, 1920 Census Nora GrisWold age 60,

Artie Goodman age 28 her daughter,and grandaughter Ruth Goodman age 1.

So my take the maiden name Artie GRISWOLD.Trinity Texas.
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Artie Arde, born 1887 was my father's sister, my aunt.  Her maiden name was definitely Goodman.  Her mother, my grandmother, died in 1896 so this woman, Nora Griswold, couldn't have have been her mother unless it was some sort of "Relationship of Convenience"..  If you want more details about Artie her profile is Goodman-2069, though I haven't added much to it.  Our last documentation of Artie is a 1910 Census record where she is shown living in San Antonio, TX with her step-mother, Hattie Cooper Goodman and her step-brother, Virgil Goodman.  After that, she vanishes.  


The thing that makes it so hard is that we have no idea if she married and, therefore, might have been traveling through history with a new surname. In 1920 she would have been 33 yrs old.  Where was this 1920 Census with Nora Griswald taken?
I checked that 1920 census....

No way- that 1920 is in Trinity, Texas. That's up between Huntsville and Nacogdoches. (N of Houston). The 1920 census here indicates that Artie Goodman is widowed- so Goodman would have been her married name. She's also listed as a "farm laborer" and "daughter" to Nora Griswald. Artie Griswold is clearly present as an unmarried daughter in 1910 census.

Your Artie lived in southside San Antonio. Merrill street off Flores by the River. Any idea what faith or religion she was? This might help with marriage records.... or burial records- though I do not find her in any of the SA/Bexar cemetery lists on find a grave. I'd guess that if she was in the Hill country, that her family was "not Catholic"- but I could be wrong.

Brother Virgil lists brother Charles (Eden, Concho, Texas) as his closest relationship in 1917/1918 on his draft card. Virgil was also born in Kerr County, Texas. If Artie is not with Charles at this point, she could have passed on before this.... Virgil d 1951, Tarrant Co, TX. In case you did not know, there is a Goodman cemetery in Medina, Texas- some of your relatives seem to be there. Might see what else I could find in Bandera County, if I were you.

Sorry can't be of more help- if I run across anything useful I will post again. Good luck!
Thank you for your work on this, Jess.  In 1910 Artie was living with her Step-mother, Hattie Cooper Goodman, in San Antonio, Texas.  Hattie died in 1912 and is buried in a Masonic Cemetery either in San Antonio or near there.  What happened to Artie at that point is unknown.

Charles was my Father.  He never spoke of his family and my brothers and I were not aware of their existence until we began to do genealogy research.

We found our Grandfather, Samuel Henry Goodman,(http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Goodman-2141) had a ranch of approx 2,000 acres just outside Medina in Bandera County.  He donated the land the cemetery sets on to the town of Medina.  I've been there to pay my respects to the family I have buried there.  They are my Grandfather, Samuel Henry Goodman, my Grandmother, Martha (Mattie) Hoffman Goodman, and my Uncles Jesse James and Jonas Shell Goodman.  I believe they were the first graves in the Goodman cemetery.

My brothers and I have developed quite an affection for our Aunt Artie and we would like very much to know what happened to her and where she is buried.  Artie was born in 1887 and would have been 25 when the Step-Mother she was living with died, definitely old enough to make her own way in the world.  I've called every County Clerk that seems likely asking if they have a record of her death and/or burial.  So far, nothing.  Also, I haven't been able to find her on any census record.  So March of last year I posted this original question about Artie.

Someday I know we will find her and my brothers and I will be very happy.

Dear Judy-

Part of the problem is that the Bexar Co courthouse (and indeed central Texas) experienced a very bad flood in Sep 1921 from a hurricane remnant. Death toll was 215 from the flooding and damages were over 19 million dollars over 5 counties. Rainfall was higher in the northern counties- but San Antonio is downstream of the major rainfall- and the river runs right through downtown- just like it does in Austin. So, in SA- the river was 10' ABOVE flood stage... This was really a significant event, and sadly many early county records were destroyed. This may be a reason why you probably cannot find anything. In 1910- your family record indicates that the family was in the floodplain, south of the river- but within 2 blocks.... I am willing to bet that if they were still there, or she was still there in 1912 after her stepmother died, she wasn't there after 1913- which is why we don't expect to find them in the same place in 1920....

There was actually a worse flood in 1913- "water was waist high in the streets" Link to archive photos


You can see how deep the water is by looking at the horses in the street... This may have affected the neighborhood where your Aunt Artie lived. Look it up on Google Maps (Morrill Park, San Antonio.) Morrill Avenue dead ends near the river....

After two floods, the city built the now famous "riverwalk" and sorted out some dams and flood control- but for those looking for records- the damage was already done. 

I think the cemetery you might be looking for is Alamo Masonic Cemetery, on E Commerce (abaout 5 miles away from Artie's old house). I know where that is, actually. I can't do it this summer- it's too hot to be outside during the day for longer than about 15 minutes at a stretch- and people don't like you to prowl around graveyards at night- although in Texas, that's about the only time one can be outside this time of year without liters of water and gatorade. The other thing to know is that there is also an Oddfellows cemetery a few blocks away on Hondo. These are your two best options for a Masonic Cemetery in Bexar county- right on either side of the San Antonio lodge. You might also consider contacting the lodge with your query, as they may have records that the courthouse does NOT.... They were far enough away from the river that they probably did not flood! :)

Here is a website that might bear fruit if you have not already checked it


This has a not-all-inclusive list of cemeteries, but lots of possibilities for you....Also, if you rule out the others, and you are pretty sure they are here,  I can try to help you find some gravestones when the weather turns....

If I were you, I would try contacting the lodge first, and also send me a Private message (as we should take this off board since this is just the two of us commenting here). I'll give you an email addy and we can correspond there about these records, as there are 18 cemeteries in and around the area with the two Masonic cems, that may all be options, which is too long a discussion for boards. I can send you a map.... :)

Cheers, Jess


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